The Truth About IPP Sentences

Justice for offenders and the poor replaced by revenge under Clarke’s new proposals

Oppressive state power is growing in Britain

Oppressive state power is growing in Britain

Justice is being thrown out of the window and in its place a form of state revenge is taking over. The poor, prisoners, ex-offenders and those who speak up against the government are amongst those most affected. In its latest bid to take further revenge on those who break the Law as well as to control those who end up in jail for standing up against the government, the Secretary of State for Justice, Ken Clarke has effectively been forced to announce measures that would apparently mean that anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offence, no matter how long ago that offence was committed, will no longer be able to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

This measure seems to indicate that if a prison fails in its duty to safeguard its prisoners or if probation or police officers release information that results in criminal injury to someone in their charge, only in “exceptional circumstances” will those affected be able to claim any form of compensation from the state, even if it or its officers are liable.

The measures, to be announced shortly, is the latest action by the coalition government (and the New Labour administration before it) to segregate those with criminal convictions from the rest of society. In short, would relate the message being sent by the government as “Do what you’re told from the day you are born, do not stand up against the state and, should you end up in jail for any reason whatsoever, we will then go on to take away from you everything and anyone that you have ever had.”

This is the same message that has been given to those in the United States where crime has risen dramatically as a result and whole sections of the community are being separated and segregated from mainstream society. The result has been that whole subcultures have developed and the same thing is likely to happen in the UK if the government fails to recognise that taking revenge on people who think differently to the majority is not justice but is in fact nothing more than revenge of the worst possible kind.

The official reason given for these new measures is that Ken Clarke wants to reform the taxpayer-funded Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme after annual costs trebled to almost £300m since 1997. Mr Clarke also wants criminals to contribute more towards the scheme.

Payment of “victim surcharges” by more offenders, and higher fines for driving offences, will raise £50m for victims. Mr Clarke wants to stop criminals claiming for injuries and psychological damage, as part of the reforms to be announced later.

Claims for minor injuries under the scheme for most UK citizens in England, Wales and Scotland would also be restricted under the plans.

The worry however for most of us truly concerned with justice, rather than revenge, is the manner in which the measures will be applied, with very little flexibility being given to the claimant and vague, vindictive, statements regarding an individual’s criminal past being bandied about by those claiming to stand up for “ordinary, working people”.

Ever since the Middle Ages, Britain has always tried to subjugate its people, usually by ensuring that the poor became poorer and the rich became more wealthy. The British have historically always been a vindictive nation and, like all countries that lose their empire, eventually end up turning on the only people that they have left to persecute – their own citizens.

Even the latest incarnation of British imperialism, now present in the form of David Cameron, goes on to regularly repeat the message. Mr. Cameron recently made it clear that he thought everyone in the country should not think and should not challenge but should instead “follow the rules” laid down by the government.

Such restrictions on thought and action do not of course apply to those in power or those who have more money than the rest of us. For these people – like the bankers who have caused so much distress, overpaid and irresponsible MPs, the endless armies of civil servants who are in a job for life, cannot be sacked, are paid huge salaries and when they stop work at 50, end up with the huge pension – for these people the rules are different.

It is still a fact, as any economist will tell you, that 95% of all the wealth in Britain is owned by or controlled by just 5% of the population.

British “justice” has always been about revenge and retribution. Britain is one of the few countries in Europe that does not recognise the principle of a Statute of Limitations in criminal law. That is why so many people are put in jail in this country for crimes that were committed sometimes as much as half a century ago.

On the other hand, where civil actions against public authorities are concerned, there are always strict time limits and huge bills to be paid and this effectively prevents ordinary people from getting compensation from the state.

To put it another way, if you committed a crime 50 years ago, you could well find yourself one day being put in jail for that crime, despite the lack of evidence and the fact that very few people can give an honest and truthful account of anything that happened 50 years ago.

However, if you want to claim compensation for the mistakes of a government agency, the prison service, the probation service or the police, you will find it almost impossible to succeed and may very well end up bankrupt anyway.

The British are taught from a very early age that there is a narrow pathway on which they may walk as they journey through life. They are taught that if they step off that narrow pathway for any reason, justified or not, they can expect the full weight of the state to come crashing down upon them and to the state to take away from them anything and everything they have ever had.

Regrettably, for most people in the UK, this threat of social annihilation is enough to keep them under the control of the state for ever. One cannot blame them of course but nevertheless, such reluctance to stand up for true justice in the face of democratised persecution does no one any favours.

Successive British governments have learnt that if they introduce enough criminal legislation, it is almost impossible for any citizen to take any meaningful action at all against the government or the state.

Certainly, marches and protests can be arranged but even those can only proceed if the police give their permission. When 1 million people walked through London in protest against Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq, his government, like the present government, simply ignored them.

When the latest protests by public sector workers took place, trying to voice opposition to cuts in spending and state interference with agreed pension rights, once again the government simply ignored them and carried on regardless.

When the petition against IPP sentences was presented to Downing Street, it had little effect but as soon as the government realised how much money was being spent on what was probably the worst piece of criminal legislation ever introduced by Parliament, it decided to scrap IPPs but made very sure that those who are already subject to a sentence that Ken Clarke himself described as “a stain on British justice” would not be affected by the changes. They would still have to serve their sentences.

The idea of being fair to criminals, those who had stepped off that very narrow pathway prescribed at the moment of their birth, was simply too much to bear for David Cameron and his coalition administration. The concept of justice was once again buried as deep as possible and in its place we saw the more politically acceptable figure of revenge, thus continuing to subjugate those who have now effectively been prevented from defending themselves against the state. has often been criticised for being too pro-European and for standing up for the rights of prisoners and their families.

We make no apology whatsoever for pointing out yet again to a public that seems not to wants to hear the truth of what is happening in Britain now, today, is precisely what happened in Germany during the years leading up to the tyranny of National Socialism. This is not fantasy and the similarities can easily be checked by anyone who is prepared to spend a few hours on the Internet.

Britain locks up more people than any other country in Europe and has more life sentenced prisoners of one kind or another than all the other member states of the EU put together. France has about seven sexual offences on their statute book whereas Britain has over 70. In fact, Britain now has so much criminal legislation that almost any action undertaken by any citizen of the UK could, if it was so desired, be described in such a way as to make that action punishable by law.

It is a sad thing to say but nevertheless the truth, that the British people have sleepwalked their way into an oppressive, vindictive, police controlled state which now has a parliament full of representatives that are afraid to stand up and be counted for fear of criticism and what may happen to them.

Pre-war Germany had a parliament too but that didn’t stop Hitler from voting himself more and more powers until finally he became the dictator that he was. He was elected perfectly legitimately through well-run elections and, once in power, extended the scope of criminal legislation and state control using the excuse of “public protection”, exactly the same technique that has been used in Britain for the last 20 years or so.

This cancer of control and revenge that has been introduced to British society is now so firmly embedded in the collective psyche of British people that everyone expects to have revenge upon anyone who offends them, even in the most minor way. It is hardly surprising therefore that the forces of law and order react in precisely the same manner.

As the country falls apart over the next 12 months with more and more disenfranchised people making their voices heard and perhaps even taking action in the streets, the heavy boot of the state will crush them into submission and probably put them in jail. No dissent will be permitted and the concept of “freedom” will be replaced by that of “protection”.

Don’t complain when it happens; you cannot say you have not been warned.

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5 Responses to Justice for offenders and the poor replaced by revenge under Clarke’s new proposals

  1. Henri
    January 30, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    I have been saying the same for year. Have you heard of Joint Enterprise? Its not even a peice of legislation but yet it is the wickedest way to put people in prison for life, for crimes they did not commit, and often for life. What a ridiculous notion, it is true but try getting the noodle brained British public to listen. Impossible Im afraid. I could cry with frustration as I watch it get worse as i see our prisons fill with lifers, and with some of those lifers, starting their life sentence whilst still children.

  2. gerry
    January 30, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    my 20 year old son who is in prison sharing a cell with another lad
    both have no convictions for violence
    they had a dispute with the prison.and the prison sent riot officers into the cell and broke my sons arm by hitting him on the head with a riot shield while he was lying on the floor trying to shield himself from blows.he was thrown down the block for 10 days with a broken arm the whole time
    we rang the prison and asked for him to be x rayed finally after 21 days of pain they took him to hospital and they found out it was broke. we have e mailed k clarke numerous times about the negligence shown. and he hasnt even responded and no solicitor wants to take the case up in case the prison crucifys them

    • Bobjob
      January 30, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      You may want to use the advice service in the members club. I know you have to pay for it but its not much and they were really helpful with our problem. At least think about it. There are solicitors who will handle this sort of thing but you need an introduction. What happened to your son was awful but you are unlikely to get anywhere on your own. I know because we tried.

      • gerry
        January 30, 2012 at 3:28 pm

        thanks we will do that

  3. paul
    January 30, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    This is scary stuff indeed but, as usual, what you say makes a lot of sense. It is truly of concern that others cannot see what is happening. I know that comparisons with the Nazi era in Germany are frightening but, given the similarities, I believe that more people should be aware. History has repeated itself before and, if we are not careful, I believe that it could repeat again. The difference is that if it does, this time it will be on our doorstep. A brave article Mr Peytors; I just hope people listen and look.

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