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Rebekah Brooks resigns – and not a moment too soon

The poisonous 'Queen of Fleet Street'

The poisonous 'Queen of Fleet Street'

The poisonous ‘Queen of Fleet Street’, Rebekah brooks has at last resigned as CEO of News International. Most people, including will wish her good riddance.

The most poisonous woman in the press and media world had finally become the story – a situation that has been damaging Rupert Murdoch and his parent company News Corporation every day since the scandal surrounding the News of the World first broke.

As editor of the now defunct red top paper, reviled Brooks was responsible for feeding sad individuals with salacious and sensational rubbish. She was personally responsible – and highly criticised by official agencies – for the outrageous and dangerous ‘naming and shaming’ of alleged paedophiles, the hounding of innocent people and often false allegations, that when discovered resulted in tiny apologies buried deep in the paper.

Brooks encouraged public fear and for the sole purpose of profit teamed up with Sara Payne to introduce the so-called ‘Sarah’s Law’, a piece of legislation that demonstrated just how gullible and fearful politicians were when it came to News International and the tabloids generally.

The mother of the murdered girl was ruthlessly exploited by Brooks and the News of the World for the sake of sensationalist sales and fell into the trap of not even realising it. Her ‘campaign’, although well meaning was actually a cynical ploy by Brooks  and News of the World to increase profits and market share. Any credibility of the campaign and the reasons for introducing the legislation have been completely undermined by the behaviour of the paper that has now been revealed.

Brooks admitted that the paper had paid policemen – a serious criminal offence – and yet continued to make money out of ‘exposing’ wrongdoing by others. believes that the woman is a total hypocrite, possibly a liar and a dangerous and manipulative individual who cared about no one other than herself.

Rebekah Brooks made much about having the public on her side. In this, she was lying to herself and us. Only a small percentage of the British public were stupid enough to regularly read the rubbish put out by the News of the World and nobody was ‘behind’ Brooks when innocent people were injured as a result of her ill-judged ‘naming and shaming’ crusade.

Indeed, the woman who was so keen ‘to protect children’ was herself guilty of either allowing or ignoring the hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone; some protection that was.

British servicemen were exploited by Brooks for profit and the apparent support offered to the armed forces by the Murdoch press and the News of the World in particular has been exposed as a fraud, for we now know that the phones of bereaved families have been hacked.

As Brooks, by her own admission, has broken the law by allowing payments to be made to the police, she should be prosecuted and put in prison. The same applies to all the other crooks in this scandal – including those in uniform.

Remember too that this woman was also editor of the Sun. Whilst potential wrongdoing by that tabloid has not yet come under the spotlight, it will eventually. It is quite possible that when that happens, further revelations about Brooks will be revealed. We now know that there were no levels to which this selfish woman would not stoop for the sake of profit and ambition.

We should not not forget that the Daily Mail and the other tabloids are possibly subscribers to the same doctrines as Brooks. Whilst the focus is on the Murdoch stable, it is likely that the various enquiries will reveal similar dirty actions by other newspapers. hopes that the resignation of Rebekah Brooks will send a signal to any other corrupt journalists, editors and policemen that their time is up. Let us hope that they will be discovered and dealt with and let us further hope that this sordid world of privacy invasion, designed to satisfy the sordid appetites of those who pay for such rubbish now, finally comes to an end.

These hopes may eventually be found to be groundless but either way, the demise of Brooks is a good start – until she gets her next position in Murdoch’s empire, if it survives that long.

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10 Responses to Rebekah Brooks resigns – and not a moment too soon

  1. william Garland
    July 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    At last this dreadful woman has resigned, but I suspect she will stil get a generous severence payment from Newscorp, which will probably be the equivalent of a life times wages for most ordinary people. My only regret is she has not been arrested by the police, over the hacking allegations, I mean much of it happened under her watch, when editor of the News of the World (The English equivalent of the Nazi Der Stummer). But of course, we all know the reason why, as she still has strong supporters in the Metropolitan Police (or should that be the Murdoch Police). I fear, the one time she experienced the discomfort of a police cell, after hitting her then husband, will probably still be the only time in her obnoxious life. I mean she got away with inciting a riot in Portsmouth in 2000, a riot which caused millions of pounds worth of damage and innocent people attacked, I naively thought at the time and still do now, that these were very serious offences, and I am sure in any other country in Europe, or even the USA, she would have faced a long spell in jail, and the paper closed down then.

    There is also an interesting corrollary to the above, as we know, we all know of her hatred of sex offenders and her campaign for a Sarah’s Law, wearing a quite sick making badge of the poor girl, on her lapel, well perhaps she could tell us how this squares with one of the private detectives employed by her paper, when editor, who guess what, had a conviction for possessing child pornography, but then, I suppose in her warped mind some ‘nonces’ are better than others.

  2. July 18, 2011 at 12:54 am

    Murdoch thought he was being clever when he swapped Aussie for Yank citizenship so he could control a vast American media octopus. But there are American laws prohibiting American corporations from the kind of international lawbreaking the News Corp is clearly guilty of in the UK. So the question is, will the U.S. have the political will to prosecute Murdoch in the States and break his family’s cancerous hold on U.S. media? Or does Murdoch own so many American pols that his felonies will be swept under the rug here? I’m betting the latter, because Attorney General Holder has a proven record of spinelessness, as does Obama himself.

  3. clive pritchard
    July 17, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    The police kill about one person a week. I wonder if the lack of public awareness on this issue has anything to do with the totally inapropriate relationship between the police and the press.
    It is only the Guardian that kept on going with the NOTW story. They also kept on reporting the behaviour of PC Simon Harwood who it seems killed Ian Tomlinson. Even then without the compeling video evidence harwood would have got away with it. As it is he is still on full pay. If this and the other thousands of cases of deaths in custody were reported I believe public pressure would compel the police to act against its own officers. I hope this leads to us getting to the bottom of police corruption, and also to the press robustly reporting all the crimes commited by the police. At the moment the police angle of this story seems to keep receding.

  4. Ramon1940
    July 16, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Too many INNOCENT people are alreadt behind bars, mainly because of Brooks pushing Sarah’s Law. Now every one of us are likely, at any time, to be Falsely Accused of some kind of sexual abuse, on the unco-oberated word of just one person. Juries now hear the words “Sexual Abuse” of a minor, and “Guilty” is the verdict, with the police with holding evidence that would catagorically prove one’s INNOCENCE.

    Hope Brooks & her conspiritors go down for a long long time.

    • July 17, 2011 at 8:13 pm

      I think the abcess is about to burst, Ramon.

      It may take time but the truth will out.
      VJ from pafaa x

  5. July 15, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    I hope the Opinion Site will keep the issue of police corruption, ‘noble cause’ or otherwise to the forefront as what we are seeing in regard to payments for information and payments for tipping off those in the car insurance scam is but the tip of the iceberg of police corruption across the forces in investigation procedures, evidence gathering and disclosure.

    The British police have proven:

    They cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

    They are not interested in investigating where the truth lies

    in order to clear the innocent and catch the guilty.

    They manufacture a case to achieve sanction detection by
    persuading the CPS to charge with a biased, inaccurate and
    prejudicial early advice file or full case file.

    Once the ‘suspect’ is charged this is marked up as a crime
    solved even when the ‘suspect’ is acquitted and/or the
    allegation is found to be false pre or post trial.

    Their only interest is to secure a conviction at any cost.

    The arrest on the unsubstantiated word of a false accuser,
    (Arresting without evidence and prior to investigation gives
    them more power and control over the ‘suspect’ and allows them
    to by-pass many laws and abuse PACE 1984).
    This fact was inadvertently disclosed to me by a Professional Standards Department Investigator.

    The abuse of PACE 1984 by custody staff and the investigating
    officers has to be witnessed to be believed.

    I have witnessed it, documented it and taken numerous accounts
    from many innocent falsely accused to substantiate the above

    Corruption within the British Police Force and its associated
    departments is systemic, institutionalised and out of control.

    There comes a time when something is so wrong that it is
    beholden upon a citizen to bring that wrong to the attention of
    his fellow citizens, especially when that wrong is an unspoken but open secret among the public authorities who purport to be beyond reproach, who in their inaction are condoning and colluding in the continuance of that wrong.

    • July 17, 2011 at 8:08 pm


      The police are running around like headless chickens trying to avert attention from their systemic and complicit involvement in the phone hacking scandal and their proven corruption, abuse of power, procedure and process force wide.

      The arrest of Ms Brooks is a piece of news management on the part of the police so that tomorrow’s headlines are focused on the arrest of Ms Brooks rather than the searching questions Met Commissioner Sir Stephenson, the Met and the police as a law enforcement public authority must be called to answer.
      Ms Brooks was arrested by appointment at 12 noon today, Sunday 17 July and this was announced very quickly by the police.
      The day of arrest by appointment is curious as the police do like their Sunday’s off!

      Was the arrest of Ms Brooks a ploy by the police to muzzle her from testifying or answering questions at Tuesday’s Select Affairs Committee hearing? Today’s arrest makes her appearance there ‘pretty tricky’!!
      The plot thickens.

      The police do not have the trust, respect or confidence of the British people and are in no position to enforce the law against us when they break the law with impunity and without consequence or being held to account for their atrocious conduct towards innocent law abiding citizens.

  6. Petronella
    July 15, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    I am personally over the moon that this salacious business has come to this very shameful end. I think they could well do with an indeterminated sentence, since this country is now hard on crime. They are a danger to the public for they do harm at a larger scale. Am sure it does not need to be physical only. Have never bought any of Murdoch’s junk, it makes sense why I never was interested. Am looking forward for more expose of these very dodgy people. They should be put in the right place. The truth shall always be found on this site. I visit it everyday and have found it very eye opening.

  7. Mungo
    July 15, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    How typical that this is the only site that is prepared to reveal how Brooks and News International have made monkeys of people by running camapaigns based on hate and hysteria. Makes me think that all the other websites are just either too frightened or don’t have the intelligence to understand what’s been going on. As for those who bought the News of the World and continue to buy the Sun, if they weren’t so thick, they wouldn’t spend good money on the moronic and puerile rubbish for which Brooks and Murdoch were responsible. Well done The Opinion Site.

  8. paul
    July 15, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    About time too. If we broke the law like her we would all be inside,

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