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No job help for former violent and sex offenders

The number of out of work ex-offenders who have committed violent or sex offences is continuing to increase, a fact that nobody – especially the UK government – wants to talk about.

An investigation by TheOpinionSite has shown that sex offenders in particular receive no help at all from the Job Centre (run by the Department of Work and Pensions) and get even less help from the National Probation Service who claim that their responsibility is to ‘protect the public, not to befriend offenders.’

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This approach by probation officers follows a change in policy brought in by Tony Blair and which continued right up to the recent election via a succession of increasingly excited Home Secretaries, each one of whom wanted to react to every criticism offered by the tabloid press. Jaqui Smith, who was booted out at the last general election by her constituents for allegedly ripping off the public for £66,000 worth of expenses and who had also been using expenses  to fund her husband’s liking for pornographic movies, was one of the worst offenders.

She revelled in the return to the UK of the former pop star Gary Glitter who had been convicted abroad of sexual offences against children. His return enabled her to justify the increase of the restriction periods enforced by highly dubious Sex Offender Prevention Orders and Foreign Travel Orders from 6 months to 5 years. Furthermore, she did this by Statutory Instrument, thus avoiding any discussion of the matter in Parliament. Whilst the vengeance seeking public, the tabloids and the zealot led childrens’ charities shouted for joy at this increase in restrictions, neither they nor Smith had thought it through. The end result of such an increase is that sex offenders (and violent offenders who are covered by similar orders) cannot work, cannot earn money and are therefore much more likely to reoffend than before. That cannot possibly be in the public interest.

The end result of this ridiculous policy is that the UK has an already huge number of people on the Sex Offender Register (over 40,000) who will never work again. Thanks to the new Independent Safeguarding Authority, Criminal Record Bureau checks and the general paranoia that the Government has encouraged over the last 12 years, the number of those unemployed who have committed serious offences will continue to increase year on year with no apparent limit.

This appalling situation is not unique to the UK; the US has the same problem but even they give some help to those affected, though not much. On the other hand, the British authorities offer no help at all. Worse, if you ask any MP or government official, they will not even discuss the problem seriously. They promoted the public hatred of these offenders but are now content for the tax-payer to pay for them rather than admit that the problem exists.

One Job Centre official told TheOpinionSite, “Sex Offenders and anyone who is a Schedule One offender will never work again in the UK. The Government don’t want to know, employers are frightened to death of criticism and we can do nothing to help. It’s a total disaster. In order to claim benefit, these people have to show that they are actively seeking work whilst at the same time everyone knows that they will never be offered a job by anyone.

10 years ago, there were 3,000 people on the Sex Offenders Register; now there are over 40,000. Perhaps in another 10 years there will be 400,000.

Whatever disasters the future may bring regarding the lack of help for serious offenders, one thing is absolutely certain however; in the UK at least, the Government still won’t want to talk about this hugely serious problem – ever.

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  1. October 12, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    OMG, finally a media outlet is actually telling the truth.

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