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Mellor complains about the police state he helped to create

David Mellor, the former Home Office minister was on BBC Radio 4 recently complaining about being quizzed by police at the airport from which he was flying on holiday.

Well, welcome to the real world Mr. Mellor and to the police state that the UK now is and which you helped to create!

I seem to remember that Mellor was one of the ‘we need more laws’ brigade and couldn’t wait to impose more and more restrictions on people in this country. It is the preparatory work done by him and his cronies that paved the way for Blair to create the miserable, oppressed society in which we now live.

Now that you are officially a failed politician Mr. Mellor, in the opinion of this site anyway, you will have to put up with the authoritarian regime that you helped to create.  You have only yourself to blame.

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