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Student Tuition Fees – the truth that nobody wants to face

The debate over student tuition fees  has turned into a political football with most of those involved completely missing the two most important points; someone has to pay and not everyone is suited to a university education.

The truth is that the New Labour target of 50% of school leavers going to university was ridiculous, the dishonesty of the present administration in failing to admit that too many people are going to university is appalling, second only to the deceit of the universities themselves, most of which should still be polytechnics anyway and all of which are only interested in maintaining an endless flow of money into their often dubious collegiate coffers.

The value of a university degree has been destroyed over the last 15 years, not just because it is now almost impossible to fail a degree but also because so many students regard university as nothing more than an extension of school and therefore still behave as they did in the playground.

Little real work is done, a great deal of alcohol is consumed, the standard of behaviour has deteriorated and the only beneficiaries are the ‘children’ themselves – children because that is all their attitude and behaviour merits – who regard the whole experience as a free holiday.

The proof is there for all to see. Go to the centre of student social life in your town on a Friday night and observe. The longest que will always be at the cash machine as the children use the card supplied by their weak parents to draw ever increasing amounts of cash without caring where it comes from or how it is to be repaid.

Not just on a Friday either. The same  irresponsible, childish behaviour can be seen most nights.

When the author of this article went to university (on a hard-earned scholarship) a student was expected to be responsible, work hard, attend lectures and tutorials and to accept that yearly exams had to be passed or the student would be kicked out.

That scenario is now impossible to find anywhere. It is impossible to fail a degree, the standard of learning has been lowered, students are protected by child protection legislation (that should tell you something) and no one wants to enforce the necessary discipline on those concerned for fear of ending up in court for one thing or another. believes that it is wrong to increase student tuition fees to £9,000 a year; they should be increased to £19,000 a year with full scholarships going to those from disadvantaged backgrounds who can show that they deserve them.

Maybe then the irresponsible, childish, lazy, over-protected, badly behaved and selfish individuals who expect the rest of us to pay for them – in other words, students – would appreciate the true value of a resource that should be reserved for those who are capable and not dished out to all as an extension of the mediocre educational system that exists in the UK today. has a message for the students who are protesting:

Stop moaning, start working and be thankful that you are fortunate enough to go to university – because, frankly, most of you do not deserve to be there.

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  1. December 9, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Absolutely correct. pity a few more people can’t see what the situation really is

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