The Truth About IPP Sentences

CRB checks fail to protect children but increase unemployment reports that a man who was cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau, set up by the Blair government to ‘protect children and the vulnerable’, went on to abuse a child in Camden, West London.

The abuse by a Camden council worker took place in 2008 but has only just emerged, presumably because nobody at the council or the CRB wanted anyone to know about the system failure. What is even more alarming is that CRB checks are now undertaken by the much criticised Independent Safeguarding Authority, another monster created by New Labour to pacify those who make their living in the UK’s massive child protection industry.

Home Secretary, Theresa May has put the expansion of the ISA on hold whilst its jurisdiction is reviewed; a review that the May is not keen to hold and which was forced on the government as a result of public horror at the thought of 11,000,000 people being ‘vetted’ to see whether or not they were potential or actual child abusers.

The council worker who abused the child already had convictions for child abuse abroad but the CRB failed to pick this up. A spokesman for Camden council said, “Our contractor did check that this man was cleared to work with children but unfortunately faults with the CRB system meant that his previous crimes were not recorded.”

The ‘faults’ referred to are not what they seem. In fact, the bigger problem is with the UK Sex Offender Register which requires anyone who enters the UK to declare any child abuse convictions imposed abroad and then to sign the Register. The fact is though, people don’t declare such convictions, don’t sign the register and the Home Office is reliant on the authorities in other countries to pass details of convictions to the Home Office.

This reveals the heart of the problem, from the British point of view anyway.

With the exception of the English speaking countries, notably the US, Australia and New Zealand, the governments of other countries are not obsessed with child abuse, whilst British politicians and tabloid newspapers seem to be lost for anything to say if they don’t get their daily dose of “paedo-mania”.

That fact does not mean that other nations do not care about the problem of child abuse; it is simply that they are not obsessed with it and they certainly haven’t spent the last 20 years fostering public fear whilst at the same time pandering to those with vested interests, giving in to tabloid campaigns and building a child protection industry which employs 2,000,000 people.

It should also be remembered that those 2,000,000 people are also voters upon whom the government is reliant.

As for the CRB failure, the Home Office said, “The CRB has always been clear that if organisations recruit from overseas, a CRB check may not provide a complete picture of an individual’s criminal history.”

Well, if that really is the case, there is little point in the checks in the first place given the number of foreign workers currently employed in the UK.

Meanwhile, ordinary British people are being refused work because they are flagged by the CRB. One man was recently asked to leave his job because a CRB check revealed that he had a criminal record – for not paying his television licence.

In a country of 60 million people, it cannot be right that with a relatively small 50,000 people on the Sex Offender Register, we have a massive 2,000,000 people working in child protection of some kind or another. Certainly, children should be protected where necessary but most normal people would agree that there is a disproportionate number of people making their living in an industry that relies on fear for its existence. believes the government should be brave and revise the whole issue of child protection and take advice from the EU, not from the US.

We are not Americans and we are very different to them. The fact they attempt to speak our language, albeit badly, does not mean that we are the same. We most definitely do not need or want to go down the same destructive road as the US (see

It is sad indeed that virtually every child protection measure introduced into the UK in the last 20 years has either been inspired by or directly imported from the US. Yet it is equally true that our European neighbours do not have the same problems with child abuse that we have in Britain yet we ignore the solutions that they offer, preferring instead to follow America like a lot of blind sheep.

The Camdem case illustrates a total failure of the CRB and the ISA, not to mention the council itself which was fined £1,200 as a result of the error. Camden Council was also ordered to pay £1,200 to the child’s mother for her distress.

The situation in Britain is best described by someone who emigrated 11  years ago to Europe and is a visitor to this site:

“How long has it taken the UK to descend this far?

About 10 years from what I can work out. When I left the UK at the start of the decade everything was reasonably normal. Three months later planes ploughed into buildings in the US and I’ve watched with slow horror as you’ve all descended into what appears, from a distance, to be a particularly British dystopia, and all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘protection’.

At the same time the counterbalance appears to be an increase in drinking, presumably to dull the pain, while you all distract yourselves by identifying paedophiles, which everyone agrees are now the ‘real’ menace to society.

So the view of the UK from outside is that you can’t move for CCTV, people lie about drunk in the gutters every weekend, every second adult is a paedophile and photography is now illegal. And while you all seem to be agreed that this is all a ‘bad thing’, you don’t know how to stop it. believes that these are wise words and that the people and the government of Britain should heed them well and prevent this CRB led nightmare from getting any worse.

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  1. Paul
    February 2, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    I can’t believe where this country is going. The chap from abroad had it right though. Nobody knows how to stop it now. Is it too late perhaps?

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