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Andy Coulson resigns and takes a little bit of Murdoch with him

Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s director of communications, has resigned over the latest News of the World phone-hacking revelations and hopefully will take the overbearing influence of Rupert Murdoch with him.

Coulson was appointed, despite his dubious record at the News of the World, in return for Murdoch’s support of David Cameron at the last election. To have a representative of News Corporation at the centre of policy making was an objective longed for by Murdoch, whom many believe has far too much influence in British affairs as it is.

The unholy alliance between Tony Blair and the tabloid owning Australian has forced government policy making to take a violent swerve to the right since 1997, allowing newspapers such as the Sun and the News of the World to effectively blackmail successive home secretaries,defence ministers and even prime ministers into doing what Murdoch wanted.

The poor, prisoners, sex offenders, asylum seekers and immigrants have all suffered as a result of tabloid opinion, much of which has emanated from a man who regards himself as being able to bring down governments and make the laws that he wants to see enacted. would respectfully point out that his underlying objective is, of course, to make money – and to make as much of it as possible by exploiting those who have given up on the idea of thinking for themselves and prefer instead to be told how they should live their lives.

Regrettably, that description accounts for far too many people currently living in Britain.

That Coulson’s departure from Downing Street will have disarming effect on Cameron goes without saying. The coalition government is already uncertain as to how to bring off policies that to the Conservatives are anathema and to the LibDems absolutely essential.

The pantomime over votes for prisoners and the violent reaction to the idea that the UK should abide by a perfectly just court ruling is enough to undermine the credibility of a weak prime minister and a silent deputy.

It is apparntly fine to increase the salaries of university vice-chancellors by 20% whilst at the same time ensuring that students will be in debt for much of their working lives; assuming that is that they can get a job at all.

Combine welfare reform, cuts in benefits, prison and sentencing reviews, rising fuel prices so beloved by all governments, civil unrest, rises in VAT and Duty, increased unemployment and an education policy that almost guarantees that British educational standards are bound to fall, put all that together and one can see the benefit of having a tabloid-bred, red top communications director available to a prime minister whose authority ebbs away everytime he senses trouble and then once more changes his mind.

It would be too much to believe that Rupert Murdoch would ever lose his influence over the British government entirely, desirable though that may be. It is however feasible to believe that with Coulson’s dparture, a little reality may return to Number 10.

No doubt, Mr Murdoch will be most annoyed that he has lost his black magician from the innermost circle of those whom we allow to shape our lives but regrettably, we at do not believe it will be too long before the Sun and other Murdoch owned outlets once more have influence over the way in which the laws of the UK are made.

The sad truth is that most MPs are cowards and the fact is that, whether derived from phone hacking or other means, Murdoch has so much on so many politicians that none of them have got the guts to stand up to him. They enjoy the power they have over us and would rather bow to the Sun newspaper and its owner than do what is right for those that they are supposed to represent. Unfortunately, Mr Coulson’s departure will not change that miserable state of affairs.

One Response to Andy Coulson resigns and takes a little bit of Murdoch with him

  1. Merlin
    January 24, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    Thank God for that! Anything that reduces Murdoch’s influence must be a good thing

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