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False abuse allegations may increase after new guidelines

False allegations of abuse increase following new guidelines

New guidelines to police and CPS are likely to result in more false allegations of abuse

The recent acquittal of former news tycoon Eddie Shah, after being found not guilty of raping a 12 year old girl years ago, demonstrates clearly that despite the bleating of NAPAC, the NSPCC and other so-called ‘charities’, complainants of ‘historic’ abuse do not always tell the truth.

Despite new guidelines given to the police and CPS, it follows therefore that these so called ‘victims’ should NOT automatically be believed but should instead be investigated and have to prove their case with real evidence, even if that means their lives are turned inside out by the police – as will be the case for their alleged abusers.

Without the requirement that REAL proof of abuse must be produced, false allegations are likely to continue to rise in number and claiming, as charities and MPs do, that accusers will not come forward if they have to produce concrete evidence, is no excuse.

It is to be noted that following Shah’s acquittal and contrary to what would have been the case had he been convicted, neither the police nor the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were anywhere to be seen – let alone standing on the steps of the court where, instead of claiming victory in their normal, cynical manner, they would have had to apologise to the falsely accused defendant.

Whilst Eddie Shah received justice and is still a free man, it cost him £700,000 to achieve that outcome. Such a sum would be unavailable to most people who would have to rely on legal aid and a sub-standard defence barrister.

In a country fuelled by hatred and revenge – largely driven by self-serving charities, newspapers and politicians – it is important that the police remain truly impartial and look for evidence that could support the accused as well as the accuser.

Instead, we now have senior police officers deciding from the outset that anyone who makes an accusation of abuse must be telling the truth and that the accused is therefore guilty by default.

For example, Supt Helen Chamberlain, who leads investigators in Nottinghamshire, says police will “always believe” the story they are told by a victim, but warns every detail will be investigated.

So, to be clear, whilst ‘victims’ and ‘perpetrators’ will always be investigated, ‘victims’ will always be believed – by default.

That seems to  – and probably to most sensible people – a very one-sided approach to take.

When interviewed on BBC Radio Five following his acquittal, Mr Shah made a very obvious but hardly recognised point when he said:

“Anybody walking down the street can point at a celebrity and say, ‘he raped me’.”

Shah should in our view have added the words, “…and be automatically believed – by default”

There are of course real victims of abuse and every genuine case is a tragedy of one kind or another for everyone involved. Families, the wider community and of course the involved individuals themselves will all suffer, be they victim, perpetrator, relative or friend.

Which is precisely why the current plethora of ‘reviews’ and ‘investigations’ (into the alleged actions of mainly dead people one should add) that are being carried out by various churches, local authorities, schools and inevitably the BBC, serve no purpose whatsoever other than to try and maintain the good name of the organisations and managers concerned.

Nor is it an acceptable argument to suggest that such investigations – including those being made by policemen advised by the CPS – will ever bring ‘closure’ to the alleged victims.

Hundreds of complaints made to police following an invitation in the press and on TV to do so do not prove anything.

So many complaints do however indicate that many people are prepared to make accusations against wealthy institutions and individuals in the hope that money will end up in the pocket of the accuser.

This small but rather obvious observation may be distasteful to children’s and feminists’ “charities” but the facts speak for themselves:

If for example one takes the trouble to fully read the report into Jimmy Savile that was jointly released by the police and the ubiquitous NSPCC, all the reader will discover is a very long list of accusations and some highly dubious assumptions.

There is actually no REAL evidence there at all.

The policeman in charge of Operation Yewtree, Peter Spindler said on TV:

 “We are dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale. The profile of this operation has empowered a staggering number of victims to come forward to report the sexual exploitation which occurred during their childhood.”

Readers should note however that in the above paragraph, the word ‘alleged’ was soon dropped and the ‘sexual exploitation’ referred to is therefore to be regarded as proven fact, even though in truth, nothing has actually been proved at all.

John Cameron of the NSPCC –obviously not wishing to digress from the accepted dogma said that Savile was, “a well-organised prolific sex offender, who’s used his power, his authority, his influence to procure children and offend against them.” – though how Cameron knows this is a mystery as he cannot produce any real evidence either.

Peter Spindler was also apparently quoted by the BBC as saying, “So many people are saying the same thing, it must be true.”

However, ‘saying the same thing’ was hardly a difficult thing to do as every day there were more and more ‘victims’ being quoted in the media, thus offering a perfect script to anyone who wanted to take their chance on the passing band-wagon in the hope of getting some cash, sympathy or even fame.

Spindler unexpectedly quit Operation Yewtree shortly after the publication of the report, presumably to get out of the hole that he had so successfully dug for himself and for others.

Spindler has also faced considerable and well-founded criticism over the strategy of arresting people – 12 so far, including celebrities – when in some cases there ­appears to be insufficient ­evidence to bring charges.

When asked, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said, “He {Spindler} decided to take a new post…that was his desire.”

Given that Spindler’s new post is in the Inspectorate of Constabulary, might suggest that there is little hope for restoring impartiality in police forces across the country.

Any genuine victims of Savile meanwhile are unlikely to receive justice but they might get compensation, if the solicitors dealing with the case (who are making a very tidy income out Savile) are to be believed.

The Stuart Hall case is another example of how cases and lack of evidence are manipulated, this time principally by the CPS who, having had their charges of indecent assault categorically denied by Hall, suddenly came up with an accusation of rape – which immediately meant a potential life sentence instead of a maximum of 5 years.

Hall suddenly pleaded guilty to the indecent assaults and – surprise, surprise – the rape charge equally suddenly disappeared.

Some observers might be tempted to use the word blackmail.

Not content with that, the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve – who despite what he has said previously in their support, obviously does not trust Crown Court judges when they make unpopular decisions – immediately reverted to being an MP, caved in to the whining of revenge seeking individuals and charities and appealed Hall’s sentence.

Grieve suggested to the Appeal Court judges that if just one of the existing 15 month concurrent sentences were to run consecutively instead of concurrently, Hall’s sentence could be doubled at the stroke of a pen…which is precisely what happened.

Such manipulation of a sentence is a disgrace, even in today’s Britain where judges are as terrified of the media as are politicians.

All these cases rely not on real proof but on what is known as ‘similar fact evidence’; in other words,  a number of people saying broadly similar things, be they accurate or not. The fact that more than one person is saying something happened makes it the truth, even where there is nothing else to back it up.

In this world of Google, 24 hour news, FaceBook and Twitter, a list of people “all saying more or less the same thing” is no substitute for real evidence, no matter how many people are saying it.

Nor does it help justice when police officers not only write – and word  – the statements of witnesses and ‘victims’ but also frame questions in such a way as to get a predictably consistent response from those making the allegations.

It is obvious to and many others that people DO in fact lie about being abused, knowing full well that they will be able to hide behind an impenetrable screen of anonymity whilst in some cases making a lucrative deal with a tabloid newspaper.

It can be no coincidence that the number of claims against the BBC, the Catholic and Anglican Church and wealthy private schools are increasing and being encouraged by organisations who stand to make money from supporting ‘victims’.

Where the alleged abuser or the responsible organisation has little money and few assets however, the likelihood of a claim for compensation succeeding is much less.

The police love historic abuse cases, as do the CPS; little evidence is needed, trawling is easy and prosecution and conviction is normally a foregone conclusion, the CPS never being willing to explain WHY it is in the ‘public interest’ to prosecute an old man when no real evidence exists.

The case rests solely on the memory and the word – false or otherwise – of the individuals involved.

Any other country in Europe would be ashamed to proceed on such a basis when an individual’s future, reputation and sometimes even their life is at stake.

The British on the other  hand – probably because they are often weak and generally selfish – love revenge, love hatred and are always keen to offload the responsibility for their dissatisfaction with their own lives onto someone else.

A senior barrister told  – and we make no apology for the direct quote:

“This country is now completely fucked-up over anything to do with accusations of abuse; it’s produced a licence for the individual to get compensation and for charitable organisations to bleed people dry, all in the name of protecting children.

Everyone is afraid to criticise today’s abuse gravy train for what it is and the built in bias of the police and CPS has provided both the perfect blunt weapon for anyone looking to take revenge against someone they don’t like and a simple way for opportunistic individuals to make some money.”

Remember those words next time the NSPCC or NAPAC ask you for your money or next time a celebrity (or anyone else) gets arrested or charged for a so-called ‘historic’ offence. Try asking where the REAL proof is and see if you get a sensible answer, though it is unlikely that such an answer will ever be forthcoming – be it from politicians, charities, the police or the CPS.

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19 Responses to False abuse allegations may increase after new guidelines

  1. Michael H
    February 7, 2015 at 9:20 am

    I have a friend serving 12 years because of false claims. I met my friend in prison when I myself was the victim of false claims!!!!!

    Its a national disgrace that innocent men are being locked up for crimes that never took place, on the word of one single person!!!!!!!

    • John Stafford Huxley
      October 25, 2015 at 5:41 pm

      Falsly accused of putting a very small wound on wife’s middle finger. Found guilty despite loads of grey areas. Banned from contact with home and wife for twelve months. The order now over am now frightened to return home in the event that it should happen again I will be sent to prison. No one interested in helping me. In truth it was me who was assaulted not my wife. Have approached over 35 different agencies and people got nowhere. What are these nutters about!

  2. dave lee
    December 28, 2014 at 11:19 am

    i have a friend that has just been convicted of a historic sexual abuse claim that happened 38 years ago. he is 70 years old and received 2 15 year sentences. he is in a maximum security jail where in the last 3 years 3 of these so called convicted sexual abuse people have been murdered. at court dates and places where the so called abuse took place was totally proven wrong and the accuser made out to be a liar. the accuser even accused her step dad of the same and her mother even told police she was a liar and this case never went to court. i have known this man 10 years and he is one of the finest example of a human being i have had the good fortune to meet. anyone you talk to in our community has not got a bad word to say about him. he is in jail waiting for the outcome of an appeal an appeal which has cost him everything he owns over £200,000. i am not very confident about his legal team hope i am wrong but they are a london firm called falsely accused i was not impressed when i met them but it was a member of my friends family who gave them the job. they have already lost the first appeal. i have gathered much information from sites like these and many others so if all goes wrong i will be writing many more letters because we have a innocent man in jail

    January 8, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Dear Ken ,

    It’s been more than a year since the letter of 2/12/12 and the apparent subsequent closing shortly thereafter of Glass Family Law. I understand he is now not promoting himself as uniquely blended in Psychology and Law but is at another firm doing probate work. Interestingly enough his resume at FMBK Law has claims of credentials I understand you believe are false based upon you direct written response from organizations Mr. Glass claims to be a member or associated with. Who does that reflect upon him or the diligence and propriety of the firm which now employs him?
    It occurred to me that the complete contrast in our cases is almost deafening in the way it shouts hypocrisy, maleficent practices, and flat out perjuries within statements written under penalty of perjury and oral statements within hearings and written statements within submitted briefs screams of the manipulation of parents. This IMHO by attorney’s, the bench and minor’s councils within the family court system in CA at least. Given I was asked to waive my Fifth Amendment Rights in family court? And did so .The issuance of restraining orders on both of us within 3 weeks of my letter of the 12 of February under quote Justice Convey in your instance (“by the slimmest of margins”)one has to wonder at the coincidence…Right? Of course I was judged as having stalked by proxy because I hired a PI to prove my daughter was being housed with a felon (cultivating under a Federal Indictment),,, and the mother knew it.
    Indeed in your instance you were falsely accused of molestation by the mother of your son seven ( 7) times and then of stalking (8th)when the child was too old to falsely accuse the father of abuse .I note your minors council never interviewed your child even though Sammy was ten (10) . In your case no abuse took place yet you were put on monitored visitation and visitation reduced to police station pick-ups permanently. It would seem logical Ken that at some time you become a safe parent. When is that after your four (4th) parenting class? Or after the third 3rd interview with the District Attorney’s Office. How about after the 8th sheriff or 13th DCFS investigations. What grade gives you a pass? Or is it like our friend who ponied up a Million dollars.
    In my case I alleged that the mother was negligent or deliberately sub parenting in a manner as was provocative .Lj was taken to UCLA med center at three & half (3 ½) .and on morphine and intravenous feeding for 6 weeks after the neighbors call the police because they could hear her screaming. I had previously stated the mother did not have the skills or empathy and may have been suffering some mental distress.
    Then two (2) years later numerous blood noses (daddy don’t put sunscreen on …its very sore) and Minors counsel accused me of overreacting etc. Yet my daughter now is showing a scar across her nose as her face has grown. Also when the symptoms that caused the first hospitalization reoccurred I took Lj to the Doctor without custodial privileges and was again accused of being alarmist yet the child’s diet was immediately changed by the mother and things improved.
    Not forgetting being accused of 10K in support arrears that the judge threw out as falsified spreadsheet CSSD said I never owed anything. As well as the LCSW saying the Mothers accusation I yelled at our daughter and threw a phone at her was a work of fiction. Perhaps that is why we have a letter from the Bar suggesting we pursue “civil action”.
    Given all this I am the one who is separated and monitored.
    My point is you are not a molester as the DA stated yet you are punished and to the opposite I can prove the mother has been ,may still be or is a least using sub care of my child in a provocative manner where my child may be suffering yet I am punished,. Quote (LCFS,,‘ The Mother is not currently negligent”)
    Finally we have our friend who only after paying a million dollars was taken of monitoring, all accusations and interference stopped and can see his children when he wants.
    Here is the situation Given the violence in society killings in families, how much damage has been done to children and women, mothers Fathers parents and extended family by the propagation of this kind of duplicitous behavior within what seems to be a culture of deceit built around self-aggrandizing and financial self-serving that in fact amounts to fiscal abuse of children. What training skills and so on are lost in funneling the parent’s income to third party leeches using false or manipulated circumstances to serve their own interests?
    In my case I spent more than $ 47,072 seeing my daughter for twelve ( 12) hours each month for the last year.
    I kept my second residence in California, (rent) paid child support, Airfare from NY once a month air fare for a weekend from oversees and monitor costs including the monitors meals , go-cart rides, Taxis/transportation , lunches, entertainment, getting around, clothes, toys, books & games and adventures that I as her father are able to spend upon the daughter that I have raised!
    What type of enhanced opportunities could a different approach have made?
    If fathers are the enemy what will mothers become once a more robotic agenda is achieved .They will be phased out as well. Women should consider the short amount of time science is giving them to make the correct adjustments to this situation and police their own ranks from peers lawyers and malevolent individuals who care little for children, and will eventually throw mothers to the wayside in preference of the state. I mean do little girls really need to be born with a womb anymore?
    The societal cost of the emotional and mental anguish to children and subsequent family killings from person caught up in this situations is surely not worth the salaries of a the firms and government agencies who benefit from this culture…>All mothers, children and Fathers are at risk and more so daily as those uneducated to the manner they will be manipulated and have their conflict orchestrated to the fiscal advantage of others.

    My being asked to waive my 5th in family court because a stated somebody was a dead man walking, professionally speaking .It would seem I know what I’m doing as David J. Glass Ph.D. is now hobbled from abusing any more families and a judge who asks me if I wished merry Christmas to a Jewish Lawyer as a hateful gesture seems to be setting me up for something, especially since you had received notices mailed to your residence disclosing that David Glass would be on vacation during the “Christmas holidays”.
    Yet you Ken are a longtime Jewish friend and my father spent weeks in a cattle car on his way to Stalag IVIII in Poland.

    Was it not the Nazis who first separated children from parents?

    And then when I request the transcript from that hearing, I pay for it I and then get not the original but a copy and my money order is handed back to me and no one will say who was given the original?
    Lj says to me at age of 6 when I tell her mom loves her and will always be in her life
    She state’s to me …“She’s going to live a lot; she’s never going to die?”
    What is this child going to hold her mother responsible for and by what means will she do so?
    The enabling of conflict by those who seek to gain financially is simply evil and no different from an arms dealer who supplies both sides .The killing of life be it on an emotional ,intellectual, financial, mental, spiritual and /a or physical level is a death and no different from actually using a mechanical device. Too knowingly do so to children whose spirit is pure is inherently foul.
    To surmise IMHO the individuals and associated firms in our cases are only the tip of the iceberg.
    Michael J Kretzmer. David J.Glass Ph.d, Laurie Darakjian, Elise Greenberg , Psychologist Angus Strachan Ph.d of Lund & Strachan ,FMBK Law , Kolodny & Anteau represent a blight upon what was once a noble profession .
    Please get back to me with your thoughts, I am thinking about copying this letter and the letter of 2-12-2012 to the California Attorney General.


    Ps I’ll be in LA for visitation. It snowed in NY this week.

  4. sussie
    November 18, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    my fiancé has just been sentenced for sexual offences by his 7 yr old granddaughter and because we were told not to talk about vital evidence which would have proved the child has lied was not available to his legal team. the child could not keep to her original story in court and yet the judge and jury convicted him.

  5. Mike
    October 4, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    Mr Shah gave good artistic licences when being interviewed but failed to tell the truth about the evidence given in court. Mr Shah admitted to some sorded events as he had to becouse of other witness accounts. The court manuscripts tell a different story to Mr Shahs interview regarding the witness and his claims on how he met her. If the witness was a liar she would be on charges herself now. I can confirm that she is not and Mr Shahs allegations of the witness lieing have been found by the police as fruitless. The Jury have to give a verdict beyond reasonable doubt and after all said and done it was 3 vs 1. Was justice really served?????

  6. Helga
    August 19, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    If any readers are in need of specialist support and advice please Google

    FACTUK Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers – nationwide

    FASO – False Allegation Support Organisation – based in South Wales but runs a telephone service nationwide

    PAFAA People Against False Allegations of Abuse – nationwide online support and assistance with pretrial work and appeals if time allows

  7. Ramon1940
    August 18, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Time the Government/Cps/Police used the drug “sodium pentathol” (Truth drug) to sort out “Who” is telling the truth when these allegations arise, it just seems to suit them all, including the Media, to have us all believe that “Children” always tell the truth.
    For whatever reason it suits the Cps/Police to investigate as little as possible on the side of the defendant, saying “it all costs money”
    YES, it also costs money (£40+K) per annum to keep an innocent person in prison, plus in most cases, benefits for the wife and children while they are without the Wage Earner + subsidised travel for family visitors to prisons.
    On top of all that, the Government are throwing Cash at the accusers, when the Treasury is BROKE.

  8. EricH
    August 18, 2013 at 10:37 am

    When ‘profiler’ Paul Briton produced a profile that purportedly showed that the innocent Colin Stagg ( eventually freed and compensated) was guilty of a murder, he was eventually hauled before the British Psychological Society on 7 counts of professional misconduct.

    Fortunately he had a QC in his corner, the now DPP Keir Starmer who successfully argued and saved Briton’s career :

    “that the “exceptional” delay of more than eight years since the first complaint was made would mean his client would not be given a fair hearing.”

  9. saussie
    August 18, 2013 at 1:43 am

    I feel for you Verity and hope that you’ll be given financial compensation to access the help you need… the article is certainly thought provoking and I agree that a time limit should be imposed for historical cases which ‘have no evidence’… it’s much less confronting to come forward these days and help is available , no one should stay silent in cases of abuse whether it be to a human or animal and sentences should include having to work in institutions as janitors assistants, and any other labouring jobs that homeless men or women’s shelters need

  10. verity
    August 17, 2013 at 8:49 pm

    Thank you for this article Raymond.

    What angers me is, as an adult survivor of years of horrific physical, psychological and emotional abuse and torture and a year of sexual abuse during my childhood and in spite of reporting it to the police at the age of 14 (I’m 53 now), and having had counselling having reported all this to counsellors and doctors throughout my adult life and having reported it again to my present counsellors, I am being deterred from going to the police by my present counsellor or her getting a police officer to come to speak with me even in the face of me having cogent, substantiated evidence that proves the veracity of what happened to me.

    Why am I, a genuine survivor of abuse who has proven and can still prove with precise dates, places and medical evidence and contemporaneous documents 46 years on not having my case taken up when those who make clear false allegations whose stories do not stand up to the scrutiny of common sense and who have not a shred of evidence at its lowest have their alleged cases taken up immediately by counsellors and the police?

    I want to stand in a witness box without screens or special measures and look my abuser in the eyes and ask,

    Why is my case not heard and theirs is?

    NB: I do voluntary paralegal work and support for those falsely accused of sexual abuse/rape.

  11. Max
    August 17, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    This article should be on the desk of every politician, policeman and prosecutor and should be published in every newspaper.

    If people don’t start to conbat this hysteria soon – and that means combatting the politicians, then the UK will go the way of the US and become an awful place to live where your whole life is driven by politically correct feminists and organisations trying to bleed every cent you’ve got.

    • Jenny Richards
      August 18, 2013 at 5:52 pm

      Yes, Max, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The problem is that newspapers won’t print anything like this excellent article, lawyers won’t say anything because they’re making a good living out of it, and politicians won’t even discuss it. My own MP has told me to stop writing to him because as far as he’s concerned someone who has been found guilty, IS guilty! Meanwhile, high security prisons are rapidly filling up with old men who are effectively serving a whole-life sentence because of their age at the time of conviction. But how do we ‘combat this hysteria’? There are no organisations or groups that I can find who are willing to do it. If I could find one, I would willing join it and do whatever I could to fight this dreadful state of affairs. Anyone out there know of one??????

      • kyle
        June 3, 2014 at 10:15 pm

        Fathers for justice frequently deal with this kind of thing, and you dont have to be a father or even male to join.

    • Michael H
      February 7, 2015 at 9:21 am

      I agree the UK is way out of line on what is going on right now!!!!!!

  12. maureen
    August 17, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    A remarkably frank and honest article but not one that will go down well with the child protection groups, police or cps.

    What people do not understand is that prosecuting historic abuse solves nothing; it doesn’t give closure or relief and unless you are after compensation gives you no benefit.

    The police and cps should be concentrating in dealing with today’s children and abuse that is taking place today, not 40 years ago.

    In any sensible country, there would be a statute of limitations. If people don’t come forward for 40 years, it means that they are either unreliable and weak or they have no real provable case.

    • verity
      August 17, 2013 at 9:06 pm

      Hi Maureen,

      Please have a read of my post above.

      You are absolutely correct in what you say.
      What we need is access to the long term psychological therapy and support not available on the NHS.

      Only when I have yet another breakdown or crisis do I get a period of counselling or enhanced patient status with the crisis team.
      This is totally inadequate for the PTSD that plagues my life.

      Bringing my abuser to court will not bring me closure, it will give me the opportunity to ask why and to try to make sense of what is really insensible, nor will compensation miraculousely heal me.

      What I need is long term regular therapy and support to enable me to become mentally stronger, calmer and more able to put what happened and why I am as I am in boxes that will not burst open when I’m not looking or when a crisis hits me.

      If I ever won the lottery I would spend that money getting the best therapy available to enable me to live and enjoy life.
      Now that would be willing the lottery.

      • Rob
        April 10, 2014 at 7:25 am

        verity I admire you, found this article through the gods of google. I to was severely abused as a child, teenager and adolescent. Then I met my wife, and now I realise for the past 21 years she too has been abusing me mentally.

        It got to a point were she convinced me I was depressed, and to go to our GP and get anti-depressants, then months worth of “the tablets are not working, go get stronger ones”.

        Then sleeping tablets, then weeks of waking me 5 or 6 hours in to a sleep with sleeping tablets to grill me for hours.

        I actually have over 8 hours recorded on my Dictaphone, when one day I was finally brave enough. Just over a week later my mother passed away.

        On the day of my mother funeral, my wife tried to get me arrested so she could take the car and go home to our son. She tried the following day, and while I was at the police this time, she took my wallet, ID, money, cleared out our bank account and ran, grabbed our son from her sisters and ran to a woman’s refuge claiming I am the abusive one.

        No one will listen, have gone to the police, social services, health visitor, everyone.

        Don’t know where to turn next, 64 days since I have seen my son, he is only 2 years old and I love and miss him dearly. Her family will not speak to me, she is accusing me of terrible things. They have all known me for 21 years, and now this.

    • EricH
      August 18, 2013 at 10:45 am

      The state of NSW in Australia has just introduced a time limit on claims for criminal compensation of 10 years (or 10 years from the age of 18) yet the ‘child protection” brigade are screaming to high heaven claiming it will prevent victims coming forward and ‘obtaining justice’ Why ?. there is no logical reason to make this false claim as justice can still prevail but compensation will not be available.

      What is extraordinary in the screaming off this lot is that other victims of crime are totally forgotten. Therefore someone who may die after 11 years of being beaten savagely during the committal of a crime can basically go to buggery as far as the self appointed child lot are concerned, but those who claim they were abused 30 years ago must be compensated or so they claim.

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