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UK Government Starts to Bleed the Public Dry

The UK Chancellor , George Osbourne started his financial massacre yesterday. Of course, far too important to make the announcements himself, he used his pawn, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander to do it for him.

£12 billion of cuts in one day with more to come.

When I warned on The Opinion Site that this was going to hurt, certain people said that I was being over dramatic. They may feel inclined to review that judgement in the light of yesterday’s announcement.

One must remember too that this is only the start of what is expected to be the most savage cuts programme since the second world war. So, what does it mean for us?

Well, if you’ve got plenty of money already you won’t suffer too much. After all, there are 13 millionaires in the Cabinet and, as we all know, they are unlikely to do anything wich will severely damage their own interests. Even the new, shiny coalition angels are not that generous.

No, it will be the poorest who are hit the hardest – as usual. If the expected rise in VAT comes about then, coupled with the loss of tax credits introduced under Labour, the poorest in the community will suffer the most pain. The difference is that this time the pain will go on for a lot longer than before.

Such is the cost of 13 years of an administration that sought only to increase its own power, give more powers to the already over-powerful police, fight 2 unnecessary wars and slowly but surely bankrupt the country whilst those responsible sit pretty with their pensions and their investments.

If you want to see injustice for real, come to the UK.

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