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CEOP fails to win independence Home Secretary confirms

In the House of Commons today, the Home Secretary, Theresa May confirmed that the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre will not be granted independence and autonomy. She was answering an opposition question.

Although the views of the NSPCC, other childrens’ charities and the ubiquitous Sarah Payne were put forward, May sensibly refused to give way. She also pointed out that CEOP never was independent. It has always been part of a larger organisation, presently the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Once it is established, the new National Crime Agency will take over.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

Theresa May also confirmed that the ridiculous Vetting and Barring Scheme run by the equally ridiculous Independent Safeguarding Authority is to be reviewed and ‘common sense’ applied to it.

Needless to say, those with vested interests, in other words the Child Protection Industry, have already started to bleat and wail – loudly – about the terrible consequences of this action. believes it would be in the interests of everyone, especially children, if those concerned were to stop scaremongering and stop encouraging paranoia about child abuse and instead adopt a grown up, measured approach to the problem.

If these wretched, self-centred people who make so much unnecessary noise want to do something really useful, they can put an end to the ‘stranger danger‘ nonsense they have peddled for years and start telling the truth that most abuse occurs within families by those related to or close to children and who have never been convicted of anything, not by those who have already been convicted for sexual offences, have been released and who would be rehabilitated if  only they were given the chance – and the help – to do so.

Furthermore, the cause of true child protection would be furthered if the Probation, Police and Prison Services were to stop giving misleading information to the public. They do no one any good if they continue to produce hopelessly inaccurate and biased risk assessments based on public opinion, incorrect ‘intelligence’ and decisions made on the basis of  ‘risk aversion’ rather than effective rehabilitation.

The Home Secretary seems to have the guts not to pander to the tabloid press, weak politicians and the money-making organisations and individuals who claim to be ‘protecting children’. That at least is a refreshing change and perhaps really is an indication of common sense being applied.

Frankly, it is about time.

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