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News of the World chief Brooks saved by David Cameron

Cameron and Rebeka Brooks - just how close are they?

Cameron and Rebeka Brooks - just how close are they?

The revelation that the News of the World allegedly hacked into Milly Dowler’s mobile phone should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the Murdoch tabloid press for what it really is.

It is an arm of the so-called “free press” of which all politicians are utterly terrified and which can operate with impunity, no matter how low its actions, knowing that it is safe from criticism by those who both make our laws and allegedly also represent our interests.

The situation is even worse however when the Prime Minister comes to the defence of the chief architect of an alleged tabloid scandal that eclipses all others.

When the news of the world phone hacking scandal first broke and fingers started to be pointed at the then editor Rebekah Brooks, Rupert Murdoch very quickly and perhaps even sensibly decided to get rid of her.

Knowing that she would soon to be out of a job, she contacted her close friends, Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife and as a result, Cameron made a personal plea on her behalf.

If anyone is in any doubt as to just how close the Camerons are to Mrs Brooks, it is worth bearing in mind that they spent Christmas together, Brooks is a frequent guest at Number 10 and David Cameron met privately with Brooks immediately after the Business Secretary, Vince Cable had lost control over the proposed takeover of BSkyB by Rupert Murdoch. has frequently warned of the inevitable corruption that is created when headline conscious politicians give into their fear of the tabloid press.

Without exception, all British MPs are frightened of the tabloids in general and of the Murdoch press in particular. It is due to this weakness in the face of tabloid pressure that we have such measures as the abominable IPP sentence, CRB checks and the infamous Vetting and Barring scheme which assumes  everyone to be a paedophile unless it can be proved otherwise.

David Cameron and his government have been forced into reverse by pressure from the Sun and News of the World on many occasions. For his entire time in government, Tony Blair and ministers like David Blunkett were either milking the tabloids for all they could get or worse, being controlled by them.

Rebekah Brooks’ deputy editor of the News of the world at the time of the alleged phone hacking scandal, Andy Coulson was forced to resign, thus saving Brooks from annihilation. Coulson was then appointed by David Cameron as Director of Communications at Number 10 but had to resign from that post as well when pressure over the phone hacking scandal became too great.

The very fact that David Cameron appointed Coulson in the first place is an illustration of just how deeply embroiled Mr. Cameron is with Murdoch and those who have become known as “the Princes of Darkness”.

We all know only too well just how influenced Cameron is by tabloid headlines as Blair was before him, not just in the Murdoch tabloids but also the Daily Mail and others. It is this insidious weakness and cowardice in Cameron and his predecessors, ministers and politicians in general that has given the tabloid press the un-bridled power that they have enjoyed for so long.

It is that and the insatiable appetite of people who have very little in their own lives and therefore like to read about the private lives of others, particularly where sex or drugs are concerned. Lets face it, if nobody bought the Sun or the News of the World, neither paper would survive.

Tabloid papers such as the Sun and the News of the World are specifically designed to exploit the lowest, base emotions of some of the most educated and unfortunate people in the country. Competition amongst tabloid editors is fierce and they will do anything and everything they can in order to sell more papers than their rivals, regardless of any damage that may be done to individuals or communities in the process.

Tabloid newspapers are all about making money, not informing the public. They do this by threatening  politicians in order to exert influence, constantly exploiting sex offenders, misreporting facts about crime for dramatic effect, misinforming the public on matters of justice, exposing the peccadilloes of professional footballers and celebrities and now, allegedly, hacking into the mobile phone of a dead 13-year-old girl.

For these types of activities to take place without the editor of a tabloid newspaper knowing about them would require unbelievable naivety and stupidity on the part of anyone. It is totally inconceivable in the view of that the editor of the News of the World at the time when Milly Dowler’s phone was allegedly hacked, Rebeka Brooks, could not known about what was going on.

In fact it is worse than that as not only would she have known what was happening but she would also have authorised such activities to be carried out.

For Brooks now to turn round and appeared “shocked” at the latest allegations not only insults the intelligence of most of the public but has also resulted in the phone hacking scandal being elevated to a much higher level of interest than before.

It is now up to politicians, ministers and particularly David Cameron to stop being cowards, to stop hiding behind their positions and instead stand up to the tabloid newspapers once and for all. Cameron should insist on the removal of Brooks from her position as CEO of News International and brief MPs not to give in to the once aptly named “gutter press”.

What he should not do is to have yet another private dinner appointment with the woman and try to save her from her inevitable fall from grace.

Surrey police also have some explaining to do as they were well aware of the possibility that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked by the News of the World as long ago as last March. Yet it is only now that the allegations had been made public by the Guardian newspaper that the police have decided to visit the executives of Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

It should also be remembered that the News of the World’s sister paper, the Sun together with the Daily Mirror are in court today and may very well face legal action and possibly criminal charges over their misreporting of the Jo Yeates murder; yet another example of cheap, tacky journalism focusing on a man who was ultimately proven to be completely innocent of the crime in question.
believes that Rebekah Brooks should resign and resign today but we doubt that it will be that quick. She should also be prosecuted. As editor at the time, she was responsible, along with other executives of News International.

Brooks may very well feel that she is in an impregnable position due to the dirt that she probably holds on everyone from the newest MP right up to the Prime Minister himself. For her, this arrogance will forever provide a shield of invulnerability against common decency, democracy and morality.

It is up to the Prime Minister and those who allegedly represent our interests to get rid of this wretched woman who has done so much damage over the years and had so much influence over government policy making. Brooks is a scourge upon the land that must be eradicated  Рand the sooner, the better.

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4 Responses to News of the World chief Brooks saved by David Cameron

  1. William Garland
    July 7, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    They will all get away with it of course Murdoch, Brooks, Coulson et al). Some lesser minnion will be offered up as a sacrifice, perhaps the office cleaning lady (I’m being very sarcastic now!). The reason why, you ask!. Simple, a Tory government (forget Lib dems, they are next to useless and have little say, in the so called coalition), though Blair too, would probably ensure they were all safe. Can one really imagine Cameron, turning against a man and his all powerful organisation (which News Corp is) after it so slavishly campaigned for him at the last election, he will instead, use all his leverage, which as Prime Minister, is considerable to limit the damage, of course they’ll be some meaningless whitewash inquiry, the odd criminal prosecution of some lesser hack, but already before any of that occurs, wheels will be set in motion (behind closed doors of course), ensuring no charges are bought against the main players, Murdoch’s business interests are protected and the best strategy to make sure the whole thing is forgotten (or just confined to what they would sneeringly refer to as the chattering classes). So a faustian pact of the good old fashioned British Establishment, a Tory government and their lackeys, the Metropolitan police, and this all mighty Australian (or is he American, he even changes nationality at will) businessman will ensue. Oh, and who says Britain’s a democracy, it is one of the most corrupt and secretive countries of the developed world, at least in Italy, its out in the open.

  2. Oscar
    July 6, 2011 at 2:35 am

    A culture of corruption is always fostered from the top. The child ‘protection’ industry has gotten into bed with these rogue tabloids whilst they have been exploiting real and disturbing tragedies. Taken singularly these tawdry tabloids appeal to a minority of voters yet we now have a breed of clueless politicians who are terrified to say the emperor Murdoch has no clothes.
    News Corp was also right behind promoting the invasion of Iraq.Nothing stands in the way of this man making a profit or exerting influence.

  3. Ramon1940
    July 5, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Murdoch is a disgrace and complicit in all his journalists dirty dealings.

  4. paul
    July 5, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Now we know that everything that has ever been said on the opinion site about the tabloids and Cameron is true. If ever proof were needed, this is it. I hope people take note and stop buying Murdoch’s papers.

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