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Britain revealed as insignificant after Syria vote

Britain's special relationship with the US is dead

Special Relationship? Not any more

After David Cameron’s embarrassing parliamentary defeat this week over US action in Syria, the extent to which Britain is now insignificant in world events has finally been revealed.

The myth of Britain retaining power and influence in the world was this week blown apart as President Obama simply shrugged off Britain’s refusal to go along with US military action in Syria in the absence of any real proof that the Syrian authorities had used chemical weapons against its own people.

As one major American news network put it, “The British are not coming.”

After the disaster in Iraq, why is anybody surprised?

Nobody outside of the UK any longer cares – or really wants to know – what Britain thinks or does unless it is done in the shadow of the United States; usually done, it has to be said, rather cynically and in the vague hope that the prime minister of the day may benefit from some of the perceived reflected glory and respect that may be visited upon the incumbent American president.

Obama has subsequently expressed to Cameron his “understanding” – but has vowed that the US will go ahead with action against Syria anyway – whether there is proof of wrongdoing  or not – even if that means going against the United Nations.

The fact that Obama is to seek the approval of Congress does not change the fact that as there is no direct threat to the US, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council the US would be in breach of international law if any attack on Syria were to go ahead.

The same thing would apply to Britain were “America’s closest ally” to join a US attack on Syria.

Cameron must regret that in Britain there is a prime minister, not a president; something that never bothered Blair, who of course was convinced he was president anyway. believes that in the end, America only ever does what it does for its own benefit.

Despite the fact that America states it is there for the good of the world and has “no empirical ambitions”, such a statement is hard to believe when one considers the nearly 200 US bases and installations that the US has dotted around the world.

We therefore hope that this latest parliamentary event will perhaps enable the UK to at last become independent of the sycophantic pandering to the US that has become so apparent since Blair and which now it seems is still to be continued by the self-appointed ‘heir to Blair’, David Cameron.

If the UK were to be independent of the US instead of trying to be the 51st state, its leaders may be rather more interested in solving the problems afflicting its own people rather than interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state in the Middle East.

History shows that all British prime ministers want their own war; Thatcher had the Falklands, Blair Iraq and even MacMillan had Suez.

British leaders since Churchill have always been desperate to catch up with the wartime leader who is still idolised by many and hated by others.

Cameron must have been truly devastated when he lost the vote this week. The public humiliation was crushing.

Thursday’s Commons vote was however much more significant than some would like to believe – or indeed are prepared to recognise. has for a long time rehearsed the fact that in the real world, Britain is now little more than a pitiful little island moored somewhere off the coast of Northern Europe, where it languishes in what is frankly well-deserved obscurity.

Obsessed with immigration, the hatred of all things European and a very unhealthy, almost religious fervour to believe that the poor are there to be persecuted,  women are always under-dogs, every child is always blameless and all men in Britain are always either sex offenders, pimps or women-haters, is it any wonder that the rest of the world now regards the UK as being rather mad, totally irrelevant and never again to be taken seriously?

Britain only has any standing at all on the world stage because of its historically gifted permanent seat on the UN Security Council – along one must say with Russia, China, the US and France; a seat by the way that it effectively gave to itself after the World War II.

The sad truth is however that through its obsession with all things American and its reliance on the fact that there was indeed once a British Empire but which has long since disappeared, Britain is not at all relevant in today’s world.

It is not even relevant any longer as a friend of the US, with whom the UK claims to have a “special relationship”; a relationship that is not (and never has been) at all “special”; every other western nation claiming to have that same “special relationship”.

Indeed, the US now regards France as its “special” friend rather than the UK; not least because President Hollande has said France will back the US over Syria whereas Britain would not.

There are also questions over the co-operation of the UK with the US regarding intelligence issues, especially now the British people know that they are being spied upon day in, day out and mainly at the behest of the Americans.

With a corrupt British government that cannot tell the truth over its own police force, let alone international conflict, the position of Britain and the UK as a whole is no longer one that other countries either covet or seek to emulate.

Like it or not, Cameron and his cronies – as well as pretenders such as Milliband – all need to come to recognise the truth as it now stares them in the face:

The British Empire really is dead and gone – and so is the respect that went along with it.

Instead, Britain has a new relevance; that of being one of the most spied-upon and state-controlled countries in the world (even more so than the US which has a constitution to prevent such things) and a country that most other states regard with ridicule and suspicion.

And in case anyone should be tempted not to believe such a thing, consider the following short list:

  • Britain is now has more prisoners than any other western country of comparative population
  • the UK has more life-sentenced and indeterminate prisoners than all the other countries in the EU put together
  • the UK has the second biggest economy in Europe but some of the lowest wages
  • Britain has a state education system that doesn’t require the teaching of foreign languages despite being in Europe
  • Britain has an acute housing shortage that no government is willing to address
  • The UK has some of the highest consumer taxes in Europe
  • …and of course, the UK has some of the highest public transport fares in the world after privatising everything in sight.

Britain, supposedly a ‘democracy’, also has a voting system that enables governments to claim power with only 25% of the vote, has a vindictive approach to anyone who is not in employment (regardless of the cause), has a population of which 20% cannot speak fluent English and a tax system that favours the rich but discriminates against the poor. makes no apology for pointing out these realities, regardless of the fact that many Britons will not want to hear them, let alone do anything about them.

Sadly, it is the very fact that most people in this now soulless , vindictive little country are afraid to speak out that has put a once great nation where it is today. That and the fact that the British are a nation who love to be governed, in the hope that as individuals they will never have to take responsibility for their own failures and disappointments.

As Mr Obama prepares to go to war again, which he will almost certainly do, David Cameron can at least remain safe in the knowledge that he has gained some small measure of respect in not going against the will of Parliament and by not invoking the Royal Prerogative and recklessly joining the Americans as Blair did.

One would hope that he does not squander the limited respect he has gained by now finding an excuse to joining the US in an attack on Syria without first securing UN backing.

Had Tony Blair been in power, Britain and America would now already be at war.

Britain needs to realise that it is not the great player that it once was when it ruled the world; it is not a country which is envied in the modern world and the British are certainly not a nation of people who are respected.

Europe, Asia and even South America – now a real driving force in the world – look at the UK and wonder why it still has any relevance at all.

A European comment recently heard by the present writer which is particularly relevant went as follows:

“Why would anyone take any notice of Britain in today’s world? The British are slaves to the Americans, have turned on their own people and now have the rare distinction of being the only emerging police state in the whole of Europe. As other nations seek to discard authoritarianism, Britain seemingly embraces it.”

Whether one agrees with that sentiment or not, one cannot deny that more and more people are seeing Britain for what it really is today:

A country ruled by feminists and weak politicians, eager to please the mob and baying campaigners whilst subscribing more and more to American philosophies and doctrines, all in the hope that those in power may stay in authority for a little longer and feather their own nests at the expense of others.

“Rule Britannia”? Hardly. Those days are gone.

A time to recognise that there are enough problems at home without the need to interfere in the affairs of other countries? Certainly.

That is the reality of today’s Britain as it struggles to come to terms with the fact that it is no longer a significant power in the modern world; a world that today lives for the future, not for the past and a world that has no need for a country suffering from delusions of grandeur and drowning in its own, now largely irrelevant history.

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6 Responses to Britain revealed as insignificant after Syria vote

  1. verity
    September 1, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    The people of the UK have made it very clear to Cameron and the rest of the parliamentarian reprobates that we the majority, will not countenance our armed forces entering Syria as a striking or invasion force
    al a Blair.
    The only occasion a British soldier should set foot on Syrian soil is as part of a UN humanitarian peace keeping force put there to protect the civilian population from Syrian government and rebel forces and for the UN to get both sides round the negotiating table (if they have to be dragged there by the scruff of their necks).
    I find it curious that the league of Arab Nations for reasons known only to themselves are deafening by their silence and non-involvement in sorting one of their nations’ out.
    One thing that would help the civilian population of Syria is for the UK government to stop selling arms to Syria. (If it wasn’t so tragic I would be laughing at the hypocrisy of our government. I can just see it, British soldiers being killed by the very weapons sold by the British government to both the Syrian regime and the opposing rebel forces as has occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

    The majority of the British people most certainly do not embrace a fascist Right Wing Police State, it has insidiously and surreptitiously been foisted on us by stealth and against the fundamentals of the rule of law as enshrined in the Magna Carta and by the blatant selective ignoring of the very Human Rights Charter devised by British lawyers and ratified by the British government of the time.

    The so called ‘special relationship’ we allegedly have with the USA is a wholly take, take on the part of the USA and a puppet give, give on the part of successive British governments.

    The USA is NOT ‘our friend’ unless it suits them and we acquiesce to their demands.
    As soon as we stand up for our principles or do not toe the line we suddenly are ‘insignificant’ in the eyes of the USA.
    This kind of so called friendship is toxic and detrimental to the ‘submissive’ party.
    A bully will continue to be a bully until it is stood up to and ‘gets’ the fact that NO means NO – ‘period’.

    Not only is it time for the British government, as instructed by the majority of the British electorate, to stand up to the bully boy USA, it is high time we stood up to the feminist, banker, and other lobbies our parliamentary representatives pander to.

    We should be concentrating on getting OUR country back from what is in effect as much of a Police State dictatorship as the one our government wants to topple in Syria!

  2. paul
    September 1, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    well i couldnt agree more , men have been demenoised for so long , and the uk must surely have the most laws in europe ?

  3. Meridiana
    September 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    I agree with all you say apart from your estimate of there being around 200 overseas US bases. As this is a subject that I have researched for many years, I couldn’t let this this go uncorrected. The actual number amounts to over 700.

    In 2005 it had 737 overseas bases in 63 countries, with its 250,000+ personnel in 156 countries. The US military possessed over 2.2 million acres – making it one of the largest landowners on earth. (J. Gelman, 2007) There’s no reason to expect these figures to have changed significantly since then.

    In their own mission statements they arrogantly speak of “Global Battlespace Dominance”, being the “Enforcement Arm for the Global Economy” and “Master of Space.”

    • vonni du val
      September 1, 2013 at 8:52 pm

      Thank you for that Meridiana! I do follow this issue but I had no idea it was so many! words fail me! from Diego Garcia – a story in itself!! to Iraq to god knows where – they are everywhere! and all dressed up in ridiculous mumbo jumbo speak!

  4. Jenny
    September 1, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Some would say that this is running Britain down but actually, I think this article is very honest.

    Cameron should be dealing with things that matter to people at home before he seeks to make himself look good on the world stage.

  5. Aremus
    September 1, 2013 at 11:37 am

    What can one say?

    A harsh article perhaps but everything you say is true, sadly.

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