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Cameron frightened of questioning alleged abuse claims

David Cameron is too frightened to suggest that claims of abuse may not be true

David Cameron is too frightened to suggest that claims of abuse may not be true or may be based on false memories

When David Cameron was handed a list of supposed paedophiles on breakfast television a few days ago, he certainly appeared to be rattled and some observers might suggest the prime minister looked positively frightened – and so he might; not least because Cameron has, like all politicians except the greatly missed Claire Curtis Thomas, been utterly complicit in allowing accusations of so called ‘historic’ abuse to flourish and proliferate for years without ever once acknowledging that some claims may be untrue or based on faulty memories.

Recovering quickly, our brave leader lost no time in doing what he always does so well; passing the buck to someone else; in this case the police who are busy investigating – and possibly creating – the largely unnecessary evidence to support the latest ‘historic’ claims.

Cameron’s cowardly approach to this problem must surely now be analysed by his advisors following the Steve Messham disaster. It certainly silenced the NSPCC and other child protection zealots for they were nowhere to be seen after Mr Messham dropped his bombshell.

After every child protection ‘expert’ and every child protection lobby group and charity repeated the mantra that “victims must be heard and believed”, their wish was granted.

As a result, a perfectly innocent man had his reputation thoroughly ruined and only then did the truth really come out: Messham was wholly wrong.

Wrong man, wrong name and even the wrong face.

Lord McAlpine’s reputation is still in tatters though, thanks to the insane dogma that says any person making any allegation of abuse must be believed – even if the only evidence available is their own memory of 30 or 40 year old events.

In the view of, Messham’s claim that he had never seen a picture of McAlpine is simply unbelievable. Consider this:

Mr Messham is a man who supposedly, for 30 odd years, carries around the ‘trauma’ and memory of being systematically and repeatedly raped by an individual and then comes forward with his accusations of who the perpetrator is. A face no doubt etched into his mind for ever.

Yet in all that time, he fails to search out or even look at a picture of his alleged abuser even though by his own admission, he wants the man to be arrested and locked up.

Forget the “bravery” of supposed victims; the real bravery lies with Lord McAlpine for coming forward and tackling the lies of Mr Messham head on.

There are other holes in Messhams story too. Big holes.

Two other residents of the same children’s home are reported as confirming that whilst abuse was rife in the establishment, the idea of ‘posh cars being driven up and boys being taken away isn’t true.’

Messham says he was at Bryn Estyn children’s home at a different time but really, who knows?

Mr Messham, no doubt like many other individuals, honestly believes that he was repeatedly abused; that belief may very well be true – or it may not. Without real, hard evidence, who can possibly say?

With thousands of sex offenders locked up, often for alleged ‘historic’ offences and often with the only ‘evidence’ being the memory of the allegedly abused individual, an accusation of child sex abuse is the perfect blunt weapon for anyone who wants money or revenge.

Regrettably, the British public – including those who sit on juries – have completely lost the ability to look at such allegations objectively. In short, once the allegation is made, it must be regarded as being true unless somehow, the accused person can prove their innocence.

It is exactly the same methodology used in the Salem Witch Trials and in similar trials in Britain during the Middle Ages. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever. makes no apology for this view or for accusing the British people of behaving like sheep in cases of alleged abuse. The herd like behaviour of almost the entire population suggests only three possibilities:

  • The public are too weak to stand up to the over-powerful child protection lobbies who feed on the hysteria that they themselves create
  • The public are too stupid to understand what is really going on
  • As long as they themselves are not accused, the great British public couldn’t care less if another ‘nonce’ gets locked up for 20 years…and it’s good entertainment too.

Which of the above it is, you can judge for yourself.

Either way, with a prime minister who is a coward when it comes to dealing with the hysteria to which he himself has contributed along with his cabinet, with multi-million pound businesses maintaining the public fear of child abuse and paedophilia, with what is effectively a state police force that cannot be criticised and with a bunch of politicians who just want to collect their money and run, there is little hope for the innocent person accused of being a child abuser in Britain today.

Those who are too weak, too stupid or just don’t care should learn from Niemöller who wrote:-

“…First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me…”

Instead of Socialist, read ‘sex offender’ and for Trade Unionist, read ‘alleged paedophile’ and you can see that the madness that ultimately destroyed Germany has now taken over in today’s Britain.

The sad fact is that many people have indeed been abused, sometimes terribly. However, the fact that nearly 2 million people in Britain’s Child Protection Industry make their living from the effects of that abuse is even more sad.

That those in that industry cannot even bring themselves to agree that such an industry exists is self-delusion. ‘Helping people’, as the industry was described by someone from Kidscape recently on BBC Radio 5, is not the same thing as charging £2,000 a day to speak as an expert or running an organisation that has a hugely expensive management structure indistinguishable from that of any large corporation. Nor is ‘helping people’ anything to do with using guilt to force a whole nation into accepting the word of anyone who feels they can get their hands on money so long as they make an accusation of abuse.

The courts are as bad, having decreed that even if an alleged abuser is found to be innocent, compensation can still be paid to the accuser.

Given that no real evidence is needed and that, so long as you can persuade a couple of other people to back your story and that it doesn’t matter how long ago the alleged events took place (even if there is no real proof), it is hardly surprising that so many ‘victims’, ‘survivors’ and ‘brave individuals’ have suddenly come forward, all no doubt wearing their bank account number on their sleeve.

If David Cameron can’t find the balls to end this madness, if he really is that much of a coward, he should at least instruct the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to stop paying people direct and make money available only for therapy and counselling.

He should also stop solicitors from touting for business and for putting words into the mouths of their clients and he should prevent the unaccountable police from embarking on ‘trawling’ exercises in the hope that they can persuade enough people to back the story of the first complainant.

If he really wants people to tell the truth whilst they are still able to be believed, he should introduce a Statute of Limitations so that they come forward in a timely fashion – as happens in more civilised countries.

Here at, we can already hear the cries of anguish and anger from those making their living from ‘helping’ those who have supposedly been abused. But all the noise in the world doesn’t change the facts.

The police proudly say that Jimmy Savile “is believed” to have abused up to 300 or 400 people, depending on who you listen to.

What that means is that they cannot yet prove that he has actually abused anyone.

If the only evidence is the recollections of ageing minds, that is not enough. Nor is it sufficient evidence to lock up those who are still alive – at least, it shouldn’t be.

The zealots, the police, the CPS and the industry all tell us that if the above measures were introduced, the guilty might go free.

So what? If introducing the suggested changes means that the innocent will not end up in jail and not die there (as they often do), the changes are worth it.

These ‘historic’ abuse claims refer to events that are in the distant past and if people cannot move on, they should be helped to do so through counselling or whatever – but not through encouraging revenge, vindictiveness or raising the prospect of receiving money. does not care that many will find this article hard to read and nor do I, the author, care what people think of me as a result.

This madness has to end before British society rips itself apart, if it is not too late already.

If Cameron is too weak to end it, he should pass the buck to someone else – as he usually does. If the Labour party are not brave enough to undo the damage that they created when Blair was prime minister, they should at least not seek to prevent others from doing so.

Yvette Cooper, the poisoned dwarf that is supposedly the shadow home secretary, should stop stoking the fires of public fear; and her sycophantic and supremely sanctimonious colleague, Harriet Harman should stop going on about ‘brave survivors’ who may in fact be lying through their collective teeth.

The Liberals should stop behaving like Conservatives and stand up for what they once believed in – fairness.

As this madness continues to grow, readers may like to watch the following short video brought to my attention by a member of Forum.

It was intended to be humorous but in fact, thanks to the insanity of which most of the British public are now a part, it is terrifying and – regrettably – truthful. Ignore it at your peril.

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12 Responses to Cameron frightened of questioning alleged abuse claims

  1. Helen
    November 11, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    I applaud your article and many of the comments and would also love to see it in the national press. My family is in this terrifying and mind-boggling situation at the moment. Verity describes it excellently. I totally agree with the view that people should be helped to move on, what good is money when if you have a wound so deep it won’t heal? Also, I would also say that the majority of people have faced some sort of trauma in their lives – why is it the word ‘sex’ stirs up so much emotion? And what about helping those falsley accused to move on… I know that even when this is over we’re going to have to work very hard to make it go away (if it ever does).
    As though it weren’t enough, this hysteria goes further than the damage it does to innocent men and their families :
    A friend who is severly disabled, is on huge amounts of medication and drinks like a fish, phoned the police while he was in a drunken stupour about abuse that happened to him 35 years ago . The next day, he decided he didn’t want to go down that route after all and to be honest, at this time in his life that’s the least of his worries. The police have hounded him ever since, ringing up to 5 times a day. The alleged offender was arrested and is on bail. This was the last straw for his wife who is a lovely, caring and long suffering person – she asked him to move out. He left a message on our phone to say good-bye to us, he was going to drink a bottle of whiskey then lacerate himself to death. Luckily he didn’t.
    This was in the wake of the Jimmy Saville allegations and I’m sure he’s not the only one who feels that ‘justice’ can offer more than sanity a stable home and relashionship and the possibility of moving on.
    I suppose all these investigations require a huge task force and either we are overpoliced or they are not getting on solving genuine crime. The financial cost must be horrendous (I wonder if anyone has ever calculated it?) – as things are going I can see an extra tax having to be levied just to foot the bill as cuts on essential services continue to be made.

    • verity
      November 11, 2012 at 9:02 pm

      If you need support and are not with a support forum go to

      Join up and from there we can get bring you on to PAFAA which is a closed forum.
      Wishing you all the best,
      Verity Justice

      Editor’s Note: does not normally allow the posting of 3rd party URLs. In this case however, we are pleased to do so in order to allow others to gain support. – Editor

      • verity
        November 17, 2012 at 9:09 pm

        Thank you editor.
        By allowing this you have helped far more than you could possibly know.
        Again my thanks.

    • pete
      November 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm

      Three cheers for Raymond Peytors for this uncompromisingly courageous article, which dares to take issue with the most punitive and dangerous “dominant narrative” of our times: child abuse victimology. The moral fascists who make lucrative livings out of perennially fanning this ugly hysteria should feel ashamed of their misanthropic, finger-pointing vengefulness but I doubt if they are capable: they see evil everywhere, apart from when they look in the mirror.

      Official child protection ideology – and it is ideology, not science – is obsessed with sex, rather than say, brutish poverty, which kills more children every year through disease, malnutrition and overwork than just about every other threat to their welfare put together. But most mainstream Western politicians prefer the fantasies of sexual predation favoured by the Great British Child Protection Inquisition, because they think it makes them look moral and on the side of Motherhood and Apple Pie. And it lets them off the hook as far as reforming capitalism is concerned – the owners of Big Money would disapprove of a version of child protection which was dedicated to the eradication of global poverty. Too expensive by far: shareholders would be upset, profiteering would be compromised and investors would go on strike. Better that the poor and indigent put up with their living hell for the greater good – the comfort of the prosperous.

      Those who see themselves as crusaders against evil start from the presumption that vast, shadowy networks of caliginous malefactors exist, just as our seventeenth century ancestors believed that The Devil was stalking the land corrupting the hearts of the innocent and recruiting nefarious followers. The twenty-first century equivalent of the seventeenth century witch is the sex offender or “paedo”: as the swivel-eyed zealots of official child protection ideology incessantly bray, we are seeing merely the “tip of the iceberg” (one of their favourite phrases), because they know – they just know – that countless numbers of children are being molested into oblivion in “every town, village and hamlet” in the country. That was seriously claimed by Sue Berelowitz, the Establishment’s Child Protection Tsar (or Deputy Children’s Commissioner, whose opulent remuneration we all pay for, in more senses than one). This is one of the few areas of social campaigning where the absence of any credible evidence for the Inquisition’s claims amounts to irrefutable proof of their existence.

      The reference to Niemöller is highly apt; these vindictive fanatics are breathtakingly ruthless in their self-proclaimed “compassion” for children, and they are quite happy to “safeguard” a child whose dad or teenage brother might have done nothing more than look at naughty pictures on the Net by destroying his family, publicly humiliating and incarcerating his accused loved one and plunging him (the “safeguarded” child) into long-term poverty and social abjection. For those smug or deluded enough to believe that it’s only dangerous predators who are being symbolically executed by these vindictive nutjobs, ask how you would feel if it was your beloved old dad, your brother, your son, who found himself on the receiving end of our self-appointed Inquisitors’ pitiless accusing fingers.

      But to come to the point: the Establishment’s crusade against an imaginary paedo-evil has again led them to suspend their credulity and go off on a wild hunt for the bogeyman rather than evaluate the evidence dispassionately and cautiously. By elevating a disturbed, dishonest and opportunist fantasist (with well-established previous form) as their emblem of victimhood, the guardians of Establishment morality at the BBC have not only shot themselves through the foot (and the bollock) in their zeal to “get the peados”, they have been exposed as sensation-seeking, half-baked tabloid vermin, wholly indistinguishable from the scoundrels at the News of the World and The Sun they so haughtily disparage.

      The great radical psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan would have laughed in totally justified derision at the idea that “victims must be believed.” No one is immune to the distortions of memory born of the passage of time and the contamination of current fads and frenzies. Like Freud before him, he knew that people derive immense secret satisfaction from their manifest misery; if I am insisting on an identity as a persecuted victim, I can excuse all my stupidity, my cruelty, my indifference to others, my mindless drug abuse and alcohol consumption, my dishonesty, my exploitation of my loved ones, because “I was abused.”

      Contra the dominant victim-fetishizing narrative of our illiberal and punitive times, “victims” of this kind actually enjoy victimhood, Lacan would insist, because they get a huge kick of secret, horrifically addictive, obscene enjoyment out of it (Lacan called it “jouissance”) – by driving everyone around them mad with worry, by endlessly thwarting all their efforts to help, by draining every ounce of their intimates’ goodwill until they end up as exhausted husks. Encouraging people like this to seek official vengeance through the police and the law courts will intensify their malice-soaked pathology, not bring “closure” and peace of mind. That’s the last thing these psychological shysters want. Far better to robustly and unsentimentally challenge their covert and mindlessly selfish kicks, to insist that they can only go forward into the future by letting go of their grievances in the past, than to indulge their malignant fantasies of revenge and limitless compensation. No wonder this version of psychoanalysis is so assiduously ignored by the sadistic prelates of child abuse victimology; it would be Very Bad for Business.

      The punitively pious knaves of official child protection need one message and one message only from the ordinary people they suspect, misinform and terrorise: fuck off and never darken our doorsteps again.

      Well done, Raymond, well done.

  2. Nik Greene
    November 11, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    As a sufferer of an accusation and the consequential treatment and imprisonment I am glad to have seen this very eloquent article.
    If you wish to read my story its False accusations; guilty until proven innocent by Nik Greene available on Amazon

    • verity
      November 11, 2012 at 9:05 pm

      Hello Nik,
      I have your book and would recommend others to read it.
      There is much that can be related to and those who have not fallen victim to a false allegation of a sexual nature should read it.
      It is eye opening.
      My regards to you.
      Verity Justice.

  3. verity
    November 11, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Thank you for this article.
    Please don’t think me arrogant but the bulk of what you have written here is what I and many others who have had first hand experience of the injustice of false allegations and the consequent life long ramifications, damage and fall out, have written in the vein of since 2009 since my now husband was falsely accused by his son at the instigation and coaching of the lad’s mother.

    There are support forums who have railed against these so called ‘victims’ of abuse, who the falsely accused victim has proven beyond all doubt are liars in a court of law, from receiving compensation.
    In many cases compensation has been given PRIOR to any charge or trial.

    Many of my responses to your previous articles on the subject of false historical allegations have highlighted the problems and injustices caused , which are not in the child protection industry’s or multiple governments interests to address and put right.

    Those falsely accused who prove their factual and actual innocence in the face of fabricated evidence adduced by the ‘complainant‘, the police, CPS and ultimately the prosecution who stand before a jury and tell that jury things he/she the prosecutor, knows to be factually untrue are stigmatised in perpetuity .

    I had to laugh at the staggering hypocrisy of Esther Rantzen who was going on about the ‘complainants’
    allegations needing to be corroborated to prevent people like Lord McAlpine being wrongly implicated.

    What about ALL the average, middle class, white, working, family men who are wrongly implicated and falsely accused by malicious females in order to exact revenge or achieve financial gain at the cost of their innocent victim’s life on their simple, uncorroborated, unsubstantiated word alone?

    To use the vernacular of Cameron; Let me be very clear about this;
    False allegations of a sexual nature are NOT rare or even uncommon.
    They are all too common.
    Tens of thousands of lives (the innocent victim falsely accused and his/her family included in these numbers) are destroyed year on year due to false allegations made.

    The State and its judicial agencies actively encourage, coach, persuade and pay false accusers to maintain their spurious claims.
    For what purpose?
    To what end?
    Will we ever get truthful answers to the above questions from those who should be answering and be accountable for the abomination of an injustice being played out in courts across this land daily?

    It is a known fact in judicial circles that any man accused of a sexual offence IS guilty until HE proves his innocence way above the bar of beyond ALL doubt, never mind reasonable doubt and even then he is guilty for perpetuity by dint of his details and the allegation remaining on the Police National Computer for
    100 YEARS, if not forever.

    That those accused of an offence have been stripped of all rights and protections in common law and that Clause 39 of the Magna Carta does not apply to those thus accused.
    To quote a solicitor when I asked him about the rights of those accused, (prior to my now husband walking into a court room like Lady Jane Gray walking to her execution asking “where should I stand, what do I have to do?”) he said: “They have no rights, no rights”.

    That hearsay is admissible from the complainant in a court of law but is not admissible from the accused defendant.

    False allegations of sex abuse KILL, through suicide, stroke, heart attack or the acceleration of cancerous conditions and I am not speaking about the just the target of said allegations but the family members of said target.
    I have witnessed this for myself in my husbands family, it nearly killed me, it killed his mother, my mum-in-law.
    I have witnessed deaths of family members of fellow support forum members.

    In May a factually innocent falsely accused teacher ,whose mum is a forum member ,committed suicide, not because he harboured any guilt but because the trauma and fear of his situation was so severe life held no meaning or point for him and the feeling of utter powerlessness and the might of the State against him in the face of his innocence overwhelmed him leaving death the lesser of two evils.
    His accuser has carried on with her life without consequence for her wicked and heinous actions.

    Another forum members husband was acquitted having proven his actual innocence.
    Six weeks later he collapsed and died from a massive heart attack at the age of 46.

    Three forum members sons are seriously self harming and are at high risk of suicide due to false allegations that are clearly spurious to the police and CPS, but still those agencies persist in their persecution of those they know to be innocent.

    These are but a few examples of the devastation wrecked on innocent people on the unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, clearly false word of an accuser who must be believed in the face of cogent evidence of their lies.

    The numbers of psychological and emotional breakdowns and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (of which I am but one) runs into tens of thousands at tremendous cost to the NHS and ultimately you, the taxpayer.

    In 2009 I said, “If someone wants to commit the perfect murder of a man all they have to do is falsely accuse him of sex abuse.”

    This and previous governments, Mumsnet, NSPCC, Kidscape, Childline et al are fully aware of what
    is and has been going on, are complicit in the perpetration of the witch hunt against the male population of this country and are sitting on the volcano that is the truth for all they are worth as it is in their political and fiscal interest to maintain the public fervour and frenzy they instigated.

    FACT, FASO, PAFAA, DAFTMOO and many other forums who support those falsely accused and their families are not heard, but Mumsnet can stage a conference in salubrious surroundings when
    United against Injustice and Innocence projects are lucky to be able to borrow an annex to a church in order to inform the public as to the unacceptable scale of false allegations and the lack of consequence or punishment of those who falsely accuse.

    Forgive me if I come across as un-Christian but I hope many more men of the ilk of Lord McAlpine are falsely implicated or falsely accused.
    1. Having experienced the horrendous and deleterious effects of such an allegation for themselves and what
    it does to their families may help them to understand how the ordinary man in the street is affected.

    2. People of this social and financial status have the money and access to the best barristers and thus are in a
    position to have these false accusers properly prosecuted and punished. (No £80.00 fixed penalty).

    3. Force a change in the law whereby ALL, not just teachers and now MP’s are given anonymity in cases of
    Allegations of a sexual nature.

    4. That all payments made to these alleged ‘victims’ of sexual abuse are stopped forthwith.
    Payment after a safe conviction at trial of the accused to be made to psychiatric services to facilitate
    therapy and support of the ‘victim.

    After all no amount of money can suddenly cure decades of physical or sexual abuse, psychiatric therapy can however help the genuine victim of abuse move on in their life.
    A false accuser would not be interested in therapy as it would quickly expose their lies.

    I have said this God knows how many times and will continue to say it:
    The elephant is in the room and it is wearing the Emperor’s clothes.

  4. Aremus
    November 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    I have just finished discussing this wonderful article with a friend who says he agrees with everything you say.

    However, he won’t post a comment because he believes the authorities trace his email and stitch him up. He’s not the first to say this either.

    I have explained the fact that the opinion site does not release emails but he is adamant.

    This is why this insane hysteria continues. People are cowards and would rather see others suffer the destructions of their families, jobs and lives rather than stand up to someone who lies about abuse.

    The British should be ashamed – not just for the hysteria but also being too cowardly to stand up to those organisations and individuals who profit from it.

    Don’t stop writing Raymond. This is the only place where you can read the truth.

  5. Harry
    November 11, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Brilliant article but what a pity the mainstream press and media don’t have the balls to follow it and open up some of these claims to scrutiny.

    This idea of having to believe someone just because they make an accusation is as sick as the abuse that people say they suffered. This country has lost it.

    Maybe the world really will end in December. I for one wouldn’t be sorry given the disgusting political system and total lack of fairness that has now overtaken Britain.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      November 11, 2012 at 4:34 pm

      Editor’s Note: Well, the Daily Mail has published the truth about Messham’s history which shows him to be entirely unreliable. Surprisingly honest of them actually – for a change. My thanks to the forum member who posted the link to the article which you can read by clicking HERE– Editor

  6. Helen
    November 11, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Raymond, You are so right. I agree entirely with what you say. What a state we are in, as a country. Yesterday, I was waiting for a father and toddler son to come out of a shop I wanted to go into. The father was ahead of the child, as he was negotiating the empty pushchair down quite a steep step. The child was standing on the step, and seeing me, he put out his hand, so I could help him down the step, which I did. The father glared at me, didn’t thank me, just dragged the child away. Was I supposed to ignore the child, and let him stumble and fall on his face? And I am a 66 year old woman!

  7. Jenny
    November 11, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I am so glad that someone is telling the truth about this madness. If one innocent man goes to jail, that is one too many. There are frankly more important issues to sort out than what may or may not have happened 30 years ago. We should not try and apply today’s standards to that time so long ago. I feel sorry for those who were abused but who knows who they are? I for one do not believe that all of them suffered in the way that they suggest and some were supposedly “abused” just by sittng on someone’s knee or having their legged squeezed. Madness – utterly stupid, British madness.

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