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Cameron panicked into populist politics after UKIP success

After last week’s elections and the success of Nigel Farage’s UKIP, the three main party leaders and numerous MPs are now panicking. David Cameron has been advised he must revert to ‘populist politics’ and follow the example of Tony Blair if he wants any chance of winning next year’s general election.

The success of UKIP has caused political knives to be drawn and sharpened. Theresa May is ready to finish off Cameron, Chris Grayling already thinks he is home secretary, Ed Miliband has been deemed a liability by Labour and calls for Nick Clegg’s resignation have dramatically increased after the Liberal Democrats were all but wiped out.

The British people (on a pitiful 36% turnout) voted the way they did in the local and Euro elections for one simple reason: they are sick to death of politicians who never answer questions, tell lies, distort statistics, cheat the public purse and put their own interests first.

Having said that, all our vomit-making MPs, when the chips are down, will always still put themselves first; failing to do what is right or just and instead, in order to save themselves, doing what is popular.

If one needed proof, the Conservatives are already doing what British governments always do when they are in trouble: announce ‘tougher’ regulation of sex offenders, condemn immigrants and promise to make the poor poorer in order that the ‘middle’ class can become richer. This is a strategy of panic-driven populist politics that has been used by all British governments over recent years, it being good, tabloid headline stuff – but which is of course, also one big con.

The ‘populist politics’ strategy was first introduced back in the days of John Major, was transfigured into an art form by Tony Blair and is now being used by all three main parties to deflect attention from the fact that most MPs are crooks, cheats and liars, willing to sell their souls in order to keep their cushy political jobs.

For example, the ambitious justice minister Jeremy Wright announced only two days ago, immediately after the appalling government losses in the local elections in fact, that sex offenders will be made subject to regular polygraph (lie detector) testing. He said:

“We are determined that Britain has one of the toughest regimes in the world for managing sex offenders, to stop reoffending and to protect victims.”

Notice that there is no word of whether the regime is fair, just or even legal (lie detector evidence cannot be used in court); Wright’s only concern is that the regime must be the “toughest”. Notice the use of the word ‘victims’ as well, used purely for political purposes. Wright must realise that his new ‘tough’ regime will only affect those who have already committed offences and does nothing to address the fact that most sex abuse takes place in the home.

The populist use of this announcement is however, crudely obvious. reported this policy when it was first announced over two years ago, so announcing it again at this particular time can only be for political gain. Like most policies imported from the United States, it doesn’t work either – and it costs £1,000 every time a polygraph is used, the results having to be verified independently if they are to mean anything. The word of ‘specially trained’ police and probation officers cannot be trusted, especially given their current record of dishonesty, manipulation and incompetence.

Incidentally, before voicing support for the policy, readers should note that thanks to the last round of desperate (and in terms of justice, dangerous) political populism, the ‘new’ regime is to be directed particularly at those convicted of possessing indecent images of children, which could, believe it or not, include you!

If you happen to have a few pictures of your kids in the bath, at the swimming pool or running around with their friends on the beach, even if they are fully clothed, you could very well find yourself on the sex offenders register. No joke; check the legislation. After the government last caved in to the child protection lobby in 2011, the law was changed so that any photograph of a child can now be deemed as being ‘indecent’ or ‘for sexual gratification’ solely on the say so of a police officer. Prosecutions have already proceeded in several cases.

The second strand of the political populism strategy centres around immigration. The home secretary has again announced that the government will reduce immigration; a policy that was promised to the isolationist, tabloid reading public more than 4 years ago. It still hasn’t happened; yet now, after this week’s elections, it is being trotted out again by all three main party leaders. The problem is – and all politicians are aware of this – most ‘immigrants’, as described by the public and tabloids, are not immigrants at all; home office figures show most were born in the UK and hold UK passports.

The third focus of the political populism strategy is of course, money.

Most poor people, the unemployed and the poorly educated do not vote. The nebulous ‘middle class’ however, do. All political parties therefore focus on the same people and all parties promise the same things: Hammer the benefit ‘scroungers’ (of which there are actually very few indeed), increase taxes on the rich (but not politicians or their ‘friends’) and reduce taxes for those who are working – even if they do not earn enough to incur tax in the first place.

Finally, keep VAT and duty on tobacco and alcohol as high as possible (for health reasons, of course) and tell the poor they shouldn’t drink or smoke but should instead spend the money on finding a job – even if it is a zero hours contract that doesn’t guarantee so much as a single penny in income.

British politics and ‘the mother of parliaments’, is corrupt from top to bottom. Those who disagree with that statement are fools and idiots who walk around with their eyes and ears firmly shut. Whether they agree or disagree with, they should open their eyes and ears and look around them at what is really happening in Britain today. They should stop burying their heads in their Facebook accounts and realise that they are being conned into a social dictatorship. They should care about what happens to others as it could easily happen to them.

As for Nigel Farage and UKIP, they will not form the next government of Britain; they may not even win any parliamentary seats. However, they do now have sufficient prominence to cause chaos within the system that has for years sustained the other three, corrupt main parties., although not a fan of UKIP, would suggest that what has occurred at the ballot box is a good thing; it may just change the face of British politics for the better and save us all from a macro-engineered social dictatorship that currently masquerades as a democracy. Meanwhile, populist politics – which, as history shows,  always produces bad Law – will, regrettably, be abundant; as panic-stricken politicians try to save themselves, always at the expense of others.

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3 Responses to Cameron panicked into populist politics after UKIP success

  1. pete
    May 26, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    It seems to be that our disconnected, privileged, condescending political elite have at last received the two-fingered salute they so richly deserved from an increasingly disaffected and disenfranchised electorate.

    Ordinary people are not only sick of tightly scripted spin masquerading as “honest” political opinion, they’re not only sick of snouts-in-the-trough politicians feathering their own prosperous nests by fiddling expenses while braying for more punitive laws to crush a tiny minority of desperate benefit cheats. They’re also sick of being treated as fat, stupid blobs who need to be lectured on how to eat, how to parent their children, how to refrain from simple pleasures like booze and fags, how to respect the State-appointed moral health zealots who seek to micro-manage their lives for their own good. Calling people “racist” because they feel they have no control over the cultural boundaries they live within is an attempt to shut down debate and stifle resistance to the status quo; it’s well-heeled bullying and sneering condescension masquerading as enlightenment.

    I doubt if many voted UKIP because they fully endorsed its policies. I suspect instead that many voted UKIP to say “F*ck off” to our moribund, politically bankrupt mainstream politicians, who are advised and influenced by selected, unelected “experts”, all of whom have vested interests in pursuing their various moral and institutional agendas, rather than by ordinary people.

    But I fear Mr Peytors may be right in his analysis: panicking politicians will, like all spineless wimps, seek to look tough, sucking up to their tabloid puppeteers, and will find it hard to resist pushing more illiberal and punitive laws through parliament, especially laws directed against their favourite social scapegoats, ‘paedos’ and sex offenders.

    The test will be this: will the people who so resolutely gave these lying, visionless moralists the two-fingered salute they should have had long ago continue to do so when those same lying politicians resort to yet another paedo-panic to garner a few cheap votes?

    “Tough” laws are always cheap gimmicks designed to garner short-term popularity, even though they’ll remain unreformed on the statute book for the long-term, making it easier and easier for the State to lock up its own citizens by eroding defendants’ rights and fetishizing victimhood (which today merely has to be claimed rather then proven). Will ordinary people see through this shameless political populism? Will they reassert their centuries-old tradition of guarding their liberties from the might of the punitive State?

    I suspect I’m not alone is hoping that the two-fingered salute will continue, and continue until a new movement of genuine hope and liberty for the many bursts out of the dreary, grey fog of median conformity our political elite are obsessed with.

    Well done, Mr Peytors, for this incisive and truthful analysis. A rattling good read which was well worth waiting for.

  2. Chris Knight
    May 26, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Great result. I do hope the people will see through the trees when the government and political parties change tack on their policies; basically, the only party with opposing view won. Re. Cigarettes -**Cigarettes – why can’t they make them available on prescription from the Doctor’s. They can be controlled more easily, plus, prescription charges would help the NHS.** It’s another example of government control (lack of control).

  3. Alex
    May 26, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    I get so frustrated. Why the F*ck can’t people see what is happening in this country? Why are none of the mainstream media saying what this article is saying when it is so obviously true?

    People better wake up soon or half the population will be in jail and the other half will be homeless and starving.

    Great article Mr Peytors. Just hope those who need to read it actually do so.

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