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More Laws…Why?

We do not need more  laws – honestly.

Governments around the world are presently playing out a huge ‘power-grab’. They never seem to stop making more and more laws with which to oppress their citizens. Laws which make the powerful more powerful and the poor and the weak worse off then ever before. started life as a comment blog on UK affairs. However, with our fast growing international readership, we now have the privilege of commenting on affairs relevant to other countries as well. Our newsletter contains even more pertinent comments (Use the green box to the right  to sign up).

People are already subject to enough laws, wherever they live. There are laws regarding work, sex, drink, smoking, food, water, utilities, etc, etc. In fact, there is not a single area of our lives that is unaffected by someone tying to tell us how to live it. believes that governments serve the people – not the other way around. It is simply not right that citizens should be pushed around by faceless bureaucrats and meeley-mouthed politicians. So why does it happen?

Simple really. From a very early age children are taught that they cannot have everything they want. So they grow up believing it. They are taught that they must be straight rather than gay or bisexual. They are taught that they must get married and have children. They are taught that they must have a mortgage and buy a house.

By the time they have done all that, they are completely locked in to the system of total compliance that their government – not they themselves – have chosen for them.

So here is a message for legislatures around the world from many of our readers: Stop passing laws in an attempt to govern every aspect of our lives whilst trying to justify your own job. Get rid of redundant laws and stop trying to dictate to your citizens.

We know that some politicians read Let us hope that they learn from it as well. After all, it reflects the concerns of many of the people that they allegedly serve.

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