The Truth About IPP Sentences

Age of Austerity? Watch the supermarket profits go up…

Have you noticed how, whatever the economic climate, the supermarkets always seem to make more and more money? Is it not amazing that by supposedly saving US money – ‘Every little helps’,’Saving you money every day’ – they stillĀ  manage to rake in billions every year?

I think we have all become blind to the truth about supermarket pricing policies. Yes, sell the booze cheap (before the Government stops you) and roll out the ‘2 for 1’ offers; double the points and give away the magazines but, whatever you do, don’t reduce the price of ordinary, everyday produce like milk, butter, eggs, and cheese; especially cheese which is one of the most overpriced commodities in any supermarket.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

By sticking to this mantra, our friendly, cartel operating, blood sucking leeches continue to make billions while the producers – and us – continue on our merry way paying the Earth for convenience and shrink-wrapped, tasteless meat.

There was a time when you could vote with your feet; now, thanks to our own ignorance and laziness, there’s nowhere else to go.

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