The Truth About IPP Sentences

Death by a thousand cuts

The UK government has announced its first cuts in public expenditure. Only another nine hundred and ninety-nine to go…

Following the Chancellor’s announcement of public sector cuts today, there has already been an outcry from hundreds of faceless people who, whilst keen to spend our money, do not wish for their organisation to be too well known.

The referrence, of course, to those famous ‘Quangos’ that we have heard so much about in recent years; those organisations that use millions of our money to ‘protect’ us when we have no wish to be protected, to ‘advise’ us when we certainly have no wish to be advised and who, despite the objections of most ordinary citizens, insist on telling us that it is necessary to double the price of booze in order to cut the bill of the NHS and to help us all to live longer – even if we do have to do so in abject, sober misery.

The last Minister to leave the Treasury left a note addressed to the incoming team to tell them, “Sorry there’s no money left. Good luck.” It is not surprising there’s nothing left. Having doubled the size of the government machine, created a new criminal offence for every day they were in power and consequently doubled the number of prisoners, increased their own wealth dramatically, encouraged the ever increasing number of those dreaded Quangos and borrowed exhaustively to pay for it all, how could there possibly be any money left?

However, for all we know, this new, shiny coalition government may be just as bad. The difference is, they intend to make political capital out of ruthlessly cutting public spending and by doing so on a regular basis. A cut here, a cut there, perhaps a bigger cut here…

However, everyone should look on the bright side. As life becomes more difficult, as unemployment increases, as the new 3D televisions get left on the shelves of the electronic superstores and as our weekly shop goes up due to an increase in VAT, remember that it is all ‘for the good of the country.’ Not for the good of you and I mind you but for the good of the country.

Bitterness is everywhere. No amount of stiff upper lip mentality is going to protect you this time. It’s going to hurt. There is however one group of individuals that will be spared too much pain – can you guess who they may be, dear reader?

It is those honourable men and women who are making the cuts for our benefit. They who are still in receipt of subsidised housing, food, transport and the other goods and services necessary for ‘the execution of their parliamentary duties.’ They even get a food allowance. Well, we wouldn’t want them getting hungry would we? Not when they’ve got all that pain and suffering to dish out to the rest of us.

It could be argued though, perhaps should be argued that we have only ourselves to blame. After all, we are the ones who borrowed to excess; we the ones who allowed our greed to get the better of us. It was we ourselves who allowed the growth of corruption to continue unchecked in the Palace of Westminster. (Was it mentioned that they get subsidised drinks too, it being a royal palace and all that?) Watch out then; the Knife Man cometh.

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