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Child protection insanity as innocent man is dragged from swimming pool

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Paranoia over child abuse has reached a new high in Britain

An incident in Bournemouth this week shows that adults in Britain are now in danger of being arrested if they seek to prevent children from misbehaving in public or behaving in a manner that is inconsiderate of others; the paranoia of child abuse that has been created over the last 20 years now means that children are completely out of control, cannot be disciplined and are allowed to behave in any way they want with adults risking arrest if they intervene in any way.

Following an incident this week which saw an innocent man dramatically arrested and forcibly restrained with handcuffs and leg restraints – only to later be released without charge – can advise adults that they are likely to be seen by the police as the problem rather than the solution. (Video is at the end of this article)

An adult risking interaction of any kind with someone under 18 will always be suspected of being a potential abuser, especially if that interaction is in a public place.

Adults should not, it seems, be tempted to tell children to behave properly or to act with any consideration towards others; nor should adults attempt to prevent kids from breaking the law – or indeed go anywhere near them at all.

The insanity of so-called “child protection” in today’s Britain was clearly illustrated this week when a man in Dorset tried to deal with some out of control children and ended up being handcuffed, put in leg restraints and arrested after having apparently shouted at some nuisance children who were splashing around him and refused to stop.

Suspicion from the pool attendants was originally directed towards the man who was asked to leave the pool, even though it was the children causing the problem. When he refused to do so, the police were called in order to “prevent a breach of the peace.”

More police turned up in force and dragged the man from the swimming pool at the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth. He was then handcuffed to the side of the pool and leg restraints were used.

Up to five police officers ended up restraining this one handcuffed and manacled man.

There are however no reports of anything happening to or even being said to the children who caused the problem in the first place. Naturally, it was assumed by the police that it was the adult who was either at fault or who had ulterior motives towards the children who were assumed to be blameless.

Police attempt to justify action

Chief Inspector Chris Weeks of Bournemouth police, confirming officers had been called to the centre following a report of a disturbance, tried desperately to justify the action of what appear to be out of control officers:

Dorset Police responded to a report of an aggressive male shouting and swearing in a public place. On removing the man from the pool he had to be handcuffed to the front. He tried to kick out with his legs requiring the officers to apply limb restraints.  The officers acted appropriately at all times using Home Office approved methods and equipment.”

The Chief Inspector eventually added that in fact, no crime had been committed by the man who was later released and taken home.

It would however be interesting to know whether or not he received an apology from the police or instead was told that he will now forever be a suspect.

Certainly, if he needs a CRB certificate, he may now find that difficult as police will almost certainly mention his arrest and the reasons for it when submitting information to the relevant authorities. should also mention the fact that although police were allegedly concerned because the incident was taking place in a public swimming pool, they did not actually say why they were so concerned or why they did not just ask the man to leave quietly.

Nor did they dare mention the fact that the cause of the problem seems to have been children being a thorough nuisance and neither do they seem to have taken much care in finding out what was actually going on before going in mob-handed.

This habit of always assuming that the adult is a predator ready to abuse children may be great for private companies making a profit, MPs seeking cheap publicity and charities seeking to extort money from the rest of us but – and this is rarely mentioned – the official figures show that such predatory behaviour is very rare indeed.

Most child abuse takes place in the home but we never hear child protection groups, the tabloids, policemen or MPs talking about that.

Britain is now a place where even parents are afraid to show any affection toward their own children in public for fear of being arrested. Nor are parents willing to discipline their children for fear of reprisal by the state.

The authorities, driven by fear of criticism, always suspect any adult who interacts with children in any way as being a potential child abuser and always act in an “over the top” fashion in case their “protective” approach is not recognised.

With regard to the case of the innocent man in Bournemouth, one onlooker said she believes the man was unfairly treated by Littledown staff and the police.

“A man did indeed have unacceptable threatening behaviour to a bunch of young boys who were splashing around him and potentially being a nuisance. They did not deserve the abuse the man threw at them.

“What followed was farcical – four police cars, an entourage of police and members of the general public filling every window available.

“We need to be much more supportive and open with people who are clearly distressed.

“At no time did I see him hit out. I fully believe this man would have been OK to continue his swim.”

So, a man who was innocent, simply wanted selfish kids to behave reasonably and who ended up being arrested, humiliated, probably had his DNA and fingerprints taken and who will now forever be regarded by police, social services and other so-called “professionals” as being a potential (or in their language, ‘probable’) child abuser.

Adults be warned: Stay away from any interaction with children, be they someone else’s or even your own. You might get arrested otherwise.

Incidentally, despite requests, Dorset Police declined to confirm how many officers attended the scene. suggests you judge for yourself.

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8 Responses to Child protection insanity as innocent man is dragged from swimming pool

  1. anton
    October 23, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    I myself have been in a similar situation to the man in the pool, noisy kids outside the house (14/15 years old) told them to keep the noise down or go to the local park, the next day the police arrived said they had received information that i had child porn on my computer, computers taken away, six months later and still nothing heard from police i then sent a letter informing them i have had to replace my computer at a cost of £600 and i would be seeking compensation for loss of earnings as i use my computer for work,two weeks later i am arrested for indecent images on my computer taken to the police station and charged, told that they had found over 800 images on my computer, appeared at crown court six months later but the case was adjourned as they had not had enough time to put the case together, this was destroying both me and my wife but she had no doubts in her mind that i was innocent and has stuck with me, she was the one that had the idea of getting a third party expert to look at the hard drive, i informed my solicitor that i was going to do this and he informed the police so that the hard drive could be collected, but lo and behold the hard drive could not be found,two weeks later i received a call from my barristers secretary to inform that the crown prosecution would not be offering any evidence against me, i still had to appear at the crown court to be told this, the prosecution informed the judge that there would be little or no chance of a prosecution, even though i was supposed to have had a hard drive with 800 images on and a folder full of images which the police had allegedly copied off my hard drive, the judge raised his voice at the prosecution for putting me through what i had been put through, this has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for the police force of britain, they are the modern day gestapo, if they want you they will get you, as i have learnt the hard way. i would just like to say that i have no criminal convictions and i have two children of my own.

  2. mike p
    October 7, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    once again children are the innocent ones 2 b protected they can do no wrong???????????

    • pete
      October 7, 2012 at 8:04 pm

      When Arthur wrote “No wonder we have a load of thick, stupid, badly behaved morons in this country,” for a moment I wasn’t sure who he was referring to – the uniformed imbeciles who dived into the pool and acted like Gestapo thugs or the obnoxious brats behaving like hooligans.

      Unless the guy who found himself handcuffed and manhandled by these oafs had approached the kids who had annoyed him with a machete (which he presumably would have had to have concealed in his budgie smugglers before taking a dip), the only “inappropriate” aspect to this saga is the thuggish lunacy of the police response. Harsh language may be objectionable, if indeed our arrestee used it, but it hardly justifies a SWAT team. The police idiots caught on camera clearly thought that, if they were exercising such gangsterish overkill in the name of child protection, they were wholly justified in their theatrical excess.

      There is a message here to the “innocent, helpless” children who witnessed this police spectacle of doltish stupidity over wise judgement: you can be as uncivil, odious and vile as you like, so long as cry “abuse!” if an adult tries to rein in your loutishness. You’ll walk away to be as vile as you like again, while the adult will be manacled, humiliated and possibly prosecuted by the official guardians of child protection, who have perverted what ought to have been an unqualified human good into a vindictive, punitive and tyrannical perversion.

      The National Union of Teachers is exceptionally concerned about the ever-expanding number of malicious and groundless accusations against teachers each year, allegations which usually result in immediate suspension from work and, not infrequently, unutterable anguish and personal breakdown for those accused. That these allegations so frequently turn out to be groundless and wholly malicious ought to be a wake-up call for those naïve and foolish enough to presume that children are incapable of malice or deceit.

      Child protection militants have all but destroyed sane adult authority over wayward and recklessly impulsive youth. Most adults are sane and compassionate toward the young, not predatory and violent as our unelected and unaccountable child protection loons would have us suppose; this says much more about their ugly fantasies than it does about anyone else.

      This version of child protection (which basically translates into undermining, intimidating and, frankly, terrorising adults) is a malignant scourge which urgently needs to be toppled. The UK has the biggest army of state-funded child protection do-gooders (although “Stasi” would be a more apt term) in Western Europe. After watching this sequence, we might ask “Who are these knuckleheads to be telling anyone else how to manage vile behaviour in the young?”

      Another cogently argued and lucid analysis, Mr Peytors. Three cheers!

  3. justice hope
    October 6, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    I can’t make sense of the onlooker’s account – the syntax is beyond me. What the hell does it mean that he “did indeed have unacceptable behaviour to a bunch of young boys who were splashing around and potentially being a nuisance”, yet they “did not deserve the abuse the man threw at them”, yet again the man was entirely innocent? My brain hurts. Did the man behave unacceptably or not?

  4. Max
    October 6, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Will this madness ever end?

  5. Mike
    October 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Pity they cannot arrest some real criminals, but that would require them to do some real work.

  6. Arthur
    October 6, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    The word ‘insanity’ just doesn’t do this justice!

    No wonder we have a load of thick, stupid, badly behaved morons in this country. People forget that when these kids become adults, they still think the same way and then spawn another generation of out of control and dangerous creatures that we are all supposed to ‘protect’.

    That’s the real insanity.

    • Margaret
      April 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm

      It is worth reading Plato’s work, The Republic.

      p336 Quote:Salient characteristic of Democracy is “Liberty”; “every individual is free to do what he likes”. This gives democratic society a diversity and variety that are very attractive but its effects are disintigrating.
      It goes on to abuse as servile and contemptible those who obey the authorities, and reserves its approval, in private life as well as public,for rulers who behave like subjects and subjects who behave like rulers.

      There is a growing dislike of anything political or moral. Fathers pander to their sons, the sons neither respecting nor fearing their parents, in order to assert their independence.
      The teacher fears and panders to his pupils who in turn, despise their teachers and attendants; and the young as a whole imitate their elders, argue with them and set themselves up against them, while their elders try to avoid the reputation of being disagreeable or strict by aping the young and mixing with them on terms of easy good fellowship.
      The minds of the citizens become so sensitive that the least vestige of restraint is resented as intolerable, till, finally, in their determination to have no masters, they disregard all laws, written or unwritten.

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