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Government and police to monitor all communications and Internet activities of all UK citizens

The Police State finally comes to the UK

The Police State finally comes to the UK

The government has confirmed that they intend to introduce legislation which will enable them to monitor the telephone calls, e-mails, texts and Internet useage of everyone in the UK. Internet service providers (ISP) will be required to pass information on to the governments monitoring service, GCHQ and to do so in real time. can also report that the police and other ‘law enforcement agencies’ will not require a warrant to discover with whom you have been communicating, for how long, how often and by what means. Nor will they need a warrant to investigate which websites you have been visiting and how often you visit them.

The new law is likely to be announced in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech but the government’s intentions have until now been kept firmly under wraps in the hope that, given other pressing concerns, nobody would notice what it was up to.

It is also almost certain that the weak Human Rights Act will not protect you or me from the invasive srutiny intended by the government, which is claiming the measures are necessary in order to protect others.

The previous Labour government also tried to introduce similar legislation but it was blocked by the very same Conservative and Liberal MPs that are now part of the coalition government intending to introduce the ‘spy’ legislation.

The government claims the measures are necessary in order to fight crime and to “protect the public” but raises the question as to why, if this legislation is so important, it was not introduced previously and why current ministers blocked its introduction by the previous Labour government.

Whereas previous measures have been directed towards known criminals, terrorist suspects, sex offenders and spies, the government now intends to target you, me and everyone else. In other words, nobody is now safe from the intentions of a government that clearly wishes to take over and control every aspect of life for every individual within the UK.

The proposed introduction of this “Big Brother” legislation would undoubtedly mean the end of privacy as we know it. Combined with facial recognition CCTV, biometrics in passports and other documents, retina scans at airports and electronic tagging of all journeys made out of or into the UK, no aspect of our lives will ever again be free from government scrutiny and interference.

Once again, the government is citing “public protection” as its excuse for introducing this Draconian and authoritarian legislation. It is precisely the same argument used in Iran and in China and indeed, the technology that will be used by the British government in order to achieve its Orwellian aims operates on exactly the same principle as that in countries heavily criticised by the UK.

This means that hypocritical British politicians, harsh critics of both the Iranians and Chinese governments with regard to human rights abuses and invasions of privacy, will be just as guilty as those that they criticise in those foreign jurisdictions.

The reality is that once the legislation is in place, everyone in the UK will have all their contacts monitored by the government, whether they be children or adults, criminals or law abiding citizens.

In a statement, the Home Office said action was needed to “maintain the continued availability of communications data as technology changes”.

“It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public,” a spokesman said.

“As set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review we will legislate as soon as parliamentary time allows to ensure that the use of communications data is compatible with the government’s approach to civil liberties.”

It is clear now what is meant by “the government’s approach to civil liberties.”. The government obviously believes that we should not have any.

Nick Pickles, director of the Big Brother Watch campaign group said, This is an absolute attack on privacy online and it is far from clear this will actually improve public safety, while adding significant costs to internet businesses,” he said.

“If this was such a serious security issue why has the Home Office not ensured these powers were in place before the Olympics?”, with all due respect to Mr. Pickles, believes that this move by the government is much more than an attack on online privacy. It is in fact a blatant attempt to control the lives of everyone in the UK and, if possible, even beyond Britain’s shores.

The government is well aware that civil unrest is more likely than not to break out towards the end of this year and throughout next, given cutbacks to public services, rising prices, diminishing wage packets and higher taxes. It is desperate to maintain control over the British population and David Cameron has clearly taken the decision to take whatever action is necessary in order to enable the government to limit the activities of any particular individual considered by the government to be a ‘troublemaker’.

The previous Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith did in fact pursue similar aims and objectives in an attempt to give the previous Labour government more control over the minutiae of people’s lives but failed in her attempt as the legislation was blocked by Conservative and Liberal MPs.

Now, in a complete reversal, demonstrating a sheep like mentality, those same MPs are prepared to sell-out on the last remaining elements of privacy and individuality in a bid to increase their own power over others, safe in the knowledge that their communications and use of the Internet are unlikely to be monitored in the same way as that of ordinary members of the public.

The clear objective of Cameron’s government is to silence anyone or any organisation that at a later date may try to stand up against injustice and corruption within the government. The very fact that these new powers are being given to the police, rather than being reserved exclusively to the security services, demonstrates the fact that the police have now become a kind of “state police” rather than fulfilling their original objective of policing “by consent”.

The British are already the most spied upon nation in the world, even more so than the Americans. There are more CCTV cameras in Britain than in the whole of the rest of the EU put together and we have the tightest controls on movements in and out of the country, limits on social interaction and more criminal legislation than any other European country.

British people have, in the view of, stupidly and with supreme complacency allowed successive administrations to take away more and more civil liberties and have been content to sleepwalk their way into a police controlled state masquerading under the illusion of a democracy.

British citizens have lost the ability to think for themselves, stand up for themselves or to make decisions for themselves. Instead, they are content to allow their various governments to make as many decisions as possible and thus relieve themselves as individuals of any responsibility should anything go wrong with their lives.

The population of the UK still believe that they live in a free society when, in fact, they live in the most politically controlled environment in Europe. Not only has Britain become a slave of America but now the British are becoming slaves of their own government and seem content to allow that situation to continue and to further evolve.

Some will inevitably say,” if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” Nothing could be further from the truth and those who proclaim such a doctrine are either fools or cowards.

Freedom is the most precious commodity in the life of any individual and it is in the nature of governments to wants to take that freedom away from people in order that they can be controlled by the state. It makes no difference whatsoever whether you have something to hide or not; what is important is the fact that what little freedom the British people have left will now be taken away from them altogether and for all time.

History shows that once a government has a specific power, it will never relinquish that power. History also shows that once a nation is subjugated, it remains so until dramatic circumstances force a change. The sad truth now is that if the British people allow this or any other government to proceed with such intrusive legislation as is being put forward by Cameron, whether they like it or not and whether or not they have anything to hide, their freedom will be lost for good and it certainly will not be recoverable within our lifetime. hope that the people of Britain will take the time to consider the implications of allowing the government to introduce this draconian and authoritarian legislation so loved by despots and dictators. We also hope that individuals will speak to their MP and to make their views known through the so called ‘democratic process’, though how much success such a strategy will have against a government apparently so intent on seizing as much power as possible is open to question.

In view of all the above therefore, perhaps it is not surprising that police forces across the country have announced new building projects to create more custody suites where dissenters from the norm can be held before appearing in front of magistrates who will inevitably cave in to the status quo and consign any remaining free-thinking individuals to prison.

It is a fact that all countries who have had an Empire eventually, when the empire is lost, turn on their own people. Such instances can be seen throughout history and in all countries of the world that have ever achieved empirical status. Now, it seems that the current government is going the same way as its predecessor and, having once controlled the world, is steadfast in its intent to control the lives of its own people to a degree never before seen in what is still rather absurdly called “Great” Britain.

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10 Responses to Government and police to monitor all communications and Internet activities of all UK citizens

  1. James
    December 17, 2012 at 4:31 am

    I work in China and I can assure you that there is far more control and surveillance in the UK than any other country in the world, barring perhaps N. Korea.

    Police states do not just happen; they occur through a gradual erosion of civil rights and had someone told you twenty years ago that the UK would soon be the most surveyed country in the world, they would have been laughed at.

    Yet before the paranoia sets in and everyone let’s out the usual and predictable squeals of anguish; this upcoming law is simply to make what has been going on for years, legal. Do you actually believe that you remain annonymous on any political, religious or even opinion based forum?

    That’s the way life is I’m afraid. You wanted liberalism, eauality and all the rest of the nice sounding nonsense? You’re getting it in the form of something called ‘progresivism’. Go and research it and be very frightened!

    • Nancy Bisset
      October 30, 2015 at 3:58 pm

      Jean I am from the USA. I have known spying on we the people is old hat and I see this next step in the U.K. (as well I am sure in my own country) as a protection for the criminals to keep doing what they are doing for the sake of National Security only with the blessing of the ‘gestapo’. <–: -)Where has this spying ever stopped school shootings etc.? If you research the fact is that these things started happening only after surveillance cameras were put in schools. Hmmmm something wrong with this picture folks.

      Truly if people do not know by now the depth of this snooping that scares me more then this spying, criminal activity. Burying your head in the sand will not help get this information out to all so time to take responsibility and share, share, share these great informative sites with your friends.

      With the powerful satellites and all around us snooping to the Military is soooo easy. I see this as an ok for trying to keep us from sharing truths that each of us are awakening to that our leaders are not whom they appear to be, helping the people. Rather in my country they are working for the Fictional UNITED STATES CORPORATION's …..for we certainly are not living free in the once free-er times of The United States of America.

      Time for people to read your reports and others sharing truths that have been hidden so deeply. It is time to inform all for knowledge is power and let the Few Controllers tricks out of the bag….so the element of surprise to try and Reset our financial status to an international Globalization and other agendas are secret no more for when you know how a Magician trick is played….boring because you know their secrets. : -) How about informing alllll those around you of what is going on and to loose all fear. Now Share this site and others while we can. OK.

      Spying at this level with protection to the abusers will only lead these scalawags to openly treat us like the Jewry Establishment wants to do to we their goyims=cattle. We are their herd and they can listen to every word we say, experiment on us like the cows and chickens…you name it they think they own us. Time to stop this madness. Hang in you friends of mine from across the pond in the U.K. WE SHALL WIN!! Time to break the cycle of repeating the same mistakes as other empires.

      A fantastic article shared with me from a very great U.K. Special Friend. Nancy Bisset

  2. Jean Butler
    June 17, 2012 at 9:40 am

    There is a simple way to fight this. Have the courage to cancel your contract with your isp provider on the basis that they are in breach of contract. This is not the “service” you signed up for. Do without the internet for a couple of months to bring the ISP’s to heel. They will then bring the Government to heel. Neither of them want to lose money. Money is the only thing that “talks” in this country and if you threaten their money supply, they will be forced to do the right thing and stop this offensive surveillance. The same applies to your mobile phone and landline. We managed before without these gadgets we can manage again. It’s worth it in the name of freedom.

  3. H Barnett
    April 3, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Maybe if everybody sent 100s of gobeldy gook emails and facebook comments as possible it would make the Big Brother sites crash and waste all the £billions they are spending on spying on populace.Then just maybe they would do the job they are being paid to do.Making this a life worth living.But then again the Government can only do what the likes of Murdock & others tell them to do .Simply collect the taxes, control the populace and leave the rest to us.

  4. meridiana
    April 2, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Whenever necessary we should all use proxies and encryption against this menace. If we did, they’d just have to abandon their plans.

    I too saw this coming. The NSA, as usual, were first on the bandwagon and are building a massive spy centre (at a cost of over $2 BILLION) in Utah. This is all part of a secret agreement between GCHQ and the NSA. We’ve only ourselves to blame for the governments we get.
    It seems that ethics, freedom, privacy, human rights, decency and democracy are all seen as enemies of the state.

  5. colin
    April 1, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    i think the government want the people to rise against them so that they may test their stranglehold they have on us here is a tip mr. prime minister THE PEOPLE WILL KICK YOUR TWO FACED ASS.

  6. colin
    April 1, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    does anyone remember they hung sadam for crimes against his people?

  7. alana
    April 1, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    I have lived long enough to have seen things that were originally sci fi become reality, and so I am not at all surprised at this latest article.
    The world has changed significantly, that we can’t deny, but has it changed for the better? I would be interested to hear other peoples opinions on this latest article as to whether they feel more comfortable with these changes OR NOT as the case may be.

  8. Jenny
    April 1, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    I cannot believe this is happening but I saw something on the BBC as well. Apart from the opinion site though, nobody seems to be concentrating on it yet the results of laws like this are usually a disaster. I really believe now, though I never used to, that we really do live in a police state and this article confirms that.

  9. Bobjob
    April 1, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    OMG! You predicted this a year ago and nobody seemed to believe it. Now it’s going to be in the Queen’s Speech. This is terrible. What can be done – or is it too late already? This is exactly what a real police state is. How the hell has it come to Britain?

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