The Truth About IPP Sentences

Child Protection – the Big Lie

Child protection charities are using the current paranoia regarding the safeguarding of children to line their own pockets.

In the UK, the USA and other English speaking countries, ‘child protection’ is big business. Every year, millions are donated or granted to charities who are supposedly there to protect children. However, there seems to be another side to this ‘industry’. is not saying that children should not be protected from those who would cause them harm. However, it is our opinion that to play on public fear and paranoia of what could or might happen to children does nothing apart from filling the pockets of those who run these charities.

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Everyone is afraid to criticise such charitable organisations and everyone seems afraid to say anything that criticises child protection policies put forward by the executive. In the UK and the US, laws governing alcohol consumption, smokingĀ  and other ‘adult’ activities have used the magic words ‘child protection‘ in order to get them through the legal progress.

In the UK for example, not a word is said about the 2 million people who’s jobs depend on the child protection industry and who also happen to be the 2 million tax payers who could bring down any government in an election. Nothing is said about the prison, social services and police departments who cynically use ‘child protection‘ to try to justify their own jobs and salary at this time of cuts in public expenditure.

Meanwhile, across the world more and more people are being locked up on the flimsiest of evidence and often for offences allegedly committed 30 or 40 years ago, simply because juries and judges are terrified of being criticised for not protecting children.

When I was young, I was told the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. The Emperor was made a suit that only he could see and for which he paid a fortune. Everyone who saw him was afraid to tell him that he was in fact naked; everyone that is except a small boy who was not bound by the same criticism and fear.

People who have bad experiences in their lives often set up organisations with the best intentions in order to prevent the same bad things happening to others.

The problems start when they realise that they can make money from it – lots of money.

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