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Police officers illegally paid by the Sun, Leveson Inquiry confirms

Well and truly crossed by corrupt officers?

Well and truly crossed by corrupt officers?

It has finally been confirmed in court by the police themselves that, despite previous denials from Rupert Murdoch and senior staff of the Sun newspaper, police and other senior public officials were illegally paid by the shoddy tabloid. reminds readers that Rebekah Brooks, editor of the Sun at the time of the phone-hacking scandal and before that the editor of the disgraced News of the World, has repeatedly denied any knowledge of ‘illegal’ payments being made; she even denied it again in front of a parliamentary select committee.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch, who claims that such illegal practices in his newspaper are a thing of the past, seems only interested in celebrating the launch of the replacement for the defunct News of the World, the Sun on Sunday. The NOW was closed down because of the phone-hacking scandal

Commentators have described the new Sunday Sun rag as ‘dull’, ‘bland’, ‘uninteresting’ and as being ‘moronic rubbish obsessed with a worthless culture of fake celebrity’.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers told the Leveson Inquiry that evidence suggested a “culture of illegal payments” at the Sun newspaper, a statement that will hardly come as a surprise to anyone who visits on a regular basis. It is nevertheless a total disgrace that it has taken the phone-hacking saga and the moral blackmail of politicians by the public to bring this abuse of trust out into the open.

Lord Prescott, formally Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott under Tony Blair, stated that he was always ‘uncomfortable’ that politicians were always too close to News International and Rupert Murdoch ( the owners of the Sun and NOW) and that the tabloids had ‘too much influence’ over government policy.

It might therefore be reasonable to presume that Prescott is in fact now a raving hypocrite, given that he said nothing of the sort when he was seated at the right hand of Tony Blair and was only too ready to cuddle up to the tabloids whenever he got the chance.

It should be remembered that Blair introduced more than 3,000 new criminal offences during his time, many of which were created as a direct result of pressure and influence of Murdoch’s papers and Prescott did nothing to stop him.

DAC Akers went on to tell the inquiry that the payments being investigated were not ones that “just involve the odd drink or meal,” she said. They were “regular, frequent and sometimes significant sums of money to public officials”.

Payments by journalists to public officials were identified in the “police, military, health and government”, she said.

What this actually means is that as has previously made clear, Murdoch has had enormous influence over almost every part of British life and British government policy; a situation brought about by the selfishness and ignorance of politicians on all sides who are only ever interested in themselves and in being re-elected.

It fair to say that it is extremely rare for such a detailed account to be given in public about any ongoing police investigation, let alone one as sensitive and potentially important as the current investigation into illegal payments to police officers and other officials.

It is highly probable therefore that on top of the 30 or so arrests we have

The nature of the police investigation and the zeal with which it is being undertaken by DAC Akers may also suggest that some former, very senior police officers who have previously denied knowledge or involvement in illegal practices, may now themselves be waiting for a knock on the door from their ex-colleagues.

Giving evidence, former Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner Brian Paddick alleged that there was a ‘revolving door’ between the Metropolitan Police and News International, something that the rest of us have known or suspected for years.

It also emerged that, despite protestations to the contrary made in recent months, police briefed Ms Brooks, then editor of The Sun, about their investigation into the illegal interception of voicemails within weeks of the arrest of royal editor Goodman and private detective Glenn Mulcaire and reassured her that unless direct evidence came to light, the investigation would not be extended.

Police also told Ms Brooks they uncovered evidence of more than £1 million in payments by News of the World publisher News International during the phone-hacking investigation.

That any of this has happened at such a high level within the police and government is bad enough but there is also a much more important point:

What happens at the top tends to be emulated further down the food chain. Local newspapers also have very close ties with local police forces and police officers are sometimes only too ready to leak information to the press, particularly where there is insufficient evidence to prosecute an individual and the police have already decided that he is guilty.

Where this occurs, confidential information may be circulated to the press in order to draw out other ‘victims’ of the accused, whether those ‘victims’ are genuine or not.

What is more, the fact that every aspect of people’s lives now comes under the gaze of policemen all over the country, together with the seeming desire of every successive government to give the police more and more power over the rest of us, does not sit easily with the revelations coming out of Lord Justice Leveson’s Inquiry.

There was once a time, ‘a long time ago in a country far, far away’, when the police were largely trusted by the community. It has also been a fundamental principal that in the UK, we are policed ‘by consent’, though it would be hard to come to that conclusion today, even though it is still supposedly the case.

Now however, given these latest revelations, would suggest that neither of these things are true and, in view of the nature of what is now being revealed by the police themselves, we should all perhaps be very worried indeed.

The inquiry was not, the court was told, about “a journalist buying a copper a pie or a pint”. Rather it was looking at payments by Sun journalists to a “network of corrupted officials” which were frequent and which were authorised at a senior level. Authorised by whom one may ask?

Any normal, reasonable person might conclude, even only on the evidence so far, that if the police are not corrupt, they must be pretty close to it. Either way, given the power that they have and their impatience to use it, particularly among younger officers out to prove themselves, it is all very worrying – and that’s putting it mildly.

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4 Responses to Police officers illegally paid by the Sun, Leveson Inquiry confirms

  1. William Garland
    February 29, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    I will now proceed to give your readers an all too depressing crystall ball view of the continuing, Phone Hacking and Bribery scandal at News International. A couple of totally insignificant lesser hacks, thrown to the wolves and receiving some form of fine or short period of imprisonment, all other charges against the leading players, messers Brooks, Coulson & co dropped. A few of the bent Policemen, perhaps, being forced to resign or demoted. The Leveson Enquiries conclusions will be a total whitewash, with much emphasis on one or two atypical bad apples and most of the rest of News International being given a clean bill of health, ditto the Metropolitan police. Rupert Murdoch’s power and influence over all manner of affairs, particularly the Government of the day, unchanged. And during the run up, to the 2015 General Election, the leaders of the two main parties falling backwards over themsleves, to try and get he and his newspapers to endorse their party, with, hacking, Milly Dowler, bent Met Police officers, all long since forgotten.

    Why, this scenario, you ask. It was because I saw the Dirty Digger (Richard Ingrams, apt description of him), with all his old arrogant swagger, the other day, when he flew into this country to launch the Sunday Sun (or is that Der Sturmer 11). People adopt postures, which you read into. And his whole manner said to me, that here is a man who knows something we don’t. This is of course Britain through and through, the hidden establishment, via such organisations, such as the Masons have already written the script, as to what future shape this saga is going to take.

    Oh! and finally, isn’t it sad, that millions of people, still bought this new tacky Sunday Sun. And wasn’t it just utterly sick bag passing stuff, when that obnoxious goaty beard Political Editor of the Sun, Trevor Kavanagh waxed lyrical about witch hunts against NI Journalists, he and his dreadful Newspaper never minded witch hunts when anybody was either suspected or accused of being a paedophile.

  2. Jackie
    February 29, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Me and mine have known for years that the police are corrupt, once they take a dislike to you, for whatever reason they will have you one way or another. They start collecting ‘INTELLIGENCE’ on you, this could be something as simple as – Your car was parked outside the Red Lion Pub at 10pm on Friday 20th Feb. Check to see if you have Facebook, the police actually employ people to go through Facebook, see who your friends are what associates you have and whom and what you do with your time. Don’t forget ‘GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION’ you could go to jail for just being present at the scene of a crime, so therefore you now have to take responsibility for your friends actions. Speak to people they know you’ve had dispute/beef with, get them to volunteer info on you which they will then put in their file on you as ‘INTELLIGENCE’, don’t matter if it’s a pack of lies because you will never get to see it to dispute it. I have made so many complaints over the years, even to IPCC re: wrong info being held on their ‘PNC & GUARDIAN’ comp systems. Public don’t get to see whats on there because it’s classed as ‘INTELLIGENCE’. It is all so wrong and getting completely out of control. Let’s hope that all that are exposed as breaking the law get sentenced and go to jail, and experience the system that they have made and support. We know the police are not held accountable for their actions, read Raymonds article dated Jan 8th 2012. (1,000 police officers and police support officers have criminal records). It will make your blood boil but at the same time confirm that they are criminals, even those that don’t take part – are aware, so therefore ‘GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION’.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      February 29, 2012 at 12:52 pm

      Very concisely put if I may say so. Thank you. – Editor

  3. anonista
    February 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    I live in South America and we were always taught that Britain was not corrupt. We have a terribly corrupt police force here and now it looks like you have one too. You hsd better pray that it never gets bad in UK like it is here. And do not think it cannot -it happens quietly and no person ever know that it is happening until it is too late.

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