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UK Budget Set to be the Toughest Ever

The UK chancellor has announced that Tuesday’s Budget will be the toughest ever, saying that it is necessary to ‘prepare for the future as well as sort out the mistakes of the past’ In other words, he is trying to justify putting up taxes and making cuts to a greater extent than was first thought.

The British people will no doubt do their usual thing and whinge and moan – and then put up with it and raise no objection. The Spanish would be out in the streets and the French would band together and force their Government to carry out the will of the people, not be subservient to it.

As the axe starts to fall further and people’s pockets begin to empty, we are promised years of austerity to come. One cannot help but wonder why it is necessary to hit the lowest paid and the poor who rely on the lowest benefits in Europe.Why do those effected not not make their opinions known?

Could it be that the millionaires who sit in the Cabinet – all 13 of them – simply don’t care as long as they continue to enjoy themselves by bringing suffering on the rest of us, or is it simply a case of the British people enjoying their masochistic tendency to be pushed around?

Either way, to me it demonstrates just one thing: the inability of the British people to control the government which they elect, again. The Opinion Site will however continue to voice its opinion even if nobody else will.

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