The Truth About IPP Sentences

Is Clegg Brave or Stupid?

It’s a great idea to ask the ‘great unwashed’ which laws they would like repealed, don’t you think? So much better than leaving all those dishonest politicians to decide how we should all live our lives. Furthermore, Mr. Clegg – our esteemed Deputy Prime Minister – has said that every idea will be read and considered. Of course, he is only the Deputy PM.

There’s the problem though; every idea from every single issue group, every nutter, every radical who cares only for their own interests…so, it will be the politicians after all who decide what will be changed and what will remain. Hopefully they will be too busy to stop us from making money, which most of us want.

If there is a sensible debate to follow then that will be good. The trouble is, the civil servants and policy advisors will be telling Clegg and others that for every rule and law they get rid of, they will be placing themselves at risk next time someone gets hurt as a result. believes that Mr. Clegg is brave to request that the public makes its wishes known – but don’t hold your breath. The chances are that it will be the non-controversial and largely unknown or ineffective or embarrassing or expensive regulations that get swept away. The smoking ban will remain, as will the laws governing what we can and can’t do in our private lives. Don’t forget the army of highly paid ‘protectors’ either; those who ‘protect’ us from everything and anything in order to inflate their collective egos and exert their own little bit of power. They will remain.

A great idea but I for one will believe the difference when I experience it for myself. We could all be waiting for some time.

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