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Pope Benedict a Huge Success – whilst obsessed media talks only of abuse

The visit to the UK by Pope Benedict XVI has been rightly hailed as a great success. Hundreds of thousand of people turned out to cheer and welcome the Pontiff. The doom-mongers who had prophesied a poor turnout were confounded and the spiritual leader of  one sixth of the world’s population hit it off big time with the youth of the UK.

Yet whilst all this was going on, the BBC correspondent, along with her Sky News counterpart were interested only in asking about what they term  “the abuse scandal”. Every priest and commentator was asked about the effect of ‘the scandal’ and whether or not it had affected the Pope’s visit. The correspondents expressed ‘surprise’ at the number of people who turned out to greet Benedict and dutifully tried to give support to the (somewhat doubtful) 5000 demonstrators who were waving their anti-child abuse banners around the place whilst nobody took any notice of them.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

Benedict apparently met 5 ‘victims’ of abuse (had anything ever been proved, I wonder?) and made a personal apology, even though he himself has done more to stamp out wrong doing by priests than anyone else. But that was not enough for the banner-wavers who described his words as ‘hollow’.

So what do these blood-suckers want? Well…money actually.

They believe that the church should pay up for the actions of those who were guilty, despite the fact that many ‘victims’ had already received compensation through the courts and by arrangement. Many of the protesters were, unsurprisingly, from the US zealot brigade who have so successfully spread their life-sucking disease to the UK and beyond. However, according to one of those present, most banner-wavers were silent individuals who were just fed up with life in general.

What the zealots want most is publicity and vengeance – but as the Pope has pointed out, Jesus said that a long time ago.

TheOpinionSite is of the opinion that most people are sick and tired of others using alleged abuse as an excuse for all the trials and tribulations in their lives and as an excuse for their own inadequacies. The thousands upon thousands who gave Benedict such a warm welcome put the protesters in their place – they ignored them and, in our opinion, rightly so. The constant whining from these so called ‘victims’, most of whom seem to be in it purely for the money, does nothing but damage to the cause of those who have truly suffered abuse.

One must not forget, there was as much abuse going on in the Anglican, Jewish and ethnic churches during the period concerned as there was in the Catholic church, not to mention the most significant environment for abuse of all – the family.

The money-grabbing, publicity-seeking, vengeful zealots should let the real victims to move on and allow their natural defences to shield them from unpleasant past experiences, not seek to resurrect them at every available opportunity for the purposes of material gain.

Well done to Pope Benedict – and to the many, many people who supported and cheered him.

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