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As the cuts begin to bite, Middle England at last feels the pain

It would seem that at long last ‘Middle England’ is waking up to the fact that there is less money in our wallets than there once was.

Meanwhile, our esteemed Prime Minister, David Cameron has been swanning around in the Middle East trying to make himself look important. Unfortunately, not only has he failed in that task but he has also forgotten that in the meantime the rest of us are all suffering financial hardship.

Whereas previously it was only the poorer members of our society feeling the pinch, it is now the so called ‘middle classes’ that are beginning to suffer as well. This includes people who previously felt quite wealthy; that is, those earning up to about £50,000 a year.

Now it seems that even they are having problems paying their weekly shopping bill.

With water bills and rates due in April, together with the fact that we are likely to receive a very painful budget from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it looks as if we are all in for a summer of discontent – or at least one where we don’t go out very much because we can’t afford to.

Yesterday saw massed protests all over the country against the cuts. As with most of the protests in this country, the protesters were largely ignored in Downing Street.

We are told that the public-sector unions are to encourage their members to go on strike. Once again, this is likely to be ignored by the government until it actually happens as governments seldom admit that they are wrong, particularly when it comes to financial matters and even more so when they’ve got a much-needed budget coming out in a couple of months time.

The pain of the miidle classes has also resulted in another unusual event for this time of year; Tesco has today announced a price war with Asda. The two retail giants have been slugging it out for some months now but this time it looks like it could be serious. Tesco have promised to reduce the cost of over 1000 items in their stores in a bid to flatten Asda’s price promise.

However, less you think that we are all going to be able to stroll through the local supermarket picking up bargains on every shelf, think again. The price reductions will probably be on the most expensive products that few people buy anyway while the ‘own label’ and bargain brands will doubtless increase in price to compensate.

David Cameron of course will not feel or experience any of this pain. He has more than enough money already and is only interested in making sure that he gets a bit of ours as well. The Chancellor is no doubt waiting in the wings ready to bleed us dry in order to fill the ever increasing financial hole left by the previous New Labour administration.

Petrol is now at its highest price for many years and shows no sign of becoming cheaper anytime in the near future. After the budget it is likely that it will cost even more along with alcohol, cigarettes and all the other little pleasures that some of us still enjoy.

The government it seems, not only wants us to be poor but also wants us to feel poor.

Ministers are banking on the fact that with a five year fixed term of government we will all have forgotten about the pain by the time we get to the next general election., along with many others believe that this may not necessarily be the case. When people find the money running out, they suddenly seem to develop very good and very long memories.

The parliamentary grind starts again tomorrow. It is likely to be slow, hard, painful, and expensive for all of us. Suggestions anyone?

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