The Truth About IPP Sentences

Alison Saunders should go now – immediately

The Director of Public prosecutions, Alison Saunders, should be removed immediately.

The government should not wait until October. It should act now, in order to rob Saunders of the opportunity to cause more harm than she has already caused over the last 5 years. A temporary appointment could be made until a new DPP is appointed.

Having turned the presumption of innocence on its head, caused the police to abandon their oath of investigating ‘without fear or favour’, used her tenure as DPP as a platform for blatant feminism and arguably invoking policies that have left many innocent men rotting in jail, Saunders surely has no business being in public office.

The recent series of collapsed rape trials that have brought about her downfall are however just  a symptom of a much greater problem; a problem that can be laid firmly at the door of the former home secretary and now prime minister, Theresa May.

May appears to have encouraged the  development of the current destructive ‘victim culture’ to such an extent that Saunders has embraced that culture with relish, whilst the police and many otherwise sensible MP’s have seemingly been too frightened to do anything other than support the populist notion that ‘complainants (as opposed to genuine victims) always tell the truth’.

The fact that police have been reported in the press as actively ‘training officers to hide vital evidence helpful to the defence’ is yet another result of May’s blatantly populist ‘victim/feminist friendly’ philosophy that has virtually destroyed any notion of true justice, especially where men are concerned. Saunders meanwhile has encouraged the CPS to prosecute anything and everything, especially if there is a sexual connection to the charges.

Whether there is hard evidence or not appears to be unimportant.

Saunders could have fought against May’s bias but chose instead to go along with it. She appears to have chosen to launch a crusade, using her enormous power to pursue a personal ambition; that ambition being to make it impossible to effectively defend rape and serious sexual assault charges in court, as well as ensuring that even the weakest sexual offence case is prosecuted, in the expectation that emotional juries usually convict in such cases, especially if children are involved.

May and Saunders, it could be argued, form the perfect double act: May as the front guy, with Saunders doing the dirty work in the background, locking-up many innocent men as she goes.

With a prime minister willing to sell her soul to the Devil in order to stay in power and a DPP willing to bend the concept of justice into a tortuous agony, what hope is there that a criminal justice system that actually seeks to determine truth could ever evolve?

In the opinion of many, Kier Starmer was a terrible, self-seeking, populist DPP. Alison Saunders is however arguably many times worse and there is a substantial body of opinion that believe she has completely destroyed the credibility of the CPS.

She should  go now, immediately…before she completely destroys the credibility of the entire justice system as well.

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