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Anti Europe MPs misleading the public over EU in bid to return to Thatcherism

Thatcherism? Not again, please...

Thatcher? Not again, please...

With another recession looming over the UK (if such a recession is not already here, though many think it is), ministers are worried that there could be more riots and social unrest, perhaps on an even greater scale than that which was seen during 2010. As businesses close and people run out of money, the army has apparently been put on standby and the police have announced an expansion in cell construction in several areas, all of which is being kept quiet by Downing Street.

Right wing Tories meanwhile are busying themselves dealing with the Queen’s Jubilee and persuading the government that there should be a new Royal Yacht. That and complaining about ‘Europe’.

What they do not understand is that if Britain continues in its current anti-European stance, the UK is likely to be kicked out of the EU altogether whether it likes it or not. If that happens, the country really will go broke as 45% of our trade is with the EU.

The hoped for improvement in employment as a result of the government’s Work Program has not materialised and every month there are more and more people losing their jobs. Unemployment is now predicted by the government to peak at 3 million; a few months ago the figure was 2.5 million.

The government insists that jobs are available but, in the real world – something that ministers do not understand, if you are over 45, have a criminal record or an incomplete ‘job history’, there is no chance of employment. The problem is that more and more people are falling into that bracket of ‘socially excluded’.

If all that were not bad enough, the Tory lead coalition government seems intent on making life even more difficult for the unemployed with a refusal to cut the rate of VAT, impending cuts to benefits and family tax credits being threatened. With the Chancellor’s new budget due in a couple of months, nobody really knows what other pain may be inflicted upon those least able to bear it but it is a certainty that once again the poor and less well-off will be hit hardest.

The Liberal Democrats, supposedly the moderating force within the government, seem reticent to take on their Conservative colleagues as the Tory right wing makes moves against the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Indeed, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, prefers to remain on the sidelines as it were, rather than face David Cameron with Liberal Democrat objections to government policy.

Apart from the damage that Clegg’s stance does to his own party, his silence is inflicting massive harm on those who are unemployed, on fixed benefit, are disabled or unable to work. Many feel, including subscribers to, that Mr. Clegg should stand up and his liberal principles, presuming of course that he still has any left.

There are those who suspect that Mr. Clegg, in his illustrious position as Deputy Prime Minister, rather enjoys the trappings of his office and has lost sight of those that he supposedly represents. Certainly, many in his party are disappointed with his performance although frankly, one shudders to think what right wing Tory sadism would have been inflicted upon the rest of us were Mr. Clegg not in his present position.

The real long-term damage to the country though is being inflicted not by Liberal Democrats but by right wing, Tory zealots who see an opportunity to take us all back to the dreadful days of Thatcher. Their philosophy is a very simple one which requires the poor have less than they have even now and for the rich to become even richer than they were then.

This bunch of failed solicitors, barristers and accountants, all of whom are quite wealthy in their own right, have no understanding whatsoever of the damage that their actions and words are doing to the country. They seem to think that by returning to the “good old days” all of Britain’s problems will be solved. They have clearly forgotten what it was like during that supposedly halcyon period with mass poverty, hundreds living on the streets and injustice raining throughout the land.

The main target for these Tory grandees who cannot see beyond the last page of their own chequebook is of course the EU – and everything with which it is connected. With the limited mental processing capabilities that these people seem to have, it is perhaps unsurprising that they failed to recognise that without Europe, Britain would have been broke a long time ago. Given that nearly half and trade relies on the single market of the European Union, even someone not first in the finer points of economics can understand what the loss of such a market would be.

The Tory right wing of the session with British Empire, long since annihilated from the face of the planet, only serves to demonstrate further the apparent ignorance of those who subscribe to such fantasy. The British Empire is long dead and a good job too, given that it was created on the back of slavery, suffering and thievery exacted over other sovereign states.

The problem is however that these would-be imperialists are still sticking their unwelcome nose into the business of other countries. They seem to believe that the East India Company still exists and that every shout at the French and Germans loud enough they will buckle under British rule.

It is also obviously slipped than my that of the 200 years the only language spoken in Britain was indeed French; they have also overlooked the fact that the very many years Britain had a German sitting on the throne and that even the tune to the British national anthem was written by a German.

These Conservative MPs who are so anti-Europe similarly believe that if they shout loud enough and put forward enough erroneous and incorrect statements of fact, the people of Britain will rise up against the government and demand to come out of the EU.

What these paragons of British virtue do not have the brains to realise is that if they go on whining, whingeing and complaining in their current manner, the UK runs the risk of being unceremoniously kicked out of the EU, complete with the loss of trade and financial disaster that such an exit would bring.

Britain’s European partners have acknowledged for years that Britain is very good at getting in the way of progress. However, when it comes to the survival and prosperity of the EU, our fellow member states understandably get very upset when Britain tries to tell them how to run their own countries.

It would seem to that the right wing Tory MPs who are causing so much damage to Britain’s reputation within Europe are no more than a bunch of hypocrites. On the one hand they expect to have the right to tell other European countries what to do whilst on the other, they object strongly when Europe reminds Britain of its obligations to international law and to the treaties to which Britain is a willing signatory.

Meanwhile, as is common with all MPs when it comes to dealing with contentious issues, the government and our elected representatives believe that they know best and that it is better for ordinary people to remain in shallow ignorance of the facts. Tory MPs may rely on the will of the people for their power that would much prefer that members of the British public relied on the Sun and the Daily Mail for their education.

If the likes of John Redwood and Philip Davies (both of whom are staunch anti-Europeans and savagely vindictive right wing conservative MPs) were to have their way, they would now be living in a country completely isolated from Europe, broke, reliance on minimal trade and cooperation with Scandinavia and ruled by a dictatorial government that relied on a feudal system reminiscent of that of the 12th century.

These wretched, ill informed MPs who don’t have the brains to understand the difference between the EU and the Council of Europe (which is responsible for the European Court of Human Rights) have no business telling the rest of us whether or not we should stay in Europe. Instead, they should engage their energies by telling the truth and laying out the honest facts of the benefits as well is the disadvantages of membership of the European Union.

If they don’t shut up soon though, the damage will already be done and Britain will suffer accordingly as it is shunned by the rest of Europe and the already disastrous financial circumstances in which the UK finds itself become instead a catastrophe.

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One Response to Anti Europe MPs misleading the public over EU in bid to return to Thatcherism

  1. Paul
    January 17, 2012 at 10:50 am

    These rich MPs don’t understand Britain so there is absolutely no chance of them understanding Europe. As long as they’re ok, they don’t give a damn about anyone else. Hypocritical in the extreme as so many of them have second homes right across the EU.

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