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Compassionate Conservatism ditched as ‘nasty’ Tories swerve violently to the right

David Cameron can already feel the knife in his back

David Cameron can already feel the knife in his back

Multi-millionaire Prime Minister, David Cameron today unceremoniously ditched the idea of “Compassionate Conservatism” as he gave in to Right Wing Tories over unemployment and housing benefits, dumping on the unemployed, the young and the homeless in the process.

It would seem to that Cameron has also given up on the idea that “We’re all in this together”, if indeed we ever really were in the first place.

In what sounded very much like the Tory manifesto for the next general election in 2015, Mr Cameron said he wanted to “open up the debate” on the welfare system and to “go back to the basics”.

He may want to reflect on what happened to his predecessor, John Major when he used that phrase and when Major also tried to appease his own back-benchers by doing the same thing. For those who can’t recall, Major was kicked out of office after a brilliantly orchestrated assassination by those that he referred to as “bastards”.

If Cameron really does have any genuine intelligence at all, he may want to think about that…

Whilst Home Secretary, Theresa May – never very compassionate in the first place and becoming more obnoxious by the day – has once again resorted to bashing up sex offenders in an attempt to pick up some cheap, tabloid praise, the Prime Minister has suggested removing housing benefit from the under-25s, taxing benefits paid to pensioners and slapping a limit on the number of children people can have if they expect the state to pay for them.

With regard to the last issue by the way, the number of children that is, totally agrees with him; there are far too many children being born in the UK and not enough money to pay for them, especially as many still cannot read or add up properly by the time they are 15 and stand virtually no chance of getting a job to pay for themselves.

The proposals to hit the pensioners though is likely to disappear into the long grass as it is a simple fact that pensioners tend to vote whilst most young people do not and if Cameron steals money from pensioners, they are not going to vote for him.

Cameron has also made it clear that he doesn’t feel confident that he can do much about his declared intentions until after the next general election, the Liberal Democrats forcing him to look at people as human beings rather than numbers; something that must come with great difficulty to Mr Cameron.

It is not in the nature of a Conservative prime minister to be compassionate, especially one who inherited his wealth and has never actually been forced to do a day’s work in his life.

Cameron is a world away from the many successful individuals who have achieved success through their own efforts rather than exploiting the wealth of their parents.

Cameron is essentially a weak prime minister who lives in mortal dread of his own MPs and his Conservative voters who feel that he has allowed the Liberals to have too much say over the policies of the Coalition government and who are beginning to cry for the ‘blue blood’ that they crave so much; even if that blood is poured out by those much less fortunate than themselves. – together with a few million people in the UK – has not failed to notice that whilst the (mainly Conservative) rich continue to get very much richer, the poor and under privileged continue to become even poorer and even more under privileged, gradually being segregated into ghettos up and down the country, far from the leafy lanes of Cameron’s precious Oxfordshire and the Surrey stock-broker/banker belt.

Whilst young mothers are getting busted by heavy-handed security guards for stealing food from ASDA, Mr Cameron is more concerned with extricating himself from his now very public political love affair with the former (and now criminally charged) Rebekah Brooks, famously once the editor of the “name them and shame them” News of the World and the notoriously manipulative Sun newspaper.

The worst thing though is the blatant, sycophantic nature of the politics behind all this, especially the U-turn on so-called “Compassionate Conservatism”, the very device – albeit a dishonest one – used by Cameron in order to try and win the last general election.

Theresa May had said previously at a Conservative Party Conference that she did not want the Conservatives to be seen as “the nasty party”.

If what May said then is still true now, she is an even bigger liar than her £160,000, expense claiming predecessor, Jacquie Smith – and to be frank, that’s saying something.

David Cameron is very aware that May wants his job and is steadily positioning herself so that she may stab him in the back and steal power away from him; though in truth, her arrogance may actually get the better of her in the end and eventually prevent her from achieving her objective.

Meanwhile, those Tory back-benchers who lost out on various ministerial posts (and cars) after Cameron formed the Coalition with the Liberal Democrats, are also anxious to make Mr Cameron’s tenure as prime minister as miserable as possible but without allowing the evil ‘Queen of Numbers’, Theresa May to replace him; a situation that they think would be even worse than what they have already. believes that most of the “true blue” rubbish spouted out by Cameron today will fall by the wayside, certainly for the time being as the Liberals will never let him get away with what he is proposing.

The problem is that the Liberal Democrats are likely to be completely annihilated at the next election unless they can stand up for their principles, no matter how difficult that may be in a coalition where most of the cabinet have found some reason or other to hate each other.

Essentially though, it comes down to a simple truth: Cameron wants the rich to get richer and the Liberal Democrats want to help the poor, something  that was once the goal of the Labour party but which disappeared when Blair changed ‘New’ Labour into the most “Conservative” government the country had had for years.

If the Liberals want to survive, they must go on being “compassionate”; if Cameron wants to survive, he must become more “nasty”.

If Theresa May does ever becomes Prime Minister, it will all become academic anyway.

If that ever happens, Britain will be living under the nearest thing to a dictatorship since the 1500s.

But, given the way things are at present and knowing that they are likely to get worse, who would bet against that?

We at certainly wouldn’t and with respect, neither should you.

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7 Responses to Compassionate Conservatism ditched as ‘nasty’ Tories swerve violently to the right

  1. colin
    July 8, 2012 at 9:00 am

    ok so if this government want to take the benifits away from the under 25s does that mean they will no longer be required to contribute to the system when they do get work ?

  2. Mick
    June 26, 2012 at 12:40 am

    David Starkey was wrong. Today’s values come from the foothills of Manhattan’s Wall Street following the embarrasing bromance between Bush & Blair.
    Governments could have invested the housing benefit in building social housing and thus created an asset and jobs. Instead they perpetuate the myth claimants receive the benefit when all they do is channel it to property developers who are probably Tory voters.
    If tax was collected fairly there would be plenty to pay for social benefits.

  3. verity
    June 25, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    The Conservatives, since I can remember have attempted to bring the ‘American’ way into the day to day running of this country, whether it be privatising the NHS (they haven’t succeeded fully yet),privatising utilities, prisons and probation, abolishing Legal Aid, social welfare benefits, the rail and bus network and anything else they can.

    The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and we will end up with life echoing that of those inhabiting George Orwell’s Oceania. The majority of us being proles living in ghettos denied the basics of life.

    The future is beginning to look highly Kafkaesque.
    I’m grateful that I never had children, I wouldn’t want them to live in the future I can see happening.

  4. alana
    June 25, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Change is on the horizon, the unfortunate fact is if you look back through history, that any real change with ref to governments only happens when God sends forth the pale horse and rider. Revelations 6: 7.

    • bob
      June 25, 2012 at 3:33 pm

      Trust me, the Angel of Death has been in Downing street ever since Blair arrived and shows no sign of leaving any time soon!

  5. Jenny
    June 25, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Never could trust the Tories, never will again – especially after the bankers and the latest tax cuts for the ultra-rich.

    All MPs are crooks only out for themselves.

    • Andreus
      June 29, 2012 at 10:36 am

      Trouble is, you can’t trust Labour either. All they want to do is to lock up as many people as possible. B;air created 300 new offences when he was in office and the current Labour front bench supported all of them. . . didn’t notice to many offences being directed towards themselves, the bankers or political donors though.

      Whatever their faults, for me the Liberals are the only ones who offer even a semblance of honesty amongst the lot of them.

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