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Cameron can’t be trusted – Liberals forced to apologise for being honest

David Cameron cannot be trusted and George Osborne is out of touch with ordinary people according to senior Liberal Democrats and some ministers. It is refreshing to hear politicians being honest for once – so why have they been forced to apologise for their honesty?

After the humiliating climb down by Vince Cable who was caught being honest over Rupert Murdoch, is saddened that more Liberals are being honest in private and then being forced to apologise when their comments are discovered.

Two senior Liberal Democrats have told undercover reporters that they voted in favour of tuition fees even though they opposed the policy.

The journalists taped Transport Minister Norman Baker and Deputy Leader of the House, David Heath.

Mr Heath also suggested Chancellor George Osborne was out of touch with ordinary people in the transcripts published by the Daily Telegraph.

Care Minister, Paul Burstow told the reporters – who were posing as Lib Dem voting constituents: “I don’t want you to trust David Cameron… in the sense that you believe he’s suddenly become a cuddly liberal. Well, he hasn’t.”

Lib Dem spokesman, James Holt, said the ministers had apologised.

We supposedly have a coalition government but in truth the Liberal Democrats are nothing but icing sugar on a very distasteful cake. It would seem that after 13 years of blatant dishonesty from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, it seems that sleazy David Cameron and his self-centred sidekick Nick Clegg are no better.

Whilst the importance of governments presenting a united front is understood, when ministers criticise their colleagues they should not be forced to apologise. Good government comes from honesty and that should always take precedence over presentation.

The late Robin Cook resigned as Foreign Secretary over war in Iraq and has always been respected for that. No other minister has credibly resigned for their beliefs since .

The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have been enemies for years and it would be ridiculous to believe that their mutual hatred for each other could be sidelinedĀ  because they are in coalition. On the other hand, the amount of Liberal Democrat influence on serious and important policies such as crime, sentencing and benefits is minimal. Their weakness over student tuition fees is even more pathetic.

Mr Baker said: “I don’t like George Osborne very much.”

He added: “I mean, there are Tories who are quite good and there are Tories who are beyond the pale, and you have to just deal with the cards you’ve got.”

Mr Baker described Justice Secretary Ken Clarke as “alright” and said there were some Tory MPs “you can do business with”.

Ken Clarke may well be “alright” but he has been under constant attack from his Conservative colleagues ever since he released his Green Paper on prisons and sentencing and accused of being “soft” on crime when the document shows just the opposite. He was instead trying to inject some common sense into a debate that believes has for too long been dictated by the tabloid press and insincere, populist MPs.

If Cameron cannot handle honest criticism he should not be Prime Minister. If Clegg is gutless, he should move aside for someone who is not.

The UK is about to enter what for most people will beĀ  a very difficult year. Most of the Cabinet will not notice as they are very wealthy indeed. Benefits are to be cut, unemployment is already going up and is likely to get worse, energy bills are soaring and the forthcoming VAT increase will increase the cost of everything.

If dissenting politicians are forbidden to tell the truth at this time and forced to apologise when they do, the public can have no faith in our leaders.

Burstow may feel that we cannot trust Cameron but is himself so weak that he has now retracted that remark. Vince Cable was no better and simply wanted to hang on to his job. Clegg enjoys being Deputy Prime Minister and doesn’t want to give it up and most MPs are interested only in themselves and care only about telling people what they want to hear in order to retain votes. shares the disappointment of many of our visitors but is firmly of the view that 2011 will see the Government forced into taking a less dishonest approach; circumstances will dictate a more compassionate and honest stance as people have less money, become unemployed and the inevitable civil unrest breaks out.

If Cameron, Clegg and Osborne continue as at present, they will not last long and the coalition will come to an end. If they can resist the temptation to put spin before substance it will be appreciated by the electorate and they will survive. The choice is theirs.

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