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News of the World closure is due to corruption of both press and police

The News of the World is dead - thank God

The News of the World is dead - thank God

The closure of the News of the World is the best news to come out of Fleet Street for many years but the paper would have closed years ago had it not been for weak MPs, power-hungry prime ministers and corrupt policemen.

The tacky tabloid has lied, cheated and threatened its way to success whilst leaving a trail of human devastation in its wake.

Since its creation in 1843, the News of the World has been little more than a scandal sheet. Over the last 20 years especially, the ‘dirt rag’ of journalism has relied on the exploitation of public fears and prejudices to generate a comfortable income for Rupert Murdoch, dishonest policemen, callous hacks and the (in our opinion anyway) nauseating and tasteless Rebekah Brooks.

The News of the World has made its profits by destroying people’s lives, splitting up families, making false accusations, bribing police officers, prejudicing juries and frightening politicians to death by threatening to expose their private lives.

The newspaper has lived and now finally died in the sewer that it created for itself. has only one regret regarding the closure of the moronic tabloid – that it did not come sooner.

Now jobless hacks who had worked for the News of the World until yesterday were complained that the paper’s past behaviour was nothing to do with them. That may be true but they all shared in its ethos and philosophy and fully supported the catalogue of appalling behaviour that was used every week in order to write sensationalist stories that resulted in the destruction of other people’s lives.

It should not be forgotten that the power of all tabloid newspapers originates with its readers. The fact that the Sun and the News of the World had a readership greater than any other UK newspaper does not say a lot for many of the British public. The two publications are designed for gullible, not very bright people who have limited comprehension, little money and who were (and are) happy to heap their own dissatisfaction with life onto the shoulders of others.

Politicians, who have been sucking-up to the Sun and News of the World for years, also bear a heavy responsibility for the power of the tabloid media that they fear so much.

The fear of exposure and the quest for cheap votes has led to MPs and prime ministers from all sides being directly controlled by Murdoch’s red-tops. Blair was so involved that he was prepared to introduce criminal legislation to jail thousand of people on virtually no evidence if the alleged offence could be linked to the latest ‘campaign’ featured in the News of the World or the Sun.

Knee-jerk legislation was introduced almost weekly to respond to tabloid headlines. Over 3,000 criminal offences were introduced by Blair during his term and virtually every measure was checked with Murdoch or News international first to ensure that the papers would give support to whatever was being proposed. The dreadful and much criticised IPP sentence was introduced by David Blunkett after consultation with Murdoch and his staff. (You can read more on this in “How to Survive an IPP Sentence” available at

Former home secretaries such as Blunkett, Jack Straw and Jacqui Smith were content to ignore honesty, their own ethics and their principles in order to get a regular column in the News of the World and be seen to be ‘protecting the public’. How right it is then that Blunkett was later found to have abused his position and had to resign and that Smith was kicked out by her constituents after ripping taxpayers off for £160,000.

Murdoch later screwed Blair and Brown and will do the same to Cameron if he is not careful.

Then there is the issue of the police; all police forces that is, not just the Metropolitan Police, though their record is particularly bad.

Police officers have been content to leak witness statements, confidential information, data from the Police National Computer and other information. Sometimes for money, sometimes because they want to put pressure on on a suspect when there is no evidence to pursue them and sometimes simply because they feel someone should be in jail.

The police have so much excessive power in this country that it cannot come as a surprise to anyone that sadly, many policemen are corrupt. The influence of human nature gets to all powerful people in the end and, as has been seen with some MPs recently, eventually those exerting power over others eventually believe that they are above the Law.

Policemen often feed information to the tabloids, the Sun and the News of the World in particular, under the pretext of a “noble cause“; an attempt to jail someone against whom there is insufficient evidence but that the police believe should be inside.

Sex offenders, drug dealers and other offenders should be subject to the Rule of Law, not the self-ordered judge and jury mentality of corrupt policemen. The British addiction to voyeurism, the obsession with paedophilia, sex-stories and sensationalism is no justification for dishonest behaviour by those who should instead be upholding the law.

As will doubtless be revealed over forthcoming months and years, there are far more corrupt police officers than most people realise or want to believe. Many officers feed the media when instigating “fishing trips” in the hope that more alleged victims will come forward against a particular offender. This is just lazy policing and is easier than making proper enquiries. However, the law states that police must not disclose to others confidential information gathered during an investigation – which is precisely what policemen regularly do even though it is illegal to do so.

These corrupt officers are the life-blood of newspapers like the Sun and News of the World. They are prepared to take money in return for breaking the law. What is worse, the authorities have known about these activities for years but have kept the knowledge under wraps and have been content to turn a blind eye. Now, with a public enquiry promised, police forces will be stepping over each other to try to keep damaging incidents away from the eyes of the investigators.

Expect to hear the quiet murmur of shredding machines at police stations and newspapers across the land.

The News of the World and its former editor, now the CEO of News International, Rebekah Brooks have made much both now and in the past about its ‘campaign’ for the so called “Sarah’s Law”, its naming and shaming of alleged paedophiles and its support for the Armed Forces.

What most people seem keen to forget is that none of these things were done for the benefit of society; they were done to sell newspapers and to generate profits.

If the News of the World and the ultra-ambitious Rebekah Brooks really cared about protecting children they would not have hacked into Milly Dowler’s mobile telephone. Did they also monitor the Bulger family or Sarah Payne’s family? After all, we now know that they monitored the family of the murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly and Jessica Wells.

So much for the alleged ‘protection of children’,  so often used as an excuse by the Murdoch press to take the law into their own hands.

The hypocrisy of Rebekah Brooks and the News of the World could only ever be matched by Rupert Murdoch replacing the discredited paper with a new Sunday edition of the Sun or some other tabloid. Worse, his takeover of BSkyB would be a total disaster for the notion of balanced and fair reporting.
believes that if the British public genuinely want to show their disapproval of Brooks, Murdoch and the News of the World, the Sun should also be the subject of a boycott. Remember, that Brooks edited that paper as well.

This is a rare opportunity indeed for politicians to grow a backbone, for honest policemen to get rid of all those colleagues who may be dishonest, for ministers like Ken Clarke to assert their authority over the tabloids by proceeding with much needed reforms to the criminal justice system and last but not least, it is a chance for the weak, cowardly David Cameron to for once do something worthwhile.

This is his chance to introduce laws to prevent the press and police from hounding individuals, releasing names of alleged offenders before they have been convicted and to prevent tabloids from using illegally obtained or manufactured evidence to persuade juries to convict those who may in fact be innocent.

Make no mistake; we group the press, media and the police as one because they truly are ‘all in it together’ and they have been for years.

This is the moment to finally kill off the tacky, disgusting, odious, illegal and distasteful practises that have caused the British press, media and police to sink into a mire of dishonesty, exploitation and hypocrisy. Cameron and his government must not shrink from their responsibilities. They must instead show courage and be resilient to attack from those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Whether those in power do in fact have the necessary courage to do the job remains to be seen.

If those in the child protection industry, charities and voluntary organisations have any self-respect at all, they too will have nothing to do with Murdoch or his newspapers. If politicians force an end to the Murdoch takeover of BSkyB and put pressure on Rebeka Brooks to resign, it will be the first decent thing they have done for years. If on the other hand nothing changes, we will all regret it for very many years to come and News International, not the people, will own the country and make its laws.

Ultimately though, the power to fix things may lie with us, the British public. If nobody buys the Sun, it will die just as its sister paper has died already and Murdoch’s power will be fatally weakened. It’s our choice; your choice. Do something or do nothing – it’s up to you.

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5 Responses to News of the World closure is due to corruption of both press and police

  1. William Garland
    October 11, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Sorry, in a previous thread I misspelt the name of the Nazi paper, it was Der sturmer. It was very similar to the News of the World, I could see Rupert Murdoch owning it, if he was around at the time, oh!, the real owner, a certain Julies Striecher, was hanged at Nurenberg after the war.

  2. Oscar
    July 9, 2011 at 4:09 am

    I know of one person who pleaded guilty 10 years ago because of the enormous publicity surrounding a case that was sensationalised by the Murdoch press.

    Despite their claims to innocence and the lack of any real evidence they said they just wanted the whole matter to go away and when they were assured by their solicitor of a non-jail sentence they caved in.

    Their barrister used every trick in the book to get the case delayed over and over to distance the initial impact of the voracious media. It worked and 14 months later they received a 3 month suspended sentence.

    Today that person regrets that decision but still believes under the circumstances-when politicians joined in the media chorus condemning a number of persons charged, totally against all concepts of ‘innocent unless proven guilty’ they believe they had no other choice.

    Shed no tears over 200 sacked hacks who Stalinist-like joined in the News Corp ethos. Their lives may be difficult for now but think of the thousands dragged into the gutter by this publication and the careers and lives destroyed and the utter corruption of democracy and so on.
    East Germany had the Stasi to keep citizens under control, Australia, the UK and USA has Murdoch.

  3. Ramon1940
    July 8, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    How many of the corrupt police officers will be brought to book over payments from News International.
    The Police are supposed to be the people who we trust to uphold the Law but all through my life of 75yrs I have read/heard of corrupt police officers.

  4. bettyboop2
    July 8, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    I am so glad that these people may finally get their comeuppance my husband was arrested for something that he had not done the press were leaked his name and took pictures of him in a hospital bed and then stalked myself and 3 small children for weeks we lived in complete fear of them as they were popping up outside our windows in the middle of the night etc, the kids were taken out of school because the press were disrupting the other children and harassing parents to get a story, the police were worse and called at all times of night and day. Finally after holding him in a bail hostel for about 8 weeks they dropped all charges and we were left to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives given the lies that were published about us.
    But I fear that nothing will be done as these people peddle their lies to make a profit and like every thing else just follow the money!! I haven’t bought or read a newspaper since.

  5. Paul
    July 8, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Oh you are so, so right Mr Peytors

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