The Truth About IPP Sentences

Lord Young never had it so good. Lucky him!

Tory toff Lord Young reckons that we have ‘never had it so good’ and that the recession is good for us. He says that in the future, people will wonder what all the fuss was about.

It could only come from a well-heeled conservative who has such belief in his words he’s now decided to apologise for them. He wrote to David Cameron to say sorry but Cameron, so we are told anyway, was unimpressed. Mind you, what do you expect from a man Like his Lordship who is so wealthy he doesn’t even get paid to spout such nonsense.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

Maybe, given the huge gaff he’s made, it’s probably as well that he doesn’t get paid for being an ‘advisor’ to the Government.

Bet he gets loads of expenses though.

For most people this recession has been a disaster. Certainly, if you are the proud (or otherwise) owner of a mortgage – rather than actually being a real home owner – your monthly bill has probably fallen. If on the other hand you are renting in the private sector, you will certainly be paying more.

Fuel bills have gone up by¬† nearly 10%, food by nearly 20%, petrol continues to cost more and more, there’s a VAT increase around the corner, full time jobs are disappearing in favour of low-wage part time jobs and people on benefit are about to be blackmailed into working for a benefit to which they are already entitled by the Law.

Lord Young will not be aware of any of this of course, having lived off the rest of us ever since he joined Thatcher’s cabinet all those years ago. No, he just keeps on getting richer and richer whilst most people continue to get poorer.

Glad to know that he’s alright then.

He did do one useful thing with his remarks however. He demonstrated that like him, Clegg, Cameron and the other 16 millionaires in the Cabinet are also out of touch with the rest of us and don’t give a damn about anyone else.

Big surprise that, don’t you think?

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