The Truth About IPP Sentences

The Venables Saga goes on…and on

So, Jon Venables (or whatever his name is now) got 2 years for the child porn offences. Now the knee-jerk prone UK authorities have announced an enquiry into the Probation Service and the handling of the case. They don’t need one and in any case they will never openly criticise the Probation Service who can never be seen to be at fault so, don’t hold your breath.

Predictably, Buldger’s mother and father, the Sun, the Daily Mail and, of course, the Child Protection Industry (for that IS what it is nowadays, an industry) all came out with moans and groans about how short the sentence was, justice not being done and all the usual vitriol directed against sex offenders in general and Venables in particular.

So much for so little…just click on the image above

We know Venables committed a terrible crime (though I notice nobody is wailing against his co-convicted partner Thompson) and we know that British society has to have its monsters, beasts, fiends and all the other claptrap that the tabloids delight in but…and The Opinion Site realises this will upset a few people…the British should be more concerned about losing their jobs, losing their homes and floundering around in debt for the next ten years rather than demanding a return to the standards of justice prevalent in the Middle Ages.

In short, stop trying to find a sacrificial lamb on which to vent your dissatisfaction with life and grow up!

That means facing the problems of the present – not moaning about events which took place years and years ago and trying to find excuses for your own past greed and inadequacy.

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