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UK General Strike? – Too many Cowards

The more militant union leaders in the UK are calling for ‘coordinated action’ against the forthcoming public sector cuts. TheOpinionSite believes that union members don’t have the guts for it. They are too afraid to carry out the only action that would make a difference.

Whatever your opinion may be, Bob Crow and his colleagues have a point. You can pass all the resolutions you want but that will not make the slightest difference. Take a lesson from the French – they would never put up with what the government is proposing.

Successive British governments have cut union powers year after year. Unions are largely powerless without being able to engage in co-ordinated strike action. If the unions want to regain credibility, they must take practical action and get people on to the streets, even if that is against the laws set down by politicians with vested interests.

Having said all that, I still do not believe that the British have sufficient courage to do it. History shows that of all the nations in Europe, the British complain more than anyone else, envy the lifestyles of others and are the least courageous when it comes to taking practical steps to force the government to back down. The French, Spanish, Greeks, Italians and all the other states who have strong unions always seem to do better than those which do not.

The British would rather put up with the most abject misery rather than break the rules; that is why they always come off worse.

This time though, things are different. If there is insufficient reaction to the government cuts, the unions will finally be killed off for good in the UK; a fact that is not lost on those in power who cannot wait to see the TUC, its ‘coordinated action’ and its members running away with their collective tails between their mainly non-coordinated legs.

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