The Truth About IPP Sentences

Freedom Bill is a prayer for both sanity and a return to normality

The proposed Freedom Bill, the one important idea of the Liberal Democrats that seems to have survived in the Coalition government’s agenda, is both a moment of sanity and one hopes, a return to some kind of normality, supports the Bill in all that it stands for but must also point out that if we had not been living in Tony Blair’s personal fiefdom for the last 13 years and if we had not allowed ourselves to be pushed around to the degree that we have been, the new measure probably would not have been necessary in he first place.

It was we ourselves who allowed the New Labour dictatorship to accrue unto itself more and more power and ever increasing control over our daily lives. It was us, the great British public who allowed ourselves to be seduced by fake prosperity and materialist pleasures that we could not afford.

Most disappointing of all, it was us who allowed Blair and Brown to suck up to Rupert Murdoch thus giving him his nauseating influence over government policy whilst we were more concerned with our plasma televisions and whether or not we could borrow just a few extra quid in order to have yet another holiday.

Meanwhile, the government created ID cards, databases galore, CCTV everywhere except in the lavatory, community wardens, local wardens, park wardens, children’s wardens, make believe policemen and the Independent Safeguarding Authority with its Vetting and Barring Scheme that would have given the SS or the Stasi a good run for its money.

New Labour managed to teach a generation of children that all adults are evil and almost certainly child molesters, except that is for the adults in their own family who are in reality more likely to harm them than anyone else.

Labour builtĀ  a whole industry based on fear and that industry still continues, along with the huge and very expensive parallel business of terrorism which is constantly fed by ‘alerts’ issued by the government in the hope that we believe they are acting in our best interests rather than just finding an excuse to bring in another piece of prying or restrictive legislation.

The Freedom Bill is designed, so we are told, to end all this nonsense.

It won’t of course; no government or police force is going to give up that sort of power but if it means that CRB checks, the DNA database and all the other collections of secret files (there are at least 30 on each of us according to FIA enquiries) get a clear out, if it means that innocent people are not automatically branded as perverts and if it means that your next door neighbour can’t stitch you up quite so easily with the police or social services, then the Freedom Bll is a good thing. reminds you though that if we ourselves had not allowed previous administrations to create this surveillance state then we would not now need a freedom bill at all. We remind everyone too that this is most definitely not progress. It is not radical. It is not something remarkable.

It is in fact a small step towards what we once had in Britain. A normal country full of normal people with normal children who lived normal lives. That step is however very small and may not even make it to the Statute book without severe changes, as those who currently run every aspect of our lives endeavour to continue to do so.

To put it another way, this is not freedom in the true sense of the word but it may possibly mean very slightly less intrusion. Just don’t expect too much, that’s all. You may feel very disappointed if you do.

(The government have set up a Freedom Bill website inviting comments from the public. Those interested in CRB checks will find the following link of particularĀ  interest:

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