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Domestic Abuse Orders – no need for evidence as UK Police State continues to grow

The UK Government wants to give police the power to ban men from their homes for 48 hours if they are suspected of domestic abuse – even if there is insufficient evidence to warrant a charge.

During this period, the police will run off to a friendly magistrate and ask for a new Domestic Abuse Prevention Order – or whatever they are going to call it – and the pathetic magistrate will, as usual give the police whatever they ask for, even without any evidence.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

The UK is an anti-male society full of power hungry women who have blackmailed their male counterparts into giving way. Britain is really not a good place to live if you happen to be a man. If you are not accused of child abuse or rape, you can now be done for domestic abuse instead; they still won’t need any evidence.

The UK has learnt well from Hitler and his philosophy.

We have the ASBO, VOPO, SOPO and now it seems, the DAPO; all of which require nothing more than the police to ‘feel’ that some individual may do something, some time, in some way, to someone – none of which needs proof and all of which will ensure that the appropriate order is readily granted by a British magistrate who is usually nothing more than a shop keeper or a member of the local Rotary Club.

When the Sex Offender Prevention Orders were first brought in, they required that a Crown Court judge be convinced that such an order was necessary. Trouble was that the judges would not issue them without evidence. Blair’s administration therefore changed the rules so that the orders could be issued by a magistrate’s court – or to be more accurate, a police court. They required only the word of a police officer and no evidence at all.

At first the orders were only valid for 6 months but by the time we got to the discredited, dishonest and obnoxious former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, she had increased the duration of these orders to 5 years, still based solely on the word of a policeman. No other evidence is required.

All these orders, including the latest incarnation,  have two things in common: they require no corroborated evidence- or any at all for that matter –   and, although they are technically ‘civil’ orders, they carry a criminal penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Of course, because they are ‘civil’ orders rather than criminal sanctions, they are judged on the ‘ balance of probabilities’ rather than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, thus making them much easier to obtain.

To put it another way, they are based on a guess, the unreliable word of a probation officer, police officer or social worker rather than any real evidence or any justifiable proof.

Having allowed New Labour to establish the SOPO, this government has taken up the New Labour trait of introducing ever more draconian measures against men which require little, if indeed any proof in order to be applied to an individual.

Given that this coalition government has failed to obey the law on prisoners’ voting rights, has ignored the ruling of the UK Supreme Court to introduce a review to enable sex offenders to be removed from the register, has total contempt for any court judgement that may embarrass Cameron or Clegg and has total disregard for the true nature of justice, TheOpinionSite believes that perhaps we should not be surprised that the police state so loved by Blair and his followers continues to flourish.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has said “the game has changed” in policing protests and is expecting “more disorder on our streets”.

Well, if Sir Paul Stephenson genuinely believes in the rule of law, perhaps he should be knocking on the door of 10 Downing Street and arresting the Prime Minister and his Deputy for not complying with the various rulings from the European courts and from the UK Supreme Court rather than trying to solicit even more power from the Government.

Of course, he will not do so as he, like all policemen, love the power they have and will always want more. He should remember perhaps that he and his officers  work for the people, not the other way around.

This government, like the last, seems intent on giving the police more and more power with less and less accountability which ultimately will allow them to destroy more and more lives in the interests of so called ‘public protection’.

Hitler would indeed have been proud that the British have learnt so well from him. Even if the police were wearing SS uniforms, it would be difficult to distinguish them from what we have now.

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