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Olympics bring loss and misery whilst hiding government manipulation

The Olympics will probably add to British debt

The Olympics will probably add to British debt

Whilst David Cameron and his ministers, the pompous London Mayor Boris Johnson,  over-paid dignitaries and the inevitable hangers on all look forward to an enjoyable and all-expenses-paid Olympic experience, wishes to remind its readers that many businesses, local traders and many ordinary members of the public are preparing for an expensive and utterly miserable time.

With the government trying to desperately ‘talk up’ the London Olympic games and the media preparing to bore us all to death with endless pictures of people running around a track and jumping over things, spare a thought for those who will be inconvenienced by the closure of roads, the elite ‘Olympic Officials Only’ traffic lanes up and down the country’s motorways and the small businesses facing the possibly catastrophic loss of business due to customers not being able to get to the shops.

As the multi-million dollar franchises sell their over-priced burgers and the fat cat sponsors make extended use of the disproportionate number of tickets allotted to them, have a consideration for those on low incomes who cannot afford to even get to the Olympic Games, let alone buy a hugely expensive ticket to see any of it.

Forget about the fact that the Home Secretary has completely screwed up the security of the Games – even though she knew of the G4S problems 10 months ago – and that armed forces personnel will have to step in to fill the gap having just completed service in Afghanistan and other places around the world.

Forget too that many of the G4S security staff cannot even speak English and that in any case, many of them have already expressed doubts as to what they are expected to do in case of trouble

What is much more important than all these things is the fact that after the games, despite government promises, it will not be the people of East London who benefit from the alleged ‘development’ of that area; it will not be us, the British people that will reap any of the supposed financial rewards.

Instead, it will be the millionaire MPs who will benefit from their investments and their financial interests in the big companies represented at the Games, the multi-nationals that will make huge profits and the elite few who will move in and take over the by then expensive apartments that will be on offer.

The small shops, pubs and businesses that will have lost a major part of their income will probably not survive, given that many are suffering hugely at present anyway and in the end, when the rich and famous have all pushed off, it will be you and me who have to pick up the bill for the untold millions of extra, unpublished expenditure that the government have been so anxious to keep from the public.

This ‘hidden’ expenditure includes the cost of the army, the installation of missile batteries, 3,500 extra policemen who should instead be patrolling the streets and preventing crime, the special measures taken on the roads and – as with the Millennium Dome – the wasted millions that will only be discovered after the games have finished.

The Olympics were a financial disaster for Montreal and left the city near bankrupt. London could find itself in exactly the same situation.

David Cameron, desperate to give a kind of ‘social opium’ to a depressed and broke public, sees the Olympics as a welcome distraction in much the same way as he saw the Queen’s recent – and expensive – Jubilee celebrations.

Both events have distracted the public from what really matters: the financial mess created by the previous and present administrations, the ever increasing power being taken by David Cameron over all of us and the insidious ‘mission creep’ of the right wing politicians who want to succeed in turning Britain into a police state.

Given that most people cannot recognise Britain’s transition into a ‘democratic dictatorship’ even when it is right in front of them, it is a certainty that they will not see it when they are being fed a 24 hour diet of athletic, football and swimming hysteria.

They will only realise the con trick played upon them when businesses put up their prices, wages are frozen to offset the cost of staff that did not turn up for work during the Games and, in a worst case scenario, when they lose their jobs because the business that employed them has gone bust thanks to customers not being able to get near the place.

Just this week, a group of business owners tried to save their businesses by going to court. Most pulled out after they were told that it would cost each of them £250,000 and that the case would not be settled until after the Olympics had ended.

No amount of ‘following the Olympic flame’ around the country can change the reality of their situation.

None of this will affect those with money of course. can guarantee that once the Olympics are over, MPs and government ministers will simply go off on their holidays and leave others to clear up the mess that they have created.

The fact is that – when the glitz and glamour of the Games has disappeared – ordinary people will eventually wake up to the reality of the financial misery that this hugely expensive PR exercise will inevitably have produced for most of us.

That will not concern those in power or the 5% of the population that still manage to own 95% of the money in the UK. For them it will be business as usual with cabinet millionaires continuing to rob people of the benefits to which they are entitled and other officials trying to work out how they can put even more power into the hands of the government and its private army, the Police.

As the 700,000 unemployed ex-offenders – many of whom could have been given a chance to work during the Olympics had the government not already have attempted to dispose of them as rubbish – continue to wonder what it must be like to have a job, ministers will no doubt appear on television and talk about the “success” of the Olympics and “what a boost” it is for Britain – even if the whole pointless exercise has left the country even more in debt than it was to begin with. realises that very many people will enjoy the Olympic Games. Some misguided individuals may even feel a sense of pride that they are taking place in London. However, even they should understand that in the end, their pride will cost them and they themselves will be picking up the tab.

People forget that governments do not have any money of their own. They do however have access to all of our money, whether we want them to or not. They can access our savings any time they choose by increasing taxes and that is precisely what this government will do in exactly the same manner as its predecessor.

It is also a sinister truth that all governments love two things especially: financial disaster and terrorism and they relish these because both enable them to introduce more and more powers to “protect” the public – in other words, to subjugate individuals – and also to raise taxes to pay for that so called “protection”.

David Cameron has already made it clear that should he win the next election outright, he will take Britain firmly down the road to totalitarianism.

He doesn’t paint it that way of course but, given that he has promised to deport anyone the government considers to be ‘undesirable’, that he wants to end the concept of Human Rights that protect individuals from the power of the State, that his Home Secretary wants to lock up anyone critical of the government for as long as possible and that Cameron himself wants to penalise (and preferably bury) the poor, it is hard to describe his motives as being anything other than a bid for absolute power.

There will be those who condemn  for scaremongering and for raising concerns where none exist.

We would advise those critics to take a long, hard look at what is really going on in Britain today and then to take an equally hard look in a mirror and ask themselves if they care about the less fortunate at all or whether anyone other than themselves can go to Hell.

As millions are distracted by the Olympics and lulled into an inevitable false sense of security, those that are not should think seriously as to whether or not they are going to join the moronic throng or do otherwise.

Democracy – of a sort – does just still exist in Britain and we have a system of MPs who work for us and are paid by us. It may therefore be an idea to start asking these elected individuals to tell us what is really going on instead of allowing them to just say nothing and to continually give in to party enforcers (the party whips) and newspaper editors.

The Olympics are here whether we as individuals like it or not.  The politicians have made certain that all of us will be force-fed with a diet of hyperbole and hysteria on television and in the media. asks its readers to remember this though: The Olympics have only been brought to the UK in order to convince us all that ‘Britain is great’ and therefore we can all be ‘proud’ of being British. It is an attempt to convince the British people that all is well. The government knows full well that most ordinary people will not benefit from the Games.

Don’t be fooled; it’s all a smoke screen to hide the fact that the country is already a trillion pounds (£1,000,000,000) in debt and to mislead people as to the government’s true intentions for the future of its power over the rest of us.

The government, in its normal dishonest way, would have us believe that all is well when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In that reality, despite the cover of Olympic hysteria, disaster is staring us in the face. The only question that remains is whether one chooses to see it or not.

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8 Responses to Olympics bring loss and misery whilst hiding government manipulation

  1. clive
    July 23, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Bread and circuses, whilse the neo liberal revolution take place. How much money will they be happy with? or is it that they like to see the prols suffer?

  2. Jenny
    July 15, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    This is the only place I have found the truth about this charade. I think the government must be so arrogant that they do not believe any significant number of people will see through the lies. The tragedy is, they are probably right. At least now, I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

    I have today made a small donation to TheOpionionSite. It would not do to let it fade away as no one else seems willing to publish a website that tells the truth.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      July 15, 2012 at 9:15 pm

      Thank you Jenny for your kind donation. It will help us to maintain the site and also help those who often need it. Thank you. – Editor

  3. verity
    July 15, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    As has been suspected for a long time and has been borne out by the previous and now even more so by the present regime, this country is on a runaway train to a dictatorship with a subjugated population.

    All political parties appear to have the same agenda in this respect and for all their filibustering about giving the common man his rights and protections in law, his civil liberties and privacy back, none has any intention of doing so.

    Given this inalienable fact the election into power by the electorate of a different party to the coalition will not, (and hasn’t done so previously, for the last twenty-five years)change the intended agenda in store for us.

    The question is;
    How the hell do we run this particular train into the buffers and reclaim what has been duplicitously taken from us by stealth under the false premise of ‘protecting us’?

    There is no one I can think of who has any political clout who is prepared to stand up and say; “No, The UK is a democracy and will remain one”.

    The only thing I can think of is that all right thinking people leave this country post-haste and claim political asylum in France or Germany, thus leaving the politically correct party members, feminist lobby groups and those in the child protection industry to fight it out among themselves as to who has power over the few silly enough to remain in this ‘England’ that they have destroyed.

  4. alana
    July 15, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    well what do you expect living under a dictatorship.

  5. Patricia
    July 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I also thought it was just me, being miserable and cynical about this Government and its policies, as well as the Olympics. Even all the fuss about carrying the torch around the country leaves me cold, and I haven’t been able to summon any enthusiasm. We did try in the early days to buy the cheapest tickets for an event, but were disappointed. Then, when we found out just how few were available for ‘ordinary’ people, that is when we started to lose interest. It is a big con.

  6. Bobjob
    July 15, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I can’t imagine that too many people will support this view but looking at it in the cold light of day, it does seem to make a lot of sense. People will cling onto anything rather than face an unpleasant reality.

  7. Andreus
    July 15, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Oh…the truth at last! At least I now know that I am not the only one who can see through this Olympic rubbish. It’s all one big lie and we’ll be the ones who end up paying for it, not thise responsible. And yes, it is a smoke screen for what the government is really up to. They are only interested in one thing and that’s taking away from us whatever little freedom is still left.

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