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Blair Cancels Second Book Event

So Tony Blair has cancelled another signing ceremony for his memoirs. The reason is that he does does not want his guests to feel ‘uncomfortable’.

In my view, he’s simply running scared but doesn’t have the guts to admit it. What does he expect? For the crowds to kneel before him as though he were the Messiah? To be liked by the general population?

It appears that he is still in denial regarding the illegal war in Iraq, still in denial regarding the suffering and hardship his policies have heaped upon people and still in denial that he is not in fact, God over all he surveys.

TheOpinionSite believes that Mr. Blair is locked into his folly. He appears to have lied so often whilst in power that he no longer has the luxury of telling the truth without losing the tiny bit of credibility that he believes remains.

I notice that George W Bush is keeping a very low profile. Given that, in the eyes of many at least, he is the author of the illegal action in Iraq and thus of the suffering that followed, he is wise to do so.

Perhaps Mr Blair should learn from his master and do the same.

In our opinion, his present actions really do prove that all power corrupts and that absolute power really does corrupt absolutely.

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