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Royal Wedding driving people away in droves

Are The Royals Worth What We Have To Pay?

The forthcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is likely to be completely ignored by millions. A YouGov poll and other surveys show  that whilst only 37% of the population are likely to watch the proceedings on television, many more will ignore it altogether with millions taking extra leave and going on holiday instead. is not remotely surprised by these results as, certainly in recent years, more people have taken the view that the Royal Family may be an expensive luxury at best and at worst, a hangover from the past that has no place in a modern society.

Politicians love it of course because the monarchy helps to maintain the status quo and props up the authoritarian ethos of successive British governments past and present.

When the car carrying Prince Charles and his other half was attacked by protesters during the recent student riots, policemen, politicians and others were all shocked and surprised. They do not seem to realise that for every person who supports the Royals there is an equal number who could either care less or who actually despise them and everything that they stand for.

To most people who are not in the upper income bracket, the fact that Middleton now has her own coat of arms is a total irrelevance and the only question that is likely to be asked is ‘How much did that cost us?’

Nor are people likely to be spending much on regal street parties as there simply isn’t the money about to spend on such trivialities.

However, the great and the good – otherwise known as ‘the better off’ – are set to have celebrations galore as they revel in a tradition that helps to maintain the power that money brings together with the associated power that elected government has over those that they supposedly represent.

If you can be bothered to watch, take a look around the ‘audience’ in Westminster Abbey on the day and see the number of politicians, chief executives and celebrities that are present.

Whether you are a supporter of all things royal or not, the fact is that you are going to end up having your money spent on ensuring that the wedding goes according to plan. The policing bill alone will run into millions and it is you and I that will end up paying for it.

The police are reported as ‘taking pre-emptive action‘ against anarchists who may be thinking of protesting against the monarchy and possibly ruining the celebrations by exercising their lawful (but to the establishment rather inconvenient) right to free speech

Meanwhile, the tabloids will produce their usual posters, supplements, magazines and profit making ‘special offers’. They will all make a great deal of money. The Murdoch empire is charging a premium for advertising that day in the hope of cashing in on the royal profit machine. does not wish to spoil the day when two people get maried, nor is it likely to do so. However, the arrogant assumption that everyone is sufficiently interested in this wedding to warrant having having it shoved down their throat is something that must be addressed.

It is estimated that some 37% of the population are declared Republicans with another 38% not interested one way or the other. That means that only 25% are committed Royalists. Why therefore do we all have to accept this blanket coverage of insitutional pomp and circumstance?

Why have successive governments refused to hold a referendum on whether or not to keep the monarchy? If the royalists are so confident of their position then surely they have nothing to fear?

Could it be that the ‘Royal’ appendage to the air force, army and navy or the ‘HM’ of the prison service, various inspectorates, tax authorities and other government organisations are necessary for their continued existence, at least in their present form? Maybe policemen would even be able to be fired like everyone else if they were not ‘Crown servants’.

Other than for the sake of tradition, it is extremely difficult to find a rationale to maintain the existence of the monarchy in a society that increasingly resents the money that is sucked from ordinary people in order to pay for the privileged lifestyle of a few members of one family. does not in anyway criticise those that are supporters of the royal family. We do wonder though why such supporters are willing to pay for it.

After all, the monarchy does not support itself, hence the need for the taxpayer to meet the shortfall through the ‘Civil List’.  We wonder if Prince Charles really needs two people to act as his ‘dressers’ and we ask why he finds it necessary to take 48 servants with him every time he goes somewhere.

If you are going to watch the royal wedding, enjoy it. We at however will not be watching. Instead we will take an enjoyable walk, enjoy a book and a bottle of wine or perhaps have a day at the beach. We will be joining the 60% of the British people who have declared that they will be on holiday, out, otherwise engaged or asleep.

Why will so many of us in the UK not be watching?

Probably because we can and maybe because we refuse to be dragged into another bout of royal tradition brain-washing so beloved by those who refuse to acknowledge that a considerable number of the British people believe that the Royals have had their day and now need to move over.

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4 Responses to Royal Wedding driving people away in droves

  1. Alan
    May 2, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Britain certainly attracts international visitors with it’s wonderful weather and world class beaches. Everyone, go out, find a tourist and ask them why they have come to Britain!

    April 28, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Totally sick of the whole thing and how it wasn’t thought out properly, a friday in between so many bank holidays has caused chaos for businesses as well as forcing me to give my 24 staff another days paid holiday. What gives Cameron the right to spend £2,000+ of my money for zero returns?? Will it be ok for me to claim it back as government authorised holdays on my monthly tax returns?? I don’t think so.
    I’m not sure yet where I’m going but it will be somewhere there’s no tv’s covering it. Perhaps the races somewhere

  3. paul
    April 20, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    I totally agree with this article. I am so sick of all this creeping to the royal family. They’ve done nothing at all for me and my family except leech off us. The sooner we het rid of them the better. As for the institutions, what do we expect when we have one prime minister after the other who puts more importance on his weekly visit to the palace than helping people who are desperate for assistance. personally. I think the French had the right idea during the revolution.

  4. Ramon1940
    April 20, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    I do not have time for the Royals, in fact I am heartily fed up with seeing it advertised on TV and in the Media, as for having a holiday to celebrate the day, how much is that going to cost the British Economy for that one day, and in the middle of belt tightening and service cuts. Let the Royals pay for all of it , even the security it is their wedding not ours, so why do the British citizens have to pay a single penny. The crown gave me nothing for my wedding.

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