The Truth About IPP Sentences

Police corruption alive and well in the UK

The case of Mark Kennedy, the now desperate ex-police officer who infiltrated eco-protesters raises a number of uncomfortable questions relating to police behaviour generally and specifically the role of an ever more powerful police force within UK society.

As reported in many national newspapers, the police have apparently tried to hide tapes of conversations, dubiously obtained, which would have undermined and ultimately destroyed the prosecution and police case.

Regrettably, it seems that police corruption at the highest level is alive and well in the UK. believes that it is ironic indeed that this should be brought into the open by a case involving not terrorists but environmental protesters.

One wonders who authorised the use of the same covert police action used to crack terrorist cells against the protesters and with what political motives in mind.

Police Corruption‘ is an ugly thing at the best of times but when it is aimed at those whose only aim is to improve the environment for us all, such malpractice betrays the darker intentions of those in uniform and of their political masters.

The police in the UK theoretically carry out their duties ‘by consent’ and – again theoretically – are subject to the Law like the rest of us. They are governed by various acts created by a parliament that supposedly represents the views of UK citizens.

Theoretically, the police can be challenged in court as well as being held to account by various bodies including the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the Inspectorate of Constabularies and Parliament’s own Home Affairs Select Committee.

There are supposedly robust legal safeguards against the abuse of the ever increasing power of the police.

For example, if the police want to impose a restrictive order on someone, they must first prove in court that it is necessary to do so and provide evidence to support their claim.

Further, decisions to charge people are made by the Crown Prosecution Service following ‘advice‘ from the investigating officer in the case but the decision is not made by the police themselves.

Finally, in order to regulate ‘undercover’ operations, the Blair government introduced the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, an abominable piece of legislation, the duplicity of which is matched only by the Sexual Offences Act 2003 which introduced the infamous Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection (IPP) so rightly berated by many visitors to

So, with all these ‘checks and balances’ in place, how would it ever be possible for any corruption to take place within what many, ill-informed citizens still mistakenly believe to be an ‘honest’ police force?

We at, together with many informed commentators including lawyers, judges, a few politicians and even some policemen believe that corruption is actually built into the system itself.

In fact,they have so much legislation to protect them that it is virtually impossible for the police not to be corrupt when the opportunity to be so arises.

Following are some examples to illustrate what may be to many of our visitors uncomfortable reading:

1. When a complaint is made to the IPCC. The ensuing investigation is mainly carried out by the police themselves. Not very independent after all is it?

2. The Inspectorate of Constabularies is mainly staffed by ex-policemen who are loathed to condemn their own kind.

3. If the police require an Order to impose restrictions on someone, they must apply to a Magistrate’s court and provide suitable evidence. However, under current legislation, in the case of sex offences and violent offences, together with most public order offences, the so called ‘evidence‘ need be no more than the ‘expressedconcern‘ of a senior policeman. No hard evidence is actually necessary in such cases.

4. The orders obtained by the police are Civil Orders. As a result, despite the fact that they generally have a criminal penalty of 5 years and are valid for a minimum of 5 years regardless of circumstances, these orders are imposed based on ‘the balance of probabilities‘ rather than the more reliable ‘beyond all reasonable doubt‘ criteria. This enables the police to obtain almost any court order they want just by asking for it.

5.The old name for ‘Magistrates Courts‘ used to be ‘Police Courts‘ and that is what they still are, despite a change of name. Last year, according to judicial watchdogs, 96% of all orders requested by the police were granted – all of those in magistrates courts.

6.The job of the Crown Prosecution Service is to secure successful prosecutions. They are not concerned with guilt or innocence and such concerns are not part of their brief. They don’t care who is convicted, so long as a successful conviction results.

Given all the above, we perhaps should not be surprised when sanctimonious CPS and police spokesmen who after a successful conviction stand on the steps of Crown Courts proclaiming that ‘justice has been done‘.

However, when the same, often doubtful convictions are subsequently overturned on appeal, the alleged offender’s life having already been ruined, his family, job and home lost and the true perpetrator of the crime still at large, those same CPS and police spokesmen are nowhere to be seen.

Finally, the objective of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 was not, as officially maintained, to regulate policing; it was instead to safeguard covert policing from challenges under the Human Rights Act 1998, which came into effect at the same time.

RIPA does not prevent the police from carrying out any activity they wish; rather, the objective was that covert policing would be legal if internally authorised.

Basically, as long as a senior police officer says that something can be done to further an investigation, the police can do anything they want, whether it is lawful or not.

The inadequacy of RIPA’s oversight procedures are compounded by the private status of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) which is, unbelievably, not an official, government regulated authority but is in fact a Private Limited Company.

It and its Chief Constable members are therefore completely unaccountable, not subject to Freedom of Information legislation and not under ministerial control. Nor are they subject to challenges under the Human Rights Act as they are not part of a public authority – even though they run the police forces throughout the country.

The Coalition have promised to redress this appalling abuse of power but as with the review of the Sex Offenders Register, a review of the treatment of children in custody and the voting rights of prisoners, they seem to be in no hurry to do so.

There is a further problem which is perhaps the biggest abuse of all and that concerns the courts, judges and their unwillingness to go up against the police.

Ever since Lord Denning refused the first appeal of the Birmingham Six, claiming that “To believe the police had lied would be too much for the public to bear”, complaints against the police in courts up and down the land have been turned down.

Judges, sometimes under direction from the Lord Chancellor – who is a member of the Cabinet, have deliberately prevented the progress of perfectly legitimate complaints against the police. What is more, the Legal Services Commission has often withdrawn or refused funding for such cases and has done so almost exclusively for political reasons. believes firmly that the police in the UK have too much power, are poorly regulated, can break the law with impunity whenever it is expedient to do so and can overpower the requirements of natural law and the Human Rights Act as a result of RIPA and weak judges.

Policemen do not care who is convicted as long as someone is accountable for a crime; they go after easy convictions (like child sex offenders who are the only group of offenders who are presumed in law to be guilty unless they can somehow prove their innocence) and pervert the course of justice in the process.

They have poor detection levels and rely on people ‘grassing up’ their neighbours; often the informant has a personal axe to grind.

The Home Secretary has the power to ‘advise’ the police on the direction that their operations should take; something rarely admitted in public. As a result, ‘Political Policing’ has become the norm.

The real tragedy of all this is that the people of the UK are largely unaware of what the true situation is, preferring instead to leave it to others to deal with what is becoming a police controlled state.

These citizens should wake up to what is going on before it is too late.

As for those who disagree with, by all means leave your comment below but meanwhile, remember this:

The people of Germany managed to sleepwalk their way into the most hateful police state of all time. Hitler was elected lawfully, created his legislation lawfully and enacted it lawfully. His police force became the most powerful the world had ever known and did so lawfully – and it all began with a society and situation that is perilously close to that which exists in Britain now.

17 Responses to Police corruption alive and well in the UK

  1. Rambo
    November 15, 2013 at 5:52 am

    Endemic Police corruption in Devon And Cornwall plus Dorset!
    HMP The Verne Closed “Suddenly” a few Weeks ago.
    More Corruption. Prison Officers and Police, pack it in or I’ll have Your Jobs!!

  2. Heather blackie
    October 21, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    I am wrighting to you in desperation for help to stop nearly 10 years of extreme police harrasment that we have had to live with from South Yorkshire police.I have made over 100 complaints in the past to various diffrent people including my MP Rosie Winterton and the IPCC on many occasions.The situation has never inproved its just got worse.Our lifes and my children’s childhoods have been taken from us and we live in constant fear of whats coming next.Things have just turned a whole lot worse as my son has now been taken to a proson 100 miles away from home and not been allowed a phone call home to let us now how he is.They have accused my son of breaking into a house to steal a bag of money and a set of car keys to a brand new BMW car valued atn £32.0000.They claim that they can link my son to the break in as he visited a petrol station 10 miles within the area the house is in.They claim they have a petrol receipt to prove he was at this garage and it was found in a car they claim is my sons.They also claim to have his phone that incriminates him, asell as cctv and an independant witness statement as evidence.This evidence however has not been seen by anybody other than police officers.The whole story is nothing more than lies and its been made up to put my son in prison.The house they claim was broken into is a house that sits unoccupied and has been for several months.The car they say was stolen is said to be only 5 weeks old,a lot younger than the amount of weeks the house has been unocupied.The receipt they have for a garage within 10 mile radius isnt one they found in any car but one they took my my home for £5 of diesel paid via bank card on a diffrent date to the date they say the house breaking occured.The car they claim they took the receipt from was a petrol ford focus that belonged to my partner and had been sold the week before the crime was supposed to have happened.I do have documentation from insurance and dvla to show when the car was bought and sold and also insurance documents to show a change of vehicle on the policy.The neighbours of the empty house also say theres never been a white BMW on the drive .My sons wareabouts can be proven for the day in question and they have nothing at all to link him to any crime.They also held my son for 46 hours in police cells without having any extension placed on the time he could be held but this has happened 3 times in 3 months.
    I believe Doncaster police are to blame and matters became much worse just over a year ago.I made complaints to mi5 and other agency’s regarding Doncaster police which mazde them angry.They then stopped arresting my son every week although Nottingham police then started to arrest.Nottingham police is a force we have never had dealings with till now.They have arrested all my family and now have all my family on bail for serious offenses.They were sending Doncaster police to arrest us then shipping us to Nottingham to interview us.Both me and my partner have now been on bail from Nottingham for over a year now and my daughter in law is now oin bail for conspiracy.I have paper work here that can provve they have forged signitures,tampered with evidence and put together so much corruption its silly and dont know how they can expect the lies to stand in a crown court trial in feb 2014. My partner of 2 years has neber been arrested in his life and as soon as he came to live with us has now been arrested 4 times and held for up to 24 hours at a time.The police have had our home smashed up and had us threatened twice in 3 months by telling known dangerous faqmilies that we have done things to them and also grassed them up for crimeas they commit.We arte living in hell our lives have been ruined and the fear we live in is not fair.They have smashed every window in our home and said it was local gypsys.My youngest son whos never had dealings with police and is a good boy also found his self before the courts for answering someone back on the local shop.He was given a probation order and £120 fine although had never in the past recieved a caution or reprimand.They took my car of me on the motorway claiming I had no licence and when I produced the licence they said the car had been crushed.I complained about my car and 7 weeks later recieved a fine for £500 and 3 points saying they took my car as had a dangerous load on board.The fine and the poiunts came as a suprise as I never recieved a summons to the courts and when I enquired to the courts as to why I never recieved a summons they said they had not issued 1 and couldnt understand it there selfs.My son had been arrested 189 times and they have fetched charges 10 and 5 of them we can prove were not him.Everyday they do something else we are never left alone to live regardless of relocating and it has to stop.They have held my boy for crimes such as rape regardless of the fact that it never happened and prove beyond doubt was given to show a rape never happened.They have taken everything we own of any value and left us with nothing this includes clothing from my wash pille,10 mobile phones,2 family computers,25 pairs of trainers,bedding,sat nav,passports and birth certificatres,cars,money the list just goes on.I also suffered due to police actions being beat up bt 2 people who forsed there way into my home and beat me in front of my children but the police would not help me and did not record the incident.This is just the tip of the icebergh but it has to stop its killing us.
    The solicitors who are supposed to work on our behalf have also told lies and said they would apply for judge in chambers bail which they have not done.No solicitors turned up at the police station when Kyle was being interviewed nor did they turn up at court when Kyle was remanded and have given him pooor advice to try secure convictions for the police.Can you please help us or I dont no what we are going to do to get threw life like this.I have supporting evidence on the constant harassment going back years and cliam this all stated as I helped a young boy prove he was not guilty of a murder charge he was up for in the courts and since then our lifes have been ruined

  3. Derek Woodley
    April 30, 2012 at 12:37 am

    I can name police office from the west midlands police, who get you to sign blank forms and let those who abuse kids and let others go free with no arrest, a certain person got some people to kill me, they tried to burn me with about 40 liter’s of petrol, and with evidence they did nothing. 14 years of anti social behaviour towards me, and the police and council did nothing WHY you ask, because they worked in this council, and the council worked with the police and did nothing towards them, they have lied to the police, and the police did nothing to them, the council have lied to the government and to me, I have the letters. IPCC did nothing, wast of space, they attacked in morrisons, showed on video, police charged me for the attack on me, once again the police did nothing to them.

  4. Leonora Florestan
    February 23, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Vincent Tabak did not murder Joanna Yeates. She was strangled by her own boyfriend, not in her flat as the court was told, but in her own car outside in Canynge Road. He shadowed her from the Ram Pub for part of her way home, and when he felt sure she was on the way to the flat, he drove on ahead and waited for her round the corner in Percival Road. When he saw her reach the crossroads he drove up past her and called her into the car. When he attacked her she opened the door and tried to escape. Partygoers heard her scream. After she was dead he took her coat and boots off to make her body easier to move, but he was unable to heave it over the stone wall in Longwood Lane because he was disturbed by motorists leaving the golf club. He got his family in Sheffield to give him an alibi, and when he got back to Canynge Road he staged the scene of disorder in the flat to make it look like a sex attack by a stranger. He must have very good connections, because within only a few days A & S Constabulary started to shield him from suspicion.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      February 23, 2012 at 11:35 am

      Editor’s Note: Please be aware that comments posted on do not necessarily reflect the views of its Administrator. Editor and/or staff (See our Terms & Conditions page). If you can prove what you say in your comment and if you have evidence to support it, you should inform the police at once. – Editor

      • Leonora Florestan
        February 23, 2012 at 12:55 pm

        Let me put it this way. The sequence of events I have described here fits the detailed evidence presented at the trial (including forensic evidence and witness testimony) far better than the alleged sequence of events that formed the basis for Vincent Tabak’s conviction. I am sure the police are aware of that. I am as bemused as anyone by the behaviour of the police.

    • TIJMEN
      April 20, 2012 at 5:45 pm

      LEONORA – Undoubtedly there are injustices as seen with the MEMPHIS 3 and cases throughout the world, however i have read your blog too and i am pretty sure you failed to notice that in this case TABAK`S computer revealed he was searching the place where the body was put on google maps along with things only the killer could have known before her body was discovered. Fact. Computers revealed far more than internet porn. There were things that were not totally revealed to exonerate other suspects to the public, or for public domain, for good reasons, if they were proven innocent why should this information need to be revealed about their alibi`s without any charges against them. They were in enough pain and had been dragged into it by TABAK`S attempt to implicate them. If he were innocent himself why do this to someone he hardly knew ? This was the thing that incriminated him. No other early suspects implicated him. Respect the family of the person murdered and write to TABAK and ask him rather than copy and pasting conjecture. Talk to him. Try asking him why he did it ? Respect both families.

  5. Geoff Hillyard
    January 9, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    I am recovering from a stroke,which has left me with a problem speaking but I was a policeman for 25years with the merseyside force,and I have discovered several offences that needed an investigation.In May 2006 I wrote a letter to the Chairman of the Authority to investigate it fully,and to arrange for me to be examined with an independent Surgeon to decide how ill I was supposed to be.The Force Dr and Chief constable decided to sack me,and tell me that I was too ill to work again with an illness called spondylosis.They asked me to retire,but I refused to fill in the retirement form.I have never had an answer.The Chief constable Murphy has ignored my letters with the headline Official complaint.
    that force requires a full investigation of senior officers covering up for each others.I have never been treated for spondylosis.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      January 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      Thank you for your honesty. I am sure it is appreciated by our visitors. – Editor

  6. chyna
    September 15, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    To tell my full story would take me forever, but trust me, it is one of the worst cases of police corruption ever encountered. My husband was a highly regarded and professional police officer with 18 years experience, 2 commendations and not a single complaint against him. What i would describe as a proper police officer, with compassion, empathy, a sense of justice, hard on those who need it and yet fair on petty offences. It all went wrong when we moved into a new home, next door to a senior masonic leader and we refused to abide by his rules and asked him to cut down his 65ft leylandii. This soon became a police issue (though at no point ought it to have been) and despite my husband never committing any crime whatsoever, his professional life became so intolerable that he was forced to resign from the job he loved. As i say, its a long and horrifying story, which i dont have the time, nor to be honest, the inclination to go through again as it has made both my husband and i very ill. Suffice it to say, corruption within the police is most definitely alive and kicking, this corruption extends to the local council, as they are all intertwined. We have been victims of the most severe police corruption, no point in complaining to prof standards or the IPCC either. There is no justice or way to defend yourself against it, trust me, ive explored every legal option. Once you are targeted, the only way out is to move to an area under the jurisdiction of another constabulary! My life has been ruined by local police corruption, ive had to leave my job (for which i attained a masters degree), my home and am a shadow of my former self and yet i have never committed any crime at all!

  7. richard wragg
    August 26, 2011 at 10:27 am

    we are in atotal police state now. not coming ,now.police are no longer behaving in any kind of moral way whatsoever. open police murder,corruption at the highest levels means that only extremely low life ego-maniac,self seving individuals are attracted to the service so low that they are actually proud too be openly called “filth”.i live in bournemouth, and the corruption of police here is on a level of depravity and astonishig arrogance it is only amatter of time before it blows open here as well.power breeds corruption and also leads to stupidity.the ipcc is also totally corrupt and meaningless,they dont even have to respond unless THEY choose to.take heart ,Ghandi said “first they ridicule you,then they fight you,then you win.remember the police is just the biggest gang in town,organized crime perpertrating evil on the weak and the vulnerable,so that they get paid and laid.they are just cowardly scum now.only cowards join gangs.peace be with you.

  8. karen clark stapleton
    August 3, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    Tackling Police Corruption.
    For many the work of the Police is seen as endless , they are expected to be everything from social workers to first aiders but in reality what do they do for their huge salaries and is corruption within the present Police Service simply one that has not gone away from days past by or is it now endemic and increasing through the need for information by the very public they serve.
    Statistically it is almost impossible to determine categorically how much corruption takes place with the police service. After all they police themselves and leaks will always allow for some officers to retire early or resign from the force through ill health when there is a sniff of a disciplinary offence going to pop up. Police corruption comes in many guises from bribery to taking sexual favours from local prostitutes (a favourite in Merseyside Police at one time by some officers).
    “Police scandals are of three predominant varieties: corruption, such as accepting bribes; procedural abuse that perverts the course of justice; and the excessive use of force against suspects.” (Waddington 1999:121) Now with the furore of the ‘News of The World Hacking Scandal’ we see that for many officers within the Metropolitan Police taking a back-hander has been a very lucrative part of their careers, yet when asked to investigate these allegations some years ago several officers stated on record that no such evidence existed. That in my professional opinion is perverting the course of justice which needs investigation at the highest level. Yet isn’t cooking the books and the managing of criminal statistics also a consideration for corruption, after all these figures are false inaccurate and misleading , they portray an image of absolute safety in many areas were crime has risen significantly. Massaging criminal statistics on the face of it seems rather a silly point to raise, but consider this : You have had your home broken into and several personal possessions have been stolen that are of sentimental value, they cannot be replaced, two doors down your neighbour of whom you in reality probably have never spoken to has had the same thing happen at their home, statistically the police will record those two separate offences as the same one. If caught the offender will receive only one sentence and have the other offence taken into consideration, so ask yourself, which one of you as victims means less in the eyes of the law because one must do in order to permit such blatant disregard for the feelings of the two victims. Yes it looks great when at the end of the financial year the police have detected and recorded several clear ups , but within many of these Take into considerations (TICs) are many that the alleged offender who has agreed to accept such charges by a member of the Criminal Investigation Department simply couldn’t have done and in some cases the offender was factually in prison. What is in it for them you ask, well a reduced sentence for admitting to conducting more offences than they could have done, sadly the victims of these crimes never receive justice as the actual offender was not ever caught. They will not ever be caught because the file is now closed and shut as it has been cleared up !
    These simple yet complex manipulation techniques to mis-manage our criminal statistics still goes on and it is done with Governmental acceptance. This is Police corruption being permitted by governmental policy. NO new Government likes to be seen as the one to get it wrong when we talk about crime and if it rises or falls.
    AT this point I would like for you to consider that whenever male prisons become full , the headlines in all UK papers start to utter that females are becoming ever more violent and more females have been arrested and charged for violence , theft, drug misuse. IN reality if we look at those arrested we see a pattern emerging that the police are targeting women in order to maintain arrest records and detection rates, lets also consider that not many women will put up a struggle when faced with a 6ft3 aggressive plod. Sadly though these women do receive harsher punishment through the judicial process and sentencing impacts society greater in part due to those women being the carers and the mothers We still have a very male orientated judicial system and both men and women presiding over court cases look at those brought before them as being ‘bad’, they never consider that before them in one month a significant increase in female alleged offenders. They still believe in ‘The Thin Blue Line’. This is yet another form of corruption it again mis manages criminal activity.
    Looking at evidence being presented at most courts in England and wales we need to re-evaluate how the judiciary accept the testimony of Police Officers. Often when they attend a scene of array they cannot fully understand what has taken place prior to their arrival, yet they will barge into the melee and simply collect bodies for arrest. Once the alleged offenders are in the van, the officers can be seen corroborating stories, they make up events to suit what is needed for a criminal file. The courts simply rubber stamp this corruption and again the only losers are the tax payers who fund the court time, the officers overtime and the offenders stay in custody.
    Is it now time to evaluate how policing must adapt to the 21st century and educate the judiciary in levels of police corruption techniques. This mismanagement of criminal activity and police scandals has gone on for far too long.

    Karen Clark-Stapleton

  9. ian collins
    July 29, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Same old story, always has been, always will be. Some people join the force with a sense of honesty and integrity and a sense of purpose, then get sucked into the lifestyle of greed, opportunity and self-serving complacency. Bent as f***, the vast majority of them, from the top to the bottom of the scale.

  10. manny lambert
    July 18, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    hi again, can someone explain to me why all authorities in the UK have the power to investigate themselves, that stinks of corruption in my opinion!!! How can a criminal in a suit investigate themselves?? All crimes committed in the UK and the rest of the world are serious but noway as serious as the crimes committed by men in suits!!! Do your homework and seek the truth, most junior officers in the force are not corrupt but their leaders are that should be obvious by now?? Since I worked along side some very good officers, I would vouch for the majority of them. On the other hand I have had discussions with senior officers and the truth evaded their lips. I dont care about the politics behind investigations all crimes must be made public and all suspects must be apprehended to answer to allegations in a real court of law with the public present. It should all be on the BBC news then we can let the general public decide on their guilt!!

  11. April 15, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I am absolutely not surprised at police corruption and the protective practices that seem endemic in the constabulary. I have suffered harassment for three years at the hands of corrupt police neighbours. The PSD have investigated and stated in their reports that they do not meet the minimum standards required of police officers. But yet they still serve in Hampshire Constabulary, effectively stealing taxpayers money via wages. Any other job and they would have been fired.

  12. jason
    January 21, 2011 at 11:16 am

    HELLO I SEEM TO HAVE been grassed up by somebody with an axe to grind and put under some civl orders maybe those in the 2003 act and put under surveillance which definitely violates human rights it would seem with the help of ripa but havent been notified i have moved to london recently and it seems the secret regime of orders followed me but havent yet tried to get the information from the london authorities that would be responsible yet as it failed miserably in ipswich

  13. Allan
    January 16, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    True evil in its purest sense rears its ugly head once again.
    God help us all.

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