The Truth About IPP Sentences

How To Survive An IPP Sentence

Essential for IPP prisoners, their friends and families

It has been a month since published the long awaited downloadable book, “How To Survive An IPP Sentence” which is described as a ‘Survival Guide’ for those serving an Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection and also their families.

The book has proved to be a huge hit with people. (See comments at the bottom of this page)

With more than 290,000 visitors, many of whom are seeking greater understanding of the IPP sentence and how it really works, the website has become one of the most visited on the Internet with regard to information on IPP sentences.

This new and totally unique publication, written by the administrator of, Raymond Peytors who exposes for the very first time the manner in which IPP sentences are managed within the prison system and also by other law enforcement agencies such as the Probation Service. The book also reveals details regarding the influence of other bodies such as MAPPA and the police who exercise a ‘multi-agency’ approach to the management of IPP prisoners who are fortunate enough to be released back into the community.

Many previously ‘difficult to come by’ facts are revealed in this publication, among them the fact that only 6% of IPP prisoners have ever been released. But this is not a book of facts and figures or official information. It is instead what it claims to be, a “Survival Guide” for those who are serving IPP sentences, their families and their friends.

Every aspect of the sentence is examined in a ‘no holds barred’ way, from the mechanisms of the sentence itself right through to the reporting procedures used by the various agencies, many of which are hidden from prisoners whilst they are in custody. There is plenty of advice also on how to make the best use of the system and how to be aware of anything that might stand in the way of eventual release.

A great deal of the information contained in this book is not to be found anywhere else. None of the official websites reveal anything like as much information about the way the IPP sentences work as this book does. Indeed, one of the most valuable aspects of the book to both those serving sentences and also their families, is that it reveals much of the “hidden” way in which the authorities observe and report their findings, ‘secret’ reporting methods and other devices used by those in power to make release difficult to achieve, most of which are never revealed to those in custody.

From the point of view of the public too, the contents of this unique book can only help. It encourages those who are serving IPP sentences to understand the true nature of both the sentence itself and why they received in the first place. Once this understanding is internalised, it can do nothing other than promote the reduction of risk to the public by helping those convicted and sentenced to an IPP sentence to come to terms with this situation and to avoid reoffending in the future.

At the same time, much is revealed about the internal workings of both the prison service and the probation service in the handling of IPP prisoners, particularly with regard to the political influences and other issues currently responsible for the delay in addressing what has become a major and expensive problem for the prison service.

If I have any fault with this remarkable book, it is simply that I wish it had been available some years ago. Then again, at that point, did not even exist!

Politicians from all sides of the House of Commons should read this book, for it exposes the hypocrisy that prevents any progress being made with regard to penal matters generally and the IPP sentence in particular. After reading the 100 or so pages (which in terms of a down-loadable book is enormous), it is difficult to come to any conclusion other than the fact that IPP sentences are essentially political in nature.

In finely crafted detail, the history of the sentence is explained so that anyone can understand it and the book also makes clear why IPP sentences were introduced, not least as a response to tabloid driven campaigning supported by individuals who had vested interests in ensuring that the sentence came to pass and is maintained.

Although the book is primarily written to help those behind bars and their families, it is a valuable read for anyone who wants to understand how politics influences criminal policy. It is the only book of its kind and is drawn upon information from many different sources, including many from within the criminal justice system itself.

It is, in the true sense of the word, “inside information”. That is, information that could not be easily obtained from official sources and has clearly come from those who work within the system and who presumably have strong feelings about the ineffectiveness and hypocrisy of the way IPP sentences work.

For any prisoner who wants to make the best of a bad situation and needs to know the best ways to achieve a successful release, this book is almost essential. It is a pity the prisoners themselves will not be able to access the publication through the Internet but there is nothing to stop their families and those who care about them from discussing the contents in detail and supporting prisoners in their efforts towards rehabilitation, risk reduction and release. Certainly, they stand a much better chance of achieving success with this book than they do without it!

For the rest of us, the book provides a window into a world where politics, crime and hypocrisy all combine to maintain a prison sentence that was badly thought through, has been badly implemented and which invites progressive politicians to run the risk of committing political suicide as they seek to solve an enormous problem.

“How To Survive An IPP Sentence” is available directly at and is not available anywhere else. As an added benefit, original purchasers receive automatic and free updates to cover any changes in the law that may result from revisions to the legislation dealing with IPP sentences.

The current price of the book is £6.99, a reduction of 50% on the recommended price of £12.99. This is to allow those on fixed or limited incomes to take full advantage of what it contains.

Even at full price the book is exceptional value for money and I recommend that anyone who has an interest in IPP sentences, particularly the families of those who are currently serving the sentence, obtain a copy.

The information contained within the book really isn’t available anywhere else, which makes the publication unique.

The free updates mean that the book will never be out of date and that those who are lucky enough to have a copy will never again have to flounder around in the dark seeking information that nobody in authority wants to give them.

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10 Responses to How To Survive An IPP Sentence

  1. June 22, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    the book is fantastic and has helped me understand the ipp system a lot better, reading the book is not enough we all need to be doing more for our loved ones, potioning, writting to the right people ken clark our mp’s human rights more needs to be done..does anyone have any ideas of what i can do or should be doing or what might help make a difference, please help

  2. June 22, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    the book is fantastic and has helped understand the ipp system, but there must be more we can all do!! we need to help our loved ones and stand up for whats right, reading this book is not enough we all need to be writting to our mp’s ken clark, human rights, potioning against this ipp, things need to be done changes need to be made, the changes will only happen if we all start doing some thing about it!

  3. pet
    June 10, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    This was worth my money I have been enlightened I was in the dark. Had no clue what was happening to my son. Many thanks Mr Peytors. Was counting down the time unknown to me that its a long road and he has not even started working on the so called must do courses, a year has gone by now. Reality has hit me so hard but thanks for this good book.

  4. peter
    June 9, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    My son has an IPP so I bought this book out of desparation. I was so amazed at what I learnt that I printed some of it out and showed it to my son’s solicitor. He was embarrassed at how little he really knew about the way in which the system treats IPP prisoners. Please, if you have someone who has an IPP, get the book. You will know much more than many so called ‘experts’, certainly know more than most solicitors and understand what you can do to get the best results. Thank you Mr peytors for opening my eyes to the truth, even if it is rather more incomfortable than I thought.

  5. Jacqui
    May 19, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Why don’t the probation tell you all this? It’s so unfair and this book is the only place I’ve been able to find any of this. Well wotth the money though

  6. May 19, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    This is brilliant! So much information that i never knew. Now I understand why my partner is getting such a rough ride fro, probation. Thank you

  7. jen
    May 17, 2011 at 10:14 am

    now i know what i do, its really wrong that those who have an ipp don’t get told any of this. no wonder only a few have been released cos its almost impossible. i’m going to show my soilicitor this and tell him to get his finger out. i’ll tell you this,anyone who has someoneinside with an ipp should read this book. wish i’d had it 3 years ago

  8. Malcolm
    May 17, 2011 at 10:10 am

    There are some who will wonder if this information should be available

  9. twinkle
    May 17, 2011 at 10:09 am

    my boy friend will be amazed when he finds out I know more about IPPs than he does. All the crap i’ve been told by ‘officials’and they didn’t tell me any of this. if they had he would have understood what was going on. thank you mr peytors for opening my eyes.

  10. paul
    May 17, 2011 at 10:04 am

    I bought this in the hope that it would tell me stuff I didn’t know already. I was NOT disappointed! No wonder this information isn’t on ‘official’ websites. If it was, the system wouldn’t be able to get away with the things it does. It would not make any difference how much this book is, it would still be worth it. Can’t wait to tell my son on his visit!

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