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Tax and prices to rise yet again as Cameron turns his back on the poor

David Cameron has confirmed that the VAT increase will be permanent, the Budget will see tax increases and benefits to the poor and unemployed will be cut.

However, the rich will see their taxes cut and bankers will get huge bonuses.

His thinly veiled warnings came in an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr this morning ( The Prime Minister hinted that the 50% tax rate on higher earners would be cut whilst those at the bottom end of the economic scale would have to endure more hardship and higher prices.

According to Cameron, unions would not be allowed to “push people around” and the VAT increase would “have to be pretty permanent”. Strikes “achieve nothing” and cutting the deficit was the important thing even if it meant “a tough year” ahead. believes that Cameron cares less about the poor in Britain than even his predecessors did. He has no interest in those who are unemployed or on benefit because they produce nothing. He is ling to the public by saying that he wants to “get people into employment” whilst knowing full well that the jobs do not exist and are likely to become even more scarce over the next 12 months.

The Prime Minister states that Britain is “still a good place to live” despite a recent international report ( that proclaims Britain as being one of the most miserable places in the world to live out your life.

In an eerily accurate impression of Tony Blair, David Cameron lied his way through 30 minutes of questions spent ducking and diving from real issues whilst trying to blame everything on the previous administration.

He supported the record bankers’ bonuses and tried hard to justify the feeble action to limit them taken by the ‘coalition’ government.

Having admitted that the head of the publicly owned Royal Bank of Scotland was likely to receive a £7 million bonus, he then tried to make the excuse that it was essential to the British economy that such huge sums should be paid.

He did not mention the fact that any sanctions against the banks would result in higher costs to customers; nor did he address the fact that the Government could prevent the obscene bonus being paid by virtue of the fact that the Government is the predominant shareholder.

Many believe that Cameron is a liar and a cheat, interested only in clinging to power and making sure that his Liberal Democrat partners take the blame for his uncaring arrogance. finds it hard to disagree with this view.

His cynical betrayal over the ‘fuel price stabiliser’ is unbelievable. The intention was to keep petrol prices down by cutting duty when the price of oil increased. Now, despite it being in the Conservative manifesto, he says he “does not want to get people’s hopes up”.

His new taxes on alcohol are also scheduled to go ahead, penalising everyone  except the students who binge drink every weekend on other people’s money; money which they don’t care about repaying.

Cameron is a hard line Conservative who is anti-Europe, anti-poor, anti-unemployed and anti-libertarian. He uses the Liberals for cover and Nick Clegg – who enjoys being Deputy Prime Minister – allows him to do so rather than to fight for what is right.

The poor and unemployed will suffer greatly under this administration and no one will care about them. From the Conservative Party’s point of view the unemployed and the poor are irrelevant and the view of the super-rich Liberal hierarchy is not much different.

As ordinary people suffer whilst the rich benefit, Cameron and Clegg will continue to pretend that such people do not exist. When the unions try to stand up for their members, the Government will seek to crush them. When people march on the streets – which they will – the police will be ready to arrest them and put them in jail.

If all of this sounds to you like the days of Margaret Thatcher, you are correct.

She, more than any other Premier,  decided that the poor and unfortunate were not worth bothering with. Blair modelled himself on Thatcher (she was one of the first to visit him) and Cameron has modelled himself on Blair. sees a year of turmoil ahead. The poor will become poorer, the rich richer.  Most importantly though, we also recognise that the seeds of public unrest have already been sown. Cameron’s sleazy style and his dishonest words will do nothing to quell that unrest. They will only make it worse.

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