The Truth About IPP Sentences

So, the Police State in the UK finally runs out of money – Thank God!

The Home Secretary Theresa May had told the police to expect large cuts in their budget. believes that this is very good news. Over the last 13 years the previous administration had spent a fortune building its private army which was necessary in order to administer the 4000 new criminal offences it had dreamt up.

New Labour had been responding to the tabloid newspapers and decided to invoke a police state mentality on the public. Now, there being no money left, the new administration is going to cut the police down to a realistic size.

It is a fact that, per head of population, we have one of the largest police forces in Europe but still have one of the highest crime rates and the largest prison population of any EU country. We also have the most expensive Criminal Justice systems in the world.

Let us hope that common sense takes over now that the police will be forced to prioritise their activities instead of playing Gestapo with the population that they allegedly serve. Perhaps we can live normal lives again without being told how to by an interfering government intent on sucking-up to the tabloid press.

Maybe we’ll get really lucky and the Social Services and Probation Service will be next, you never know.

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