The Truth About IPP Sentences

UK houses worth Less… Disaster looming?

The latest survey by the Institute of Surveyors shows that house prices in the UK fell last month. Fears of a ‘double-dip’ recession are once again beginning to surface.

The Opinion has made the point before that houses should be for living in; they are not a cash cow for greedy people looking to make a fast buck. Until this simple statement is accepted, the cycle of property boom and bust will always continue.

Successive UK governments in the last 40 years have sought to lock the population into social slavery using three simple factors:

Firstly, force them to work for someone else rather than themselves by denying them entrepreneurial teaching at school, secondly, make it a social requirement to get married and have children and thirdly, persuade them to get a mortgage and lock them into debt for the majority of their working life.

Thus it will continue until people realise that houses are not an investment machine; rather, they are a place to live and, whatever the Government may try and tell you, you do not have to have one or the life-draining mortgage that goes with it if you don’t want to.

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