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Police using fear to try and prevent pay cuts


Is this a service worth paying more for?

The police are moaning once again about proposals to cut their pay. Uniformed heads have been popping up on radio and television for the last couple of days warning everybody that any changes to the structure of policemen’s wages will cause disaster for the very fabric of society.

They are claiming that muggers will be roaming the streets freely and that every perv in the country will have a free ride as there will not be sufficient police officers around to supervise them

This is of course all total nonsense and should not be believed by anyone.

The fact is that the police in the United Kingdom are grossly overpaid and have been for years, ever since new Labour decided to embark on its quest to lockup everybody in the country and introduced over 3000 new criminal offenses in order to allow them to do so.

They needed more and more police to arrest more and more people and in order to attract ‘the right type of person’ they shoved the pay scales through the roof.

A police constable outside London is now able to earn as much is £46,000 a year. This is more than those who work in the fire service, the nursing profession and the prison service.

Mind you, nobody should be surprised that anybody earns more than prison warders who spend most of their time sitting around drinking tea and chatting, whatever they may say. Most of the time they are about as far from the ‘front line’ as it is possible to get.

High wages are not the only benefits of being a policeman. Their warrant card not only saves them a fortune when it comes to going out to clubs and restaurants but it is also well known that traders in particular will often give discounts to the police that are not available to anyone else.

Like the club owner, they would rather give discounts and free admission to card-carrying policeman rather than risk a a load of hassle and aggravation later. There is a word for this practice regularly carried out by our law enforcement officers. That word is corruption.

True, it may not be corruption on a grand scale but it is corruption nevertheless. That is, they are using their authority and position of privilege in order to benefit themselves rather than those whom they allegedly serve, the general public.

There are other issues to the claims made by policemen that they are going to lose thousands of pounds a year as a result of the proposed cuts announced by the government.

For example, policeman complain that they cannot go on strike. What is not so widely known is that they cannot be fired either. They can be transferred or moved to other duties yes – but they cannot be sacked. The only exception to this is if they are guilty of some breach of  police discipline or of the law itself.

The huge amount of overtime that they get paid (last year it was £900,000,000!), is an absolute scandal, particularly when so many of the rest of us are having to decide between eating or turning on the heat. Coupled with bonuses for “being professional” and numerous other benefits hidden from the public, the police are on what many people may consider to be “a nice little earner”.

I don’t know about you but I would expect police officers to “be professional” anyway so I cannot see why being so should attract a substantial bonus!

It will now be up to the home Secretary, Theresa May to push ahead with her police pay reforms and not be intimidated into backing down. That was one of the mistakes of her now discredited predecessor, Jacqui Smith. The current home Secretary cannot afford to make the same mistake if she is to retain any credibility.

In any case, the police cannot expect to go on screwing the rest of us for more and more money in the way that they have been allowed to since the election of the New Labour government. is not alone in thinking that police have had it not too good for far too long. The police are after all supposed to be providing a service, not what many believe to be an over inflated, money making club for those who have power over the rest of us.

Policeman are getting younger and younger too and are also becoming more and more arrogant in the performance of their duties.

The young constable is hardly different from the villains that he is supposedly chasing other than that one has a warrant card and the other does not. The young women that we now see in uniform are the worst of the lot. They relish and treasure their position of power over men and seek to exert it at every opportunity.

To the average member of the public, this does not seem much like a service. It is hardly surprising therefore that instead of being respected, the police in the United Kingdom are largely resented, disliked and sometimes even hated – and that is by those who have not yet committed any crime. believe that the police should indeed get a fair days pay for a fair days work but we can see no excuse or reason as to why they should be allowed to to rip off the rest of us simply because they wear a uniform and carry a set of handcuffs.

The UK is not yet a police state, although it is well on its way to becoming one. If that ever happens, we are all in a great deal of trouble but in the meantime policeman must understand that they too are members of society and are not entitled to throw their weight around in the way that they do and then expect to rake in an overly generous salary for doing so.

4 Responses to Police using fear to try and prevent pay cuts

  1. paul
    March 10, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    I’m sorry to say that I have to agree with the article. Police nowadays are just a bunch of thugs who seem to want to make life as miserable as possible for the rest of us. Maybe if you’ve never had a run in with them you may feel different but the younger officers in particular couldn’t be more arrogant if they tried. They work for us remember, not the other way around.

  2. March 9, 2011 at 11:36 pm

    Attend a demo and you may well put your life on the line in the UK today.
    I’ve watched as over 20 years discipline in the police service declined while the arrogance has risen along with an unprofessional manner in which many coppers don;t even know the law.
    The blame must be laid at the feet of politicians who have infused the police service with so many ways of feeling a person’s collar these days and more often than not for petty inane reasons.

    Watching a program here in Australia just recently on cuts to UK services a senior Met officer was interviewed and he railed aginst demonstrating students as basically louts out to damage private property and then scurry “back to their dirty squats”.

    It was a disgraceful personal opinion to be given to an international audience by an officer representing Britain’s police.

    The phone hacking scandal and the efforts of of the UK police to assist tabloid owners sweep it under the carpet says it all.

  3. dave
    March 9, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I’m really not sure where to start in reply to this one Raymond.
    All I’ve read on the site so far has always had a good, reasoned point to make but in a balanced way, however this post feels to me to be full of vitriole towards the police which I cannot get my head around.
    You paint a picture of all officers being greedy, corrupt power-mongers with particular emphasis on the female officers being also men-hating, as sexist a remark as you are likely to find anywhere.
    We will all have different personal experiences of dealing with the police, both positive and negative, but to then ignorantly stereotype all with same brush is absurd.
    I have had many, mostly on the ‘wrong end’, and yes there are some arrogant bullies but generally they are professional and courteous.
    As to the pay they receive, how many of us would do their job if being honest, and god forbid should the moment arrive but a time when your life is in danger and the one thing you’ll want to see is a bobby coming to your aid.

    • Raymond Peytors -
      March 9, 2011 at 6:29 pm

      It is possible that you have nice policemen whee you come from! The fact is that complaints against the police have risen by 36% in the last year alone and topped 47,000 for the first time last year. You state in your comment “You paint a picture of all officers being greedy, corrupt power-mongers with particular emphasis on the female officers being also men-hating, as sexist a remark as you are likely to find anywhere.” I am sorry to say that with one or two exceptions, that is the description that I and others have unfortunately experienced.

      I would say though – and I shall be writing more on this – that the arrogance of these officers has only developed since they have had excessive power, ie since the Blair government. Whilst there are of course some good officers, it does seem that they are in the minority, they tend to be older and they tend to retire earlier. I have known several policemen socially and I must say that they would not necessarily disagree with the article above.

      In the end, as you say, it comes down to one’s personal experience.

      As for the police putting their lives on the line, yes they do. So do the 18 year olds in Iraq and Afghanistan but they earn far, far less than a police constable and ofen come back to the UK dead. is all about having different views. Thank you for yours.RP

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