The Truth About IPP Sentences Download Store is open – and it’s good! Download Store opened yesterday and I asked the respected writer and critic, Hans Koenig to visit the store and write a review for our many visitors. I would like to thank Mr Koenig for his kind remarks but must tell him that whatever he feels, we will most certainly not be charging for our Subscribers Magazine, now or in the future!

The review is published below:

So, has launched its eagerly awaited new Download Store. The store opened yesterday and I must say that the first thing you notice is the breadth of its range of products. Indeed for once, it really is true that there is something for everyone.

The Download Store was set up after many visitors  to had requested such a facility. The website itself is of course extremely well known for covering United Kingdom criminal law and more importantly the politics behind such legislation. The website is equally well known for its highly unusual  take on more general current affairs.

Indeed over the last 18 months or so,, which is owned and administered by Dr. Raymond Peytors has become one of, if not the leading legal and political comment and opinion sites in the UK.  Any visitor will find that the site is certainly unique in its content, whether you agree with the views expressed or not.

However, is also well known for its coverage of current affairs. Indeed, it is not unusual to find an article one day regarding IPP sentences and on the next to find an article  exposing energy companies for some previously hidden and outrageous price rise.

It is certainly a website on which most politicians would prefer not to be featured!

Another example of the unique approach of was its unusual take on the recent Wikileaks saga which was one of the most interesting assessments of all the many thousands across the web and certainly left me thinking about things in a different way

It is this amazing diversity of subject matter that makes so interesting and this is reflected in the contents of its new Download Store where the diversity of subjects covered by the products on sale is simply staggering.

For example, in the Download Store you can find e-books on subjects as diverse as cooking to horse racing and from learning to be an expert copywriter to starting your own successful Internet Business – and doing it the right way.

There are also categories covering health, relationships, gambling and financial management, amongst many others.

What is more, it’s all good stuff too! You won’t find cheap, inaccurate copies or non-functioning software here.

There are products covering Debt Management, Credit and other money matters and in another category Dating Techniques and Relationships as well as retro subjects like the Nintendo Game Cube!

For techies and those with their own websites however, the best thing about Download Store is the range of excellent value and high quality software that is available.

Whether you are someone who knows nothing or someone who already knows a lot about the Internet and making money from it, you will find something of interest here.

Not only are there numerous e-books offering very sound advice on the best way to exploit the Internet and make money from your website, but there is also a huge selection of software to back it up. Furthermore, whereas normally software costs an arm and a leg to acquire, especially good quality software, all the products available at Download Store offer remarkable value for money.

For beginners there are e-books on such basic topics as making the best use of FTP. For the more advanced user, there is software that would effectively assist you in in a money making business of running a website such as link cloaking software (that actually works for a change!), effective download file protection, meta-tag creation and other essential functional software, all of which is of excellent quality and that can frankly only be described as remarkable value for money, given the quality of the software.

New products are added regularly and this further increases the diverse nature of the topics covered in this unusual and, one has to say, totally unique digital store.

There is no cheap rubbish on sale here either; only good quality products at real value for money prices.

As more and more people in Britain become unemployed and as the money starts to run out, they really could do a lot worse than visiting Download Store where they will certainly find something and indeed possibly several things to get them back on their feet financially and perhaps even give them a new sense of independence.

It is certainly worth a long visit, as is itself but be warned:

When you visit Download Store have your credit card ready because there really is something for everyone in this new and unusual download store. There is more too.

If you subscribe to the free (and excellent) Subscribers Magazine, you will also get up to 60% discount on special ‘subscriber only’ deals.

Really, I do mean 60%.

So after that glowing appraisal, do I have any criticism? Well, yes but not perhaps of the kind you may expect.

At first glance, the rather basic and functional nature of Download Store may strike you as a bit on the dull side, although I did enjoy the entry portal!

Also, you may be tempted to think that the products are priced too low to be worth investigating. Trust me when I tell you that you would be entirely wrong. It is simply that other download stores rip you off and this one doesn’t.

The prices are in fact such good value that twice as much could be charged and they would still represent excellent value for money but is not out to make a huge profit, only to make sure that there is enough money to further expand its facilities (including a new and much sought after Advice Service later in the year) and enough to support the work for which has rightly become highly respected.

See Download Store for yourself and get a pleasant surprise – and don’t forget to sign up for the FREE (Peytors really ought to charge for it in my opinion but he refuses to do so Subscribers Magazine.

All in all a unique store full of unique and diverse quality products of interest to everyone, just like the main website itself.

As a result, I have no hesitation in recommending Download Store to everyone simply because everyone really will find something of interest there.

Hans Koenig

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