The Truth About IPP Sentences

Ken Clarke assailed by innacurate tabloid mentality

Clarke must be supported

The Secretary of State for Justice, Ken Clarke was buried today under accusations that he was going ‘soft’ on rapists. Unfortunately, most of the people who were trying to make a case against his reforms got most things wrong and sounded as if they were writing an editorial for the Sun newspaper.

Everyone from individuals, right wing politicians, policemen, prison officers,  women’s groups, rape counsellors and others have all lambasted Clarke, claiming that rapists would be out of prison in 15 months. Many of these critics should know better. The judge, not people who make wild assumptions, decides on the sentence having heard all the facts of the case.

In fact, most men convicted of serious rape and child sex offences get very long sentences indeed and often an indeterminate sentence (IPP), a life sentence in all but name.

The tabloids and those with vested interests in keeping more people in prison for longer are focusing on the proposal of a 50% discount on the sentence for rape in return for an early guilty plea. What these people don’t mention is that the discount is already 33% and has been for years.

Nor do they mention that the discount applies to all offences, not just rape.

The subjects of rape and sex offenders generate strong emotions in people and huge profits for newspapers and the media, Most other crimes do not. is therefore not surprised that critics are being populist in the extreme by accusing Clarke of being insensitive to those who, tragically have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

What really concerns me is that the people making the most noise, politicians and public alike, simply go on repeating the garbage spat out by the Sun and the Daily Mail instead of exhibiting some self-respect by seeking out the real facts. Opportunist MPs are just as guilty and, considering that they make our laws, it is sad that they all appear to be so thick and stupid.

For example, it is simply not true that “It is a fact that 90% of sex offenders reoffend”, as stated on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, a totally incorrect statement that was allowed to go unchallenged.

In Prime Minister’s Questions today, David Cameron immediately started cowering to the tabloids in his response to questions from the leader of the opposition, Ed Milliband who, stupidly, decided to jump on the band wagon and in the process severely dented his own credibility by asking for Mr Clarke to be sacked.

Milliband too trotted out inaccurate figures, something that Cameron has already done on several occasions when attacked by the tabloids.

The purpose of a discount on sentencing is to save victims of often very serious and traumatic crimes from having to go through it all again in front of a barrister who is accusing them of lying. Politicians, even serious ones, should make sure that this is made clear instead of pandering to the tabloids and the tacky media.

Cameron also claimed – again – that only 6% of reported rapes ended in conviction, largely due to the policies of the previous government. Maybe that is because not all those accused actually carried out the crime in the first place. is very clear; rape and other sexual offences are appalling. However, to go the way of the United States in dealing with them is to invite the same disaster that exists today in that country to take place here as well. Billions are spent in the US on keeping many sex offenders in prison for ever, maintaining retrospective registration laws, encouraging vigilantes by publishing names of sex offenders and adult rapists and maintaining a political posture that everyone in power is afraid to change.

This site supports Clarke in his reforms, details of which may be announced next week. It is now up to David Cameron to have the guts not to give in to those who trot out erroneous facts in order to sell newspapers or keep themselves in a job.

If he gives in on this matter and fails to back-up his Justice Secretary, he will show himself to be no better than Blair (who famously promised to double the number of people in prison, a populist policy that back-fired on him) together with Blunkett and others who were in the pockets of Rupert Murdoch. Those who run organisations that do very well out of maintaning the public fear of sex offenders are no better.

Rapists and sex offenders form a group of offenders that are guaranteed to generate cheap votes for those who support the public’s fear but which also offers the risk of political suicide for those who take a more realistic approach. believes that Ken Clarke must stay, his policies must stand, accurate figures should be rammed down the throats of those who proclaim inaccuracies to be fact and the Prime Minister should resist the temptation to take the easy option and give in to the Sun and the Daily Mail.

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6 Responses to Ken Clarke assailed by innacurate tabloid mentality

  1. James
    May 19, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    About time someone said it as it is

  2. rita lister
    May 19, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    i think ken clarke is the right man for the job and in my oppinion trying to put things right with the justice system hope he succseeds as no one else cares

  3. May 18, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    I was incensed when Mr Cameron said that only 6% of rape cases brought to trial end in a conviction.
    When, oh when will the media, the police, the CPS, the judiciary, the Home Office and the government tell the truth about the real figures.
    1. The 6% figure is the ATTRITION rate not the CONVICTION rate.

    2. Of the 6% of cases that get to trial the conviction rate is between 58% and 63% as tacitly admitted by Baroness Stern in the ‘Stern Review’.
    This conviction rate is higher than the conviction rate for murder.
    Because the offence of rape or sex abuse, be they contemporaneous or historic are the only offences on the statute book where a person can be arrested, charged and put on trial on the unsubstantiated, uncorroberated word alone (which makes a mockery of the meaning of the word ‘evidence’)of a complainant.

    In cases of historic child sex abuse the conviction rate is near to 98%.

    One may ask why only 6% of cases of this nature get to court?
    One major reason is the epidemic of fallse allegations made by women, young people and children against an estranged male parent, or step parent.

    Parental alienation inculcated into a child by the female parent is being used by said female parent in order to use the child, the police and ultimately the judicial system as a tool of vengeance against the alienated parent.
    The consequences of this insidious form of child abuse being perpetrated by predominantly females against predominantly males can be seen to be played out in family and criminal courts across this country, day in day out.

    Refer to the Straight Statistics Society.
    The true figures are there.

    Google ‘False allegations of rape/sex abuse support forums’ and be shocked and horrified as to the sheer numbers of falsely accused men and their decimated families.

    There is a male witch hunt going on in this country.
    No man has immunity or protection against the viciousness of a false allegation of a sexual nature being made against them.

    Harriet Harman said: ‘If I ever get to be in control of this country, the airports will be crowded with hoards of men trying to leave the country’.

    When are men going to stand up against this insidious form of extreme feminism?

    • Raymond Peytors -
      May 18, 2011 at 11:44 pm

      I was beginning to think I was alone in my opinions but you ask a good question,,,when will they tell the truth?

      • Daria
        May 22, 2011 at 12:19 am

        It won’t be until this issue reaches saturation point and the numbers of innocent victim’s falsely accused reaches a point of critical mass and it dawns on the powers that be and the taxpayer that false allegations are costing the country a veritable fortune.

        I have found facts and statistics that are truly shocking and are being suppressed in order to perpetuate the inculcated fear of crime and in particular the fear of ‘sexual crime’ in order to placate the feminist lobby, the child protection industry and the ‘victim’ culture.

        As a consequence the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority ‘owes’ £795,000,000 in payouts to alleged ‘victims’ of violent crime.
        Payouts are being made to those who allege contemporaneous or historic rape, sexual assault or child abuse without anyone being charged or tried.
        Payouts are made pre-trial and are not re-couped when the ‘defendant’ is found not guilty (and as per ‘guilty until you prove your innocence’ which IS the case in trials dealing with alleged sex offences), has proven beyond reasonable doubt his innocence, proven the ‘complainant’ to be a liar and that the alleged offence never occurred and was in fact and actuality a fabricated, confabulated concoction.

        I have asked those in the judiciary:
        “How is it that a man, known by the police, the CPS, the Crown and the judge, to be factually innocent is put on trial for a ‘crime’ those authorities know never occurred and has no basis in fact or reality?”

        To which the reply (having asked many and received a deafening silence), “An allegation has been made so it is for a jury to decide his guilt…….(and as a stumbling afterthought) or innocence”.

        Allegations of sexual offences are the only offences that can go to trial on the simple word alone of an accuser, where hearsay is admissible and corroboration or any kind of evidence to substantiate the allegation is not necessary.

        Equality of arms for a ‘defendant’ has been removed.
        Evidence that undermines the case for the prosecution and assists the case for the defence is suppressed under the CPS ‘policy’ of
        total non-disclosure to the defence’.
        All rights and protections in law for a defendant in cases of alleged sexual offences have been eroded and destroyed.

        All this in an effort to ‘increase the rape conviction rate’.

        How many tens of thousands of innocent people have to be sacrificed on the altar of false allegations, and their families lives decimated before someone in this country blows the whistle on this abomination of an injustice being perpetrated in our name for the sake of a false Government statistic?

  4. paul
    May 18, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Ken Clarke is the only mp who ever tells the truth. People may not like it but at least he’s not a sleezeball like the others

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