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Debt – are individuals to blame for not helping themselves?


Debt requires you to take action...

In a recent survey undertaken by the number one subject of concern to our subscribers was that of debt.

Indeed, it appears that it is affecting more and more people which is hardly surprising given the current economic climate.

However, the question that has to be asked is whether debt is a product of the national financial situation or whether it is a product of living to excess by individuals.

Debt is nothing new in the UK. Whichever party is in power it seems that the rich continue to become more wealthy and the poor end up having less and less. Politicians have no interest in the poor who are unlikely to bother to vote in any general election. They would much sooner pay attention to those who already have money to up at the top of some of it in order to support their local MP.

The question though is whether the debt that people are now suffering is or is not self-induced. There seems to be no shortage of plasma screen televisions or of computers in most of today’s households. With these devices are owned by the family concerned or the local finance company however is of much more importance.

Many years ago, I myself was in debt for almost £70,000 (today that would be £150,000). At the time, it seemed an almost insoluble problem but fortunately for me, I met someone who is able to guide me along the road to success in dealing with my creditors.

They also showed me how to make money rather than just spend it and for the last 25 years I have had the privilege of being able to pass that knowledge on to others who have been able to use it to solve their own debt problems. 

Regrettably, it does seem though that people are pretty reluctant to help themselves when it comes to getting out of debt. Certainly, they will wander off to the nearest debt counselor if they can find one or they may even contact the local Citizens Advice Bureau but the one thing that they are unlikely to do is to actually help themselves by getting the necessary information as to how to do so, all of which is often available at very low cost.

Whilst many British people complain about having to pay out a tenner in order to get the necessary advice, it doesn’t stop them from going down to the pub and having a few pints.

Their sense of priorities seem to be somewhat misguided. Britain appears to have become a country where nobody takes responsibility for their own circumstances and where nobody is prepared to make an effort to sort out their own problems, preferring instead to rely on others to sort them out for them. 

With unemployment on the rise and student debt increasing, together with increased inflation and utility charges, it is likely that more and more people will wake up one morning to find that they are in serious debt. The question is, what if anything will they do about it?

In the vast majority of cases it seems that actually they will do very little indeed to solve the problem.

The truth is that if you do not address the problem of debt quickly, it will inevitably take over your life. The worst possible thing you can do if you are in debt is to ignore it. Every day that you delay will only make the situation much worse.

Sticking your head in the sand has never been a very good solution to any problem but where lack of money is concerned, it is almost tantamount to suicide. The person who deals with debt successfully is usually the person who is not afraid to take action, even if taking that action may cost them some money in the short-term. Nor is it good enough to use the excuse that you don’t have money to waste on sorting out the problem

Only this morning I overheard a lady talking to her friend about how little money she had and how she did not know how she was going to pay her bills and yet at the same time was drinking a large gin and tonic accompanied by a very expensive sandwich.

Given all the above, it is sometimes hard to be sympathetic to people who proclaim themselves as being in debt but at the same time continue to recklessly spend what money they do have. It is also surprising just how many of the unfortunate people who suffer from debt refuse point blank to find ways of making money, even though now we have the Internet it is possible for most people to make a few quid one way or the other.

The British have apparently lost the ability to take action themselves when it comes to sorting out  their own problems. They nearly all have the mighty resources of the Internet to help them yet very few of them use it constructively. True, they may type in a question like “how to get out of debt” but having found the answer, it is unlikely that they will act upon it. suggests that those who have a problem with debt stop talking about it and start taking some action. And if that means spending £5 or so, sometimes less, in order to find the necessary information then so be it. The alternative is to watch the bills pile up, the bailiffs move in and to wait for the inevitable County Court Judgment to come through the letterbox.

Websites such as the often have solutions to people’s problems but it is up to the individual to obtain that information either by asking for it or by purchasing it, rather than waiting for it to drop into their lap.

The answer to being in debt is to take action, any action rather than just sitting there talking about it and doing nothing, for it is almost certain that even the smallest step in the right direction will produce considerably better results than simply taking no action at all.

(If you have a problem with debt, you may find help here)

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