The Truth About IPP Sentences

Gove needs to be Educated!

Michael Gove, the UK Education Secretary, takes this month’s TheOpinionSite prize for incompetence. How anyone can make such a fool of themselves is a mystery to behold.

Gove published a list of school projects, some entries of which indicated that they would go ahead and some indicated the contrary. Now, Gove has been forced into an apology because huge numbers of those entries were wrong; many school projects that were thought to be proceeding have in fact been cancelled.

TheOpinionSite asks a very simple but important question:

If this man can get so much wrong in such a short space of time, how can anyone have confidence in his ability to move our education system forward?

If you have the answer, let us know. Clearly, Mr. Gove has no answers…well,not correct ones anyway.

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