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Operation Ore appeal could change child protection balance

The appeal relating to the clumsy, US spawned Operation Ore investigation into Internet child pornography is due to start on 11th November.

Those affected are seeking to prove that they were in fact victims of credit card fraud and did not access child pornography on the Internet. It is understandable therefore that many people, child protection groups and the police are nervous about the possible outcome of the appeal.

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Jim Gamble, who resigned from CEOP is lying low, no doubt licking his wounds after the Home Secretary, Theresa May this week confirmed that CEOP was not – and will not become – an independent body, no doubt much to the dismay of the zealots who were demanding that status and threatening all kinds of dire consequences if May did not give in.

What nobody is prepared to admit though, especially those who move in political circles, is that if the appellants win, the whole face of child protection in the UK could be changed and, we would suggest, be changed for the better.

If the appeal is successful, it may cause the police, children’s charities, probation officers, the tabloid press and even politicians to think twice before jumping on the child protection bandwagon in order to win cheap votes, sell newspapers and make a living out of persecuting others whilst ignoring the real major source of child abuse, the family.

However, considering the major shift that victory in the appeal could cause, believes that the Court will be reluctant to favour the appellants in the case, preferring to either reserve judgement in order to seek guidance from the Government, make a decision that is full of loopholes so that the authorities can escape justice or, as is most probable, simply dismiss the appeal.

History shows that where child sex offending of any type is under consideration, the courts nearly always fall on the side of the authorities rather than risk a public outcry which might ‘undermine public confidence‘.

Surprisingly, there is however hope left for those who are appealing in the form of the Home Secretary, Theresa May and the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke.

Whilst neither wish to be seen to be soft on sex offenders – even they are not prone to political suicide – they have both proved themselves to be resilient to the tabloids, zealots and howling charities that controlled the last administration. It may be therefore that they do not seek to influence the Court in its decision making as has seemingly been the case under Blair and Brown. Indeed, it may even be that they want to put an end to the public hysteria and paranoia over sex offenders that has built up in the UK over the last 20 years. mainly due to those with a vested interest in maintaining such fears.

We live in hope and in the belief that injustice cannot continue for ever, despite the efforts of those who benefit from such injustice. realises that there are many who will disagree with us and we hope that they – and those who do agree – will enter their comments below.

Whatever your opinion, one thing is clear; the Court has a rare opportunity to prove once and for all that it is not under the control of the Government in such sensitive matters, is not weak and is, as it should be, totally independent.

Well, we shall see.

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