The Truth About IPP Sentences

Blair To Pay Blood Money

This site vehemently disagreed with the decision to go to war in Iraq. Tony Blair, acting as George Bush’s handbag, took the UK into the war for purely political reasons, seeking to emulate Thatcher’s war with Argentina and, presumably, intending to make from it similar political capital.

Now, Blair has announced that he will give the profits from his memoirs to a charity for ex-servicemen. How do we make sense of this gesture from a man who ruined the lives of many whilst in power, turned the UK into a police state and then exploited every facet of his former position as Prime Minister in order to make every cent he could, entirely disregarding the pure hypocrisy that this inevitably exposed?

The answer is, in our opinion anyway, simple. Blair either has a guilty concience or feels that he is so unpopular and useless now that he has no one left to dictate to that he must now creep his way back into acceptable society.

Nobody will be convinced by this move. Many people believe he lied his way into power, lied over Iraq and worse, gave himself almost unlimited power. It is worth comparing Blair’s election strategy and his rise to power with that of Adolf Hitler. All emotion aside, the similarities are striking.

Mr Blair has a huge problem you see; once people think you are a liar and a threat to society, it is almost impossible to change their minds.

Nevertheless, he won’t be lonely; there are plenty of people in prison in the UK, many of whom he helped to put there, who have the same problem of never being able to convince society that they have changed.

Maybe Blair should join them inside, then someone might believe him.

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